Wiki's Worst Albums #1 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH

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When shock rock singer and unelected politician Screaming Lord Sutch recorded his first album, Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends, he managed to surprisingly get a bunch of well-respected musicians in to help him out. And it seems like none of these musicians were happy with the final result... Welcome to my new (hopefully) series where I profile some of the worst albums of all time, as featured on the Wikipedia page 'List of music considered the worst'. Are these albums the trainwrecks that Wikipedia claims them to be? Some definitely are, others... maybe still up for debate?

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Wiki's Worst Albums #1 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH
Wiki's Worst Albums #1 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH
Wiki's Worst Albums #1 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH
Wiki's Worst Albums #1 - SCREAMING LORD SUTCH
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Mike Zola
2022-08-19 21:51:27

If someone doesn't like Heavy Friends, they just don't get it! This is not,nor was it intended to be, some profound musical statement! I would bet that the Ramones listened to it at some point! WAILING SOUNDS!!! Waaaaaahhh! Thanks for giving it an objective listen!

J Amara
2022-03-27 07:20:48

Did nobody realise that he was a fun novelty act and show man? I love how people looked genuinely scared in concert footage which shows he was ahead of his time. Copied by Alice Cooper who had better music and the influence has passed down to later acts. People are still playing 50 inspired rock n roll today. In the 70s there lots of UK chart bands still even wore the teddy boy gear. It is far from being the worst and he was great.

Battambang Scooter and Motorcycle Rentals & Tours
2022-02-23 08:36:08

Oh dude. That's a killer album and I'm really a jazz cat.

Bryan Ladd
2022-01-29 21:18:43

I agree, it's not that bad.

last Koresh
2022-01-17 09:06:28

I was going to watch this video but I just can't bring myself to value your opinion. You're not qualified to critique this genre

2021-12-15 22:56:54

LORD SUTCH & HEAVY FRIENDS is one of my all-time favorite albums; I bought it three different times!
Holds up beautifully - worth owning just for John Bonham's drumming.

2021-12-14 15:31:20

I like this album way more than any of Led Zeppelin's overblown stadium rock that's for sure. This album is fun, unpretentious rock and roll and you can't ask for more than that.

Colin Williams
2021-11-07 04:28:58

"I actually own a copy of this what so "bad" about it? This album is great.I think it's getting a bad rap I'm a person who listens to CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and TOM WAITS and The POGUES.Basiclly, I listen to a lot of weird shit amongst the Beatles and stones records and you know what, I love it.

Mike Stempo
2021-08-20 17:14:48

Worst album ever? Don’t know about that but Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends doesn’t come close to being the worst. It has to be the dated embarrassment called The Intergalactic Touring Band. This is the only album this ensemble of artists of the day recorded. Laze Guitars…? Thank God! Take a listen, you’ll be laughing and rolling your eyeballs. So kitschy and schlocky.

Alex Kellner
2021-06-19 22:19:54

Love the album from start to finish. Didn’t care much for the Following album Hands of Jack the Ripper with Blackmore, Ian, , I believe Redding and more have to find the album a few good cuts but little more.

Horror Habit
2021-05-09 01:47:50

Some horror nerds like me love Lord Sutch though (and, for that matter, Screamin' Jay Hawkins too.) I believe there's a good reason that many Sutch songs sound like the Monster Mash: he was trying to replicate the Mash's success...and he wasn't the only one, either. John Zacherle, for instance, was in there fighting for it too. And Bert Convy.

Oh, and speaking of bad albums by horror linked guys, have you ever heard an early album-sometimes called "Freak Out"- by Alice Cooper. Love Alice in general, but Yikes.

2021-04-26 20:38:36

Screaming Lord Sutch was a true rocker, and I believe ahead of the times. The fact his music was banned by Britain was proof of this.

Philip Howard
2021-04-25 08:24:50

I listen to the album heavy friends by screaming Lord sSuch and it’s not that bad it’s actually pretty good and he’s a lot better singer than Yoko no Michael Bolton and the guy from Nickelback then these are people that really suck💰💰🇺🇸🇺🇸🎶🎶🎶🎶🧁🧁🧁🧁🧁🎩🎩🎩🎩

2021-04-16 18:28:49

I have this amazing album with a terrific artist Lord Sutch. It's unfair to say that this album is bad, a big mistake.

Earl Kliethermes
2021-03-20 03:52:58

I'd like to hear a bit of the MUSIC along with the 13 minutes of you talking about it.

King Daveth
2021-02-05 15:22:00

Honestly, this album didn't deserve the hate lmao.

Ben Brown Jr.
2021-01-04 17:18:59

Imagine Dragons are shit.

Tommy Morgan
2020-12-29 16:29:01

WTF ??? Heavy friends is a great album !!!!!

John Zeszut
2020-11-08 18:18:16

Never heard of Lord Sutch until a couple of days ago -hey this guy was pretty good!

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