We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs - Day 2

Jet Lag: The Game

Jet Lag: The Game

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Watch the next episode of Jet Lag right now on Nebula: 🤍nebula.tv/videos/jetlag-ep-3-we-raced-to-visit-the-most-us-states-in-100-hours Get $20 off an annual Nebula subscription by signing up at 🤍go.nebula.tv/jetlag This season, follow Adam and Ben versus Sam and Brian as they travel across the country competing for control over the most US states. They’ll have 4 days to travel to as many states as possible, complete challenges from their deck, and desperately try to defend their territory from this season’s newest twist: battles. Our other channels: Wendover Productions - 🤍youtube.com/wendoverproductions Half as Interesting - 🤍youtube.com/halfasinteresting Follow us on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/wendoverpro Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle Editing by Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, Henry Ariza, Ryan Alva Motion Graphics by Lili Pereira, Max Moser, Josh Sherrington, Maddy Haynes, Sara Stoltman, Aelee Vang, Derek Brown, Mikaila Blackburn, Neel Sawant, Parker Simmons Audio by Manni Simon, Donovan Bullen Supervising Producer Graham Haerther Artwork by Simon Buckmaster The production has offset 10x its estimated carbon impact through The Wren climate portfolio: 🤍🤍wren.co/profile/wendoverproductions

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We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs - Day 2
We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs - Day 2
We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs - Day 2
We Raced To Visit The Most US States In 100 Hrs - Day 2
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2023-09-25 20:07:29

Only 4 kurze hows He drunk
Greetings From germany

2023-09-25 18:03:26

Him being drunk is hilarious

2023-09-24 11:16:33

As a foreigner, I’m actually learning the location of the different states.

2023-09-23 14:34:14

who's the woman at idiCtICGlCA&t=28m27s 28:27 ??? XD

Carlos Lupo
2023-09-22 21:25:18

Stop virtue signaling about climate change BS, no one cares about your carbon footprint

Jordan Maker
2023-09-22 20:23:23

The guys kinda overthink other peoples judgement of them while doing this. The guy at the UPS store doesn't need some made up cover story on why you wanna send something. Same with the pawn shop, just tell them you wanna sell this cheap thing for 10 bucks and you're fine. People really don't care that much about other peoples lives.

2023-09-21 00:19:08

That women standing there watching ben 😂😂😂

2023-09-20 16:37:51

the three personalities:
1. the runner (adam)
2. the guy who gets drunk (ben)
3. the mastermind (sam)

2023-09-17 00:40:31

the claw machine games they picked caused me pain lol, go for one with the cheapest looking/not branded prizes! most likely to have a higher win% bc each toy costs the arcade less

2023-09-16 12:38:17

Four shots don't make you that drunk that quickly

Yao Shan
2023-09-15 06:17:55

I love how ben is always the one getting drunk xD

Ryder Noland
2023-09-15 02:10:30

Hence fireworks

Ryder Noland
2023-09-15 02:10:21

Did you know the national anthem was a poem written by a dude watching a fort of men get barraged by cannon balls in the civil war

2023-09-09 13:06:48

Ben and Adam are much more enjoyable to watch than Sam and Brian, Sam has very little charisma and comes across as bossy

2023-09-03 11:52:35

sam getting mildly spicy on politics in this one, i love it

edit: yooooooooooooooo he went to my local mall in western mass!

Mini and Adventure
2023-08-30 16:22:59

Ben is one very cheap date 😂

2023-08-28 23:24:35

yeah baby talk that shit on the decor of the metro north ben!!!

2023-08-28 23:00:32

Drunk Ben balancing the water bottle between his teeth and his backpack was a peak moment.

This is a very fun show!

2023-08-28 05:41:58

No way a grown man gets that drunk from four shots for that long

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