US Presidents Play Wii Sports Basketball

Presidents Play

Presidents Play

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The boys are back to Wii Sports, this time in it's sequel. Donald and Barack try to squash their beef in a game of Basketball Pickup, and we also get to see a special three-point contest after as well! Who will prevail in the beginning of this next series? ~~ DISCLAIMER: The following video contains AI generated voice clips of several real people. These voice clips are fabricated for the purposes of entertainment, and the depiction of these characters do not reflect their real life counterparts.

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US Presidents Play Wii Sports Basketball
US Presidents Play Wii Sports Basketball
US Presidents Play Wii Sports Basketball
US Presidents Play Wii Sports Basketball
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Комментарии пользователей:
Maz 169
2023-09-14 08:19:26

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=0m57s 0:57

2023-09-07 20:58:17

I accidentally watched some of the series out of sequence before I even realized there was a proper sequence! A master playlist in chronological order would be greatly appreciated in time. Please keep up the great videos! Has to be one of my favourite AI Presidents channels. 🎉🫶😊

2023-09-06 02:38:31

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=6m45s 6:45

2023-09-04 19:36:54

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=2m57s 2:57 never expected to hear Obama say buckets

Foot Soldier
2023-08-31 01:07:44

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=1m19s 1:19 Kobe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

sidney !
2023-08-12 11:53:17

“call me michael jordan “ I DIED

2023-08-10 03:40:12

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=4m05s 4:05 you like the Sixers eh? May e that correlates with the fact that you like six y-

Balloon Boy The Cool Kid 79
2023-08-02 19:28:45

😂OUCH BOwXs26Dl4c&t=4m53s 4:53 BOwXs26Dl4c&t=4m54s 4:54 😂

2023-07-21 18:14:05

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=1m38s 1:38

2023-07-21 06:59:05

Bro let's ombabmon to cook

Death THunder Studios
2023-07-14 05:48:54

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=2m24s 2:24 Obama's reaction sounds really legitimate 😂

Lee Ryan
2023-07-13 05:15:53

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=0m50s 0:50 this whole sequence has me dead 😂😂

Ean Bigelow
2023-07-08 03:19:47

This is how close elections should be solved

2023-07-06 20:33:59

The white girl was hilary

Jeremiah's Transporting and Simulation
2023-07-05 00:25:44

Awesome job guys!

2023-07-03 21:20:02

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=0m56s 0:56 This is the best Kablamo Ever

2023-07-03 21:00:55

BOwXs26Dl4c&t=3m26s 3:26 was it “Noooope cookies” or “Ooooo cookies”

Amari Byrd
2023-07-01 04:57:57

Best moment of the whole video: Joe's character gets hit in the head by the ball and Joe's reaction!!! 🤣🤣🤣

2023-06-26 01:13:31

Is it bad that I refer Michelle as Michael now 😂

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