Ten Minute History - The Fall of Rome (Short Documentary)

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History Matters

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Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/Tenminhistory Patreon: 🤍🤍patreon.com/user?u=4973164 Special Thanks to the following Patrons for their support on Patreon: Chris Fatta Joshua Mitchell Wildoer Mason Cox William Foster Thomas Mitchell Perry Gagne Shaun Pullin Anon Spencer Smith Matt M Rbj This episode of Ten Minute History (like a documentary, only shorter) covers the decline and fall of the Western Roman Empire. It deals with the division of the empire by Theodosius I and the rule of his successors Honorius and Arcadius. Honorius' reign saw Britannia leave the empire and the first sack of Rome in about 800 years. The borders of the empire continued to weaken under his successors in the west as the East held on in the face of barbarian groups like the Huns or the Vandals. In the end, the Western Roman Empire would disappear in 476 ushering in a new age of smaller kingdoms in Europe. Recommended books: Chris Wickham - The Inheritance of Rome. Phenomenal book which covers the decline of the Roman Empire in the west (and also the East) and details what happened in the aftermath of its fall. Peter Brown - The World of Late Antiquity. One of the classics surrounding the period. Be aware that it is starting to show its age but frankly there aren't loads of great introductory overview materials like this for the period so it's still very valuable.

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Ten Minute History - The Fall of Rome (Short Documentary)
Ten Minute History - The Fall of Rome (Short Documentary)
Ten Minute History - The Fall of Rome (Short Documentary)
Ten Minute History - The Fall of Rome (Short Documentary)
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Jim Halpert
2023-09-20 00:19:26

Thanks for using BC and AD instead of the woke BCE and ACE.

J Lit
2023-09-18 02:53:46

This channel is so calming
Whenever I’m annoyed I binge 15 or so of these and feel better

2023-09-17 21:42:17

How often do you think of the fall of the Roman Empire?

2023-09-09 19:18:22


2023-09-03 09:58:45

Anytime there was a great Empire, there were People both within and outside the Empire who either wanted Power to control that Empire, or completely destroy the Empire itself.
This was true for the Roman Empire, this was true for the Macedonian Empire, this was true for the Mongol Empire, and this is true currently for the American Empire. Power attracts some of the worst types of People in the World, Power corrupts, and absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

No Empire has withstood the test of time. Eventually, all Empires come to an end, as great as they might have been.

2023-08-20 23:25:32

The Roman Empire had 60 million people in the middle of the 2nd century. It was the plagues and civil wars that shrank the population to 40 million.

2023-08-18 11:37:16

Hot opinion: Rome would be better unsplit.

2023-08-12 16:02:56

Not truethat they relied heavily on germanic warriors only, so many mis takes but i guess its Hard To fit everything on 10min video, Mkäy. 🎭

2023-08-08 00:13:04

Where men cried:

Edmund, Lord Blackadder
2023-08-05 09:16:20

Damm I miss the longer form stuff. 😆 awesome and hilarious

That History fam
2023-07-30 17:47:38

This isn’t the actual fall of Rome but ok

Sagittarius A*
2023-07-30 01:30:21

How can Rome be saved?

Should it?

There are two main and clear issues that harm the West in the eyes of Chinese Scholars.

1) The lack of a continuous system. It doesn't have to maintain the same language like the Chinese, preferrably it did not. And it doesn't have to be identified as the same Empire throughout its continuous existence similar to Rome and Byzantium.

2) This sort of did happen, but not to extent it should have and that is a continuous cycle of falls and rises that ultimately lead to a surplus gain rather than deficit or status quo. This observation has been more noted by Chinese Scholars in Taiwan than in the Mainland, since acknowledgement of this would require the CCP to fall at some point. So you can see why this isn't promoted in the mainland. There have been notable collapses in the West with the Bronze Age Collapse (which some argue doesn't even concern the west, but ummm... Islamic Civilization and Orthodox Civilization are not civilizations, neither is Western Civilization, but Western makes more sense as it covers Western Paleogaia or Afroeurasia and those three are just branches of that civilization, along with India due to interconnectivity between Sumer and the Indus Valley), Rome, and the Balkan Collapse (which we are still going through) .

2023-07-22 05:48:15

“He died… of being murdered.” Has the same vibes as Scary Movie 4’s “He suffered a heart attack, brought upon by this knife.”

2023-07-11 12:33:54

I think the vandals caused the invention of the word vandal

2023-06-28 07:56:56

Notice how those days Christian Egypt were capable of feeding its own population, and still export to Europe..
Wonder what happened in the mean time 🤔

Dave Roche
2023-06-28 07:11:09

Thank you. These History Digestives (Histgestives?) are excellent. Nice one!

Adam Majkowski
2023-06-23 19:27:32

They are still here and went into space. Rome became the Roman church before the Holy Roman Empire. Today they are all over the world calling the rest of us slaves for we sit here line morons calling each other crazy when we try to talk about the technology Rome has today. Rome has colonized this solar system while we argue about whether to take care of each other or keep letting idiots tax us to death and lose the money

2023-06-22 20:33:18

Interesting that back then Germanic peoples were considered barbarians when nowadays the Germanic world is arguably the most prosperous in the planet

2023-06-21 20:52:30


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