We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game

Jet Lag: The Game

Jet Lag: The Game

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Watch the next episode of Jet Lag right now on Nebula: 🤍nebula.tv/videos/jetlag-ep-2-we-turned-new-zealand-into-a-giant-reallife-board-game Get $20 off an annual Nebula subscription by signing up at 🤍go.nebula.tv/jetlag Listen to the aftershow podcast only on Nebula: 🤍nebula.tv/thelayover Our other channels: Wendover Productions - 🤍nebula.tv/wendover Half as Interesting - 🤍nebula.tv/hai Follow us on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/wendoverpro Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle Featuring Toby Hendy ( 🤍tibees ) Editing by Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, Henry Ariza Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess , João Pessegueiro, Parker Simmons, Derek Brown, Elise Heersink, Sara Stoltman, Max Moser Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen Supervising Producer Graham Haerther Artwork by Simon Buckmaster

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We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
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Gold YT
2023-09-25 02:08:54

LxLgmsmvXOE&t=15m59s 15:59 and that is why I am not gonna go to New Zealand until I have like 15 years of driving experience lol

2023-09-21 17:19:50

Damn, Sam is looking cute here! And so is Toby, who seems like a fun, relaxed guest. My bisexual ass is just screaming. They have good chemistry too.

wojtek S
2023-09-21 10:43:04

LxLgmsmvXOE&t=14m20s 14:20 most of the world calls American plastic-packed "bread" "toast bread" because toasting it or making a grilled cheese is considered to be the sole good use for it. As, especially in Europe (idk how about New Zealand), there are great local bakeries and very good quality fresh bread can be bought even in supermarkets, nobody in their right mind would use this artificial sponge to make a plain sandwich

2023-09-17 18:05:58

How did getting a box of take away falafel not count as fastfood?

2023-09-17 04:33:03

wait omg I was watching this and realized I know Toby from tiktok bc I was like wait is this the second dimensional creature lady and it is! that's so cool, when worlds collide!

Ellen Voyage
2023-09-12 19:42:18

I’m watching them dig holes at the beach and… I guess I grew up near a beach but… water tables anyone?!!… Go up the dune a bit above the water table?

2023-09-12 08:52:00

I understand that Ben and Adam are a couple, but they could mix the teams once in a while!

Amy Roche
2023-09-09 23:22:07

please do an Australian jet lagged season as well that’d be so cool

Aarpar y
2023-09-09 15:05:22

Please do a season in India and invite me(a random subscriber)as a special guest

US Route 20
2023-09-02 06:59:08

I wonder what they had to do to get a driver's liscence in NZ?

Mauro Vanoost
2023-08-31 10:49:57

Would it count if you just poke the ruler in the ground until 36 inches? It technically is a hole

2023-08-29 21:49:00

dig a hole challenge is my new all time favorite challenge lol

2023-08-27 16:30:42

4.49 for bread?!

EfectedWall 552
2023-08-21 20:00:34

Do I want to route for my normal team Ben and Adam or myself and Sam

Harry Sar'nt-Major
2023-08-20 19:36:57

Sam, how did you not think of building a huge pile of sand first and then digging from the top?

Stuart Gelin
2023-08-15 03:35:18

This is my third time watching and I never realized until now that the music they play when Sam and Toby are digging at the beach is the same as the background music of the "Sam Is Digging A Hole" song from Crime Spree! Love those little editing easter eggs.

2023-08-14 17:16:00

Dig a deep hole, never said it had to be a wide or open hole.

Take a stick that's long enough hammer it into the sand. It deals with the water and the collapseing. As well if it hits hard ground, just pull up and try some where else.

Ashley H
2023-08-10 18:35:32

Toby, I absolutely love your nails!! They're so cute! 💜

2023-08-10 07:01:03

Kiwi Jet Lag fan here - watched this season when it came out and just loved seeing my country and my favourite show combined - and now about to start watching it again as "research" for my big adventure this summer. I'm finally graduating university in November and for three years I've been planning to take the summer after uni off to go exploring and see so much more of the country. Let's see where I end up!

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