US Presidents Play Archery in Wii Sports Resort



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🔴 The presidential trio gathers together to play some more Wii Sports Resort! This time they tour around Wuhu Island and play archery at four different locations. Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Barack Obama all battle each other for the highest score to see who emerges victorious! The presidents gaming trio is just getting started here in Wii Sports Resort, and there is much more to come! 🕥 TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Intro 00:23 - Stage 1 02:32 - Stage 2 04:12 - Stage 3 06:22 - Stage 4 ❗ SUBSCRIBE For Epic Swag 🤍🤍 🐢 Who is TOONI? Tooni delivers top-tier presidential gaming content with the classic trio of Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Barack Obama, along with other special guests. Being the home of the 8282 Empire, Tooni has a history of video production largely revolving around tanks games such as Wii Play Tanks and Wee Tanks, among others. Now meticulously handcrafting 'US Presidents Play' videos using Eleven Labs AI, Tooni aims to serve up exciting and fast-paced entertainment with crafty dialogues. If AI comedy floats your boat, don't hesitate to subscribe. I'll keep your boat afloat. DISCLAIMER: This video contains AI-generated voice clips of several real people. These voice clips are fabricated for the purposes of entertainment, and the depiction of these characters do not reflect their real life counterparts. #Presidents #PresidentsGaming #PresidentsPlay #PresidentsTrio #WiiSportsResort #Archery

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US Presidents Play Archery in Wii Sports Resort
US Presidents Play Archery in Wii Sports Resort
US Presidents Play Archery in Wii Sports Resort
US Presidents Play Archery in Wii Sports Resort
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2023-08-01 23:36:35


Tila Sole
2023-07-26 02:42:11

I come back to this every so often. Love the bro vibes, with still good humor.

2023-07-20 12:15:23

I'll admit, even for Archery, there's still cameraderie between them. It pays off, and a bucket of fun to follow. If this video was an arrow hitting the YT target, it's a definite 10 outta me. Great work once more, Tooni.

Daniel Bober
2023-07-16 21:55:37

Did anyone else notice a line on the screen?

Generic Name
2023-07-16 07:11:39

06ilbHpyoG0&t=4m38s 4:38 the way they say cantolope makes me smile

Katja Blum
2023-07-04 00:26:38

Obama is brainier than the other 2 and yet he’s the younger

David Fredensdal
2023-06-28 15:29:08

Do bowling spin control next!

Kafka Simp
2023-06-27 15:31:02

Ai presidents are what real presidents should be like. Just bros (and Hillary) being homies

Noah Bu
2023-06-22 18:05:58

grass targets or yemen targets

2023-06-19 23:03:03

I like your videos much more then the others i see

2023-06-19 20:33:17

06ilbHpyoG0&t=3m55s 3:55 kablamo!!!!

Kalyn Miller
2023-06-14 17:53:05

06ilbHpyoG0&t=4m37s 4:37 HOLY SHRIMP!!!!!

Kalyn Miller
2023-06-14 17:40:26

"Very few can achieve mastery of the sky" -Revali the Rito Champion

Nightmare dream
2023-06-12 20:13:51

Donny an Joe agreeing the entire video or at all is concerning usually those two are at each other's neck but them agreeing is not a good sign

Take the blame
2023-06-12 14:53:12


2023-06-12 05:30:47


Flying Eagle TV
2023-06-08 12:15:40

You and FunnyAi do these wii sports videos the best! This is like my 5th time watching these, and it’s still not getting old! The voices sound the best too. I can’t wait for more from you guys!

Alex Berndt
2023-06-02 01:32:51

Bruh the legend of the canta loupe has been born

2023-05-31 20:15:21

I like this dynamic throughout this chnanel. Instead of them making weird noises and arguing, they are actually being normal

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