Why wasn't Bulgaria a part of Yugoslavia?



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Why wasn't Bulgaria a part of Yugoslavia?
Why wasn't Bulgaria a part of Yugoslavia?
Why wasn't Bulgaria a part of Yugoslavia?
Why wasn't Bulgaria a part of Yugoslavia?
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2023-09-08 20:02:41

Dear Lord in heaven may these AI voices be damned to hell!!!!!!!

Si Iv
2023-08-31 18:54:22

Тито е бил поставен за лидер и маршал от Сталин! В Югославия не е имало комунисти по време на втората светована война! Това го знам със сигурност! След разбиването на югославската армия от хитлеристкият корпус преминал през българия в Югославия е имало пълна анархия и много военни и цивилни въоръжени банди, които са грабили и са воювали по между си!.. Тито е назначен от Сталин! За това, че е непослушен, Сталин забранява на Георги Димитров да пресъедини България, към Югославия, което е огромна стратегическа грешка за българите... Румънците и молдованите са също южни славяни с чисто български корени... Сталин и Кремъл не се нуждаят от голями държави, а от малки послушни държави, които да манипшолират. Това прави и сега Путин.. Политиката на Кремъл е една и съща от 300 години до сега...

Tito was made leader and marshal by Stalin! There were no communists in Yugoslavia during the Second World War! I know that for sure! After the defeat of the Yugoslav army by the Hitlerite corps that passed through Bulgaria, there was complete anarchy in Yugoslavia and many military and civilian armed gangs that robbed and fought among themselves!.. Tito was appointed by Stalin! For being disobedient, Stalin forbids Georgi Dimitrov to reunite Bulgaria with Yugoslavia, which is a huge strategic mistake for the Bulgarians... Romanians and Moldovans are also South Slavs with purely Bulgarian roots... Stalin and the Kremlin do not need large states, but by small docile states to manipulate. This is what Putin is doing now.. The Kremlin's policy has been the same for 300 years until now...

Kid Fox
2023-08-31 03:44:42

Better question: why was Yugoslavia.....?

BalkanGuy123 2.0
2023-07-11 21:16:06

24YcN-i8WNk&t=0m02s 0:02 ah yes AoC2 filany loaded

Lubo Stoyanov
2023-07-07 04:23:42

This video is garbage. The history of Bulgaria does not start in 20th century. The history of the region does not start in 20th century. Unlike USA which was founded in the 18th century, Bulgaria has history since 7th century.

voskre glavincevska
2023-07-01 13:44:38

Bulgaria is still not capable to Join Yugo- Slav unity because of it's different position !
Unification of Yugo Slavians was made long before tatarian minority came to grab Macedonia Province ( in ramparting ) of Roman Empire time .
They broth different life and grabbing mentality !
In transversal vastness of
West /North to South great influence was made during Roman Empire and the Road Via Ignatia , and latar on the railway connection( Orient Express ) Atina Paris .
And third item is aversion that Jugoslavian had against Bulgarian language!
They didn't make any modernisation since Old Slav Language was applicable for the level of wild people who uttered inarticulate sounds !
Nothing was Marshal Tito's invention !
Only economical and regional comparative advantages from Karavanki to Kajmakchalan as homogenious region .
Something like Iberia is and Apenini.

GrevenDi Ghaul
2023-06-27 12:12:35

Because they were weaker than us at the time. Why would stronger nation join an union which is weaker than a single country

Ventsislav Andonov
2023-06-27 07:03:26

Why Bulgaria didnt join serbs..Simply cat dont team with a mouse!

FlawyerLawyer TV 📚
2023-06-21 20:26:11

Thanks, Knowledgia. 👍

Mr Antipatia
2023-06-19 00:48:11

Because its shape would have been ugly

Doychin Doychev
2023-06-14 12:51:43

Because the territory of Yugoslavia was part from the Bulgarian kingdom once. 😊

yordan yordanov
2023-06-08 12:52:51


David Guilbert Rozenman
2023-06-07 09:45:25

Next question: why didn't Albania join Yugoslavia?

2023-05-21 05:54:26

Coz technically Bulgaria is turkic😂

Antonio Del Rey
2023-05-20 13:22:42

There was a time after ww2 that Bulgaria didn’t exist on a map in US Consulate.

Desislav Petrov
2023-05-17 17:10:22

Because Bulgaria was at the time, 40 years shy of being 1300 years old. Yugoslavia(as history shows), was merely a blimp in existence. Why would 1300 years old country, join some....thing?
Don't be a dick, and mislead people with stupid shit

2023-05-17 12:24:27

Yugoslavia was America for incredibly poor Bulgarian people.

Angel Ivanov
2023-05-05 12:46:30

The information presented in the video is appalling. I have only watched the first half of the video. What is the source of your information?

Angel Ivanov
2023-05-05 12:36:05

Can you please elaborate about North Macedonia?
There wasn`t such country in the human histoty, so your map is totally irrelevant.

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