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DO NOT GO GENTLE (DNGG) - Skyrim AE Modlist - Showcase & Review


You can help support the channel here: 🤍 🤍 DNGG links: Install Guide: 🤍 List Discord: 🤍 PERSONAL INFO: Patreon: 🤍 Ko-Fi (Donations): 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍droppedicecream_live Ice cream artwork by FloatyNebula TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Introduction to DNGG 0:48 Download Process 1:33 Graphics & Performance 3:04 Gameplay 6:23 Combat 7:57 New Lands & Quests 8:42 Audio 9:29 New Items & Spells 10:22 Miscellaneous 11:22 Addons 12:14 Opinions & Who It's For

Forget Photoshop - How To Transform Images With Text Prompts using InstructPix2Pix Model in NMKD GUI


Our Discord : 🤍 Newest AI model InstructPix2Pix is amazing to transform your images with plain English prompts.If I have been of assistance to you and you would like to show your support for my work, please consider becoming a patron on 🥰 🤍 Playlist of Stable Diffusion Tutorials, #Automatic1111 and Google Colab Guides, DreamBooth, Textual Inversion / Embedding, #LoRA, AI Upscaling, Pix2Pix, Img2Img: 🤍 I am also showing how to install and use NMKD Stable Diffusion open source GUI. InstructPix2Pix Official Web Site : 🤍 NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI GitHub : 🤍 Download NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI : 🤍 Wiki of NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI : 🤍 Our Discord Channel : 🤍 Stable Diffusion 1.5 Version : 🤍 Best VAE file : 🤍 Online free InstructPix2Pix demo : 🤍 Easiest Way to Install & Run Stable Diffusion Web UI on PC by Using Open Source Automatic Installer 🤍 How to Use SD 2.1 & Custom Models on Google Colab for Training with Dreambooth & Image Generation 🤍 Stable Diffusion - Dreambooth - txt2img - img2img - Embedding - Hypernetwork - AI Image Upscale 🤍 0:00 Introduction to new AI model InstructPix2Pix Learning to Follow Image Editing Instructions 0:44 What is InstructPix2Pix 1:31 Examples of InstructPix2Pix from official developers 2:47 Introduction to the NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 3:38 How to download NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 4:42 How to setup and install NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 6:56 How to run NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 7:09 How to generate text to image AI images by using NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 7:26 How to open settings of NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 7:48 How to use InstructPix2Pix in NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 8:01 How to select which GPU or use CPU in NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 8:22 How to load base image and instruct Pix2Pix to transform images 9:07 How to display both original image and transformed image in NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 9:46 What are Prompt and image guidance and CFG scale of InstructPix2Pix image transformation 10:23 More detailed explanation of Image CFG weight and Text CFG weight 12:33 How to open logs / debug CMD window in NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 14:01 Visual effects of different prompt and image guidance CFG scale 15:09 How to try multiple different prompts by using prompt queue feature of NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI 16:14 Different prompt examples of InstructPix2Pix 17:28 How to upscale transformed images into bigger resolution by using AI upscale algorithms Abstract We propose a method for editing images from human instructions: given an input image and a written instruction that tells the model what to do, our model follows these instructions to edit the image. To obtain training data for this problem, we combine the knowledge of two large pretrained models-a language model (GPT-3) and a text-to-image model (Stable Diffusion)-to generate a large dataset of image editing examples. InstructPix2Pix: Learning to Follow Image Editing Instructions If you're not getting what you want, there may be a few reasons: Is the image not changing enough? Your Image CFG weight may be too high. This value dictates how similar the output should be to the input. It's possible your edit requires larger changes from the original image, and your Image CFG weight isn't allowing that. Alternatively, your Text CFG weight may be too low. This value dictates how much to listen to the text instruction. The default Image CFG of 1.5 and Text CFG of 7.5 are a good starting point, but aren't necessarily optimal for each edit. Try: Decreasing the Image CFG weight, or Increasing the Text CFG weight, or Conversely, is the image changing too much, such that the details in the original image aren't preserved? Try: Increasing the Image CFG weight, or Decreasing the Text CFG weight Try generating results with different random seeds by setting "Randomize Seed" and running generation multiple times. You can also try setting "Randomize CFG" to sample new Text CFG and Image CFG values each time. Rephrasing the instruction sometimes improves results (e.g., "turn him into a dog" vs. "make him a dog" vs. "as a dog"). Increasing the number of steps sometimes improves results. Do faces look weird? The Stable Diffusion autoencoder has a hard time with faces that are small in the image. Try: Cropping the image so the face takes up a larger portion of the frame.

Christmas TV Classics (VHS Recording) including commercials - (VOL 3 - PART 1) (December 1997)


*MERRY CHRISTMAS* I came across some old VHS cassette tapes I had in storage at my parent's house and transferred them over to digital and thought I would share some of the memories I captured. Please enjoy the following Christmas Specials I recorded off TV back in December 1997 including the fun commercial breaks in between. Merry Christmas!! Some material was blocked due to copyright, including "Guess Who's Coming To Christmas?" (Happy Days Christmas Special), and "A Vision of Sugar Plums" (Bewitched Christmas Special). 00:00:00 - "A Chipmunk Christmas" (1981) 00:31:21 - "Sonic Christmas Blast!" (1996) 00:58:09 - "Christmas" (The Wonder Years S2E3) (1988) 01:26:45 - "A Very Cutlip Christmas" (The Wonder Years S4E9) (1990) Tracklist: 00:00:00 - "A Chipmunk Christmas" (Part 1) 00:03:43 - commercial break 00:06:24 - "A Chipmunk Christmas" (Part 2) 00:14:36 - commercial break 00:18:11 - "A Chipmunk Christmas" (Part 3) 00:28:06 - commercial break 00:31:21 - "Sonic Christmas Blast!" (Part 1) 00:39:39 - commercial break 00:39:50 - USA Network: In A Minute 00:43:26 - "Sonic Christmas Blast!" (Part 2) 00:48:24 - commercial break 00:50:39 - "Sonic Christmas Blast!" (Part 3) 00:58:09 - "Christmas" (The Wonder Years) (Part 1) 01:07:26 - commercial break 01:09:58 - "Christmas" (The Wonder Years) (Part 2) 01:20:53 - commercial break 01:23:54 - "Christmas" (The Wonder Years) (Part 3) 01:24:29 - commercial break 01:26:45 - "A Very Cutlip Christmas" (The Wonder Years) (Part 1) 01:36:35 - commercial break 01:39:21 - "A Very Cutlip Christmas" (The Wonder Years) (Part 2) 01:50:59 - commercial break 01:53:19 - "A Very Cutlip Christmas" (The Wonder Years) (Part 3) 01:53:54 - commercial break (to end of tape) [below extracted from their wiki page] "A Chipmunk Christmas" is an animated Christmas television special based on characters from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Produced by Bagdasarian Productions in association with Chuck Jones Enterprises, it first aired on NBC December 14, 1981, nine years after the death of Alvin and the Chipmunks creator Ross Bagdasarian Sr. (also known as David Seville). This was the first time that Alvin, Simon and David Seville were voiced by Ross Bagdasarian Jr. and the first time that Theodore was voiced by Janice Karman. "Sonic Christmas Blast!" is a Christmas television special for "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" cartoon series produced by DiC Entertainment, who also produced the Saturday morning cartoon series that had run alongside it. It aired on the USA Network in 1996, nearly three years after the original series had ended. When Toon Disney aired "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" series, "Sonic Christmas Blast!" was regularly shown in their annual Christmas marathons. "The Wonder Years" is an American coming-of-age comedy/drama television series created by Neal Marlens and Carol Black. It ran on ABC from January 31, 1988, until May 12, 1993. The series stars Fred Savage as Kevin Arnold, a teenager growing up in a suburban middle class family in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It co-stars Dan Lauria as his father Jack, Alley Mills as his mother Norma, Jason Hervey as his brother Wayne, Olivia d'Abo as his sister Karen, Josh Saviano as his best friend Paul Pfeiffer, and Danica McKellar as his girlfriend Winnie Cooper, with narration by Daniel Stern as an adult version of Kevin. "Christmas" (S2E3) - Kevin and Wayne try to convince Jack to buy a color television for Christmas. Meanwhile Kevin tries to find the perfect present for Winnie after she unexpectedly gives him a present. "A Very Cutlip Christmas" (S4E9) - While at the mall, Kevin is surprised to find gym coach Cutlip playing the seasonal job of Santa Claus. When Cutlip realizes that Kevin knows, he gives him preferential treatment in gym class in hopes that Kevin won't tell his secret. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel "mike kling" 🤍🤍mikekling 🤍 - Various vintage cartoon, movie and music clips featured, as well as, OVER 100 playlists of 80s songs and current radio hits too! Thanks! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.

Christmas TV Classics (VHS Recording) including commercials - (VOL 4 - PART 1) (December 1997)


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I came across some old VHS cassette tapes I had in storage at my parent's house and transferred them over to digital and thought I would share some of the memories I captured. Please enjoy the following Christmas Specials I recorded off TV back in December 1997 including the fun commercial breaks in between. Merry Christmas!! Some material was blocked due to copyright, including 75% of "A Disney Channel Christmas" that featured holiday themed cartoon shorts (The Art of Skiing with Goofy, The Clock Watcher, Cinderella, Mickey's Good Deed, Snow White, Melody Time, Santa's Workshop, Donald's Snow Fight, & Pluto's Christmas Tree - among others). 00:00:53 - "A Disney Channel Christmas" (1983) 00:14:43 - "A Muppet Family Christmas" (1987) 01:02:15 - "Mr. Cook's Christmas" (Allegra's Window S3E12) Tracklist: 00:00:00 - commercial break 00:00:53 - "A Disney Channel Christmas" 00:10:23 - commercial break 00:14:43 - "A Muppet Family Christmas" 01:02:15 - "Mr. Cook's Christmas" (Allegra's Window) [below extracted from their wiki page] "A Disney Channel Christmas" is a compilation special originally aired on the Disney Channel on December 3, 1983, similar to the previous year's "A Disney Christmas Gift". The song "On Christmas Morning" from that program also played on this one. It is hosted by Jiminy Cricket, mostly using scenes from "From All of Us to All of You". An edited version of this program was released on home video in 1986, under a different title: "Jiminy Cricket's Christmas". "A Muppet Family Christmas" is a Christmas television special starring Jim Henson's Muppets. It first aired on December 16, 1987, on the ABC television network in the United States. Shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, its teleplay was conceived by longtime Muppet writer Jerry Juhl, and directed by Peter Harris and Eric Till (the latter of whom was uncredited). The special features various Muppets from The Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and Muppet Babies. It also stars Gerard Parkes as Doc from the North American wraparound segments of Fraggle Rock, and Henson as himself in a cameo appearance at the end. In the plot, several groups of Muppets surprise Fozzie Bear's mother with a Christmas visit to her farmhouse, unaware of her planned getaway to Malibu. "Mr. Cook's Christmas" was a TV Christmas Special for the Nick, Jr. children's show "Allegra's Window". It's a flurry of activity as everyone prepares for Christmas with cookie-baking and gift-planning. Mr. Cook's kitchen is the center of activity as he toils over countless Christmas fruitcakes and also helps everyone make their gifts and Christmas wishes come true. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel "mike kling" 🤍🤍mikekling 🤍 - Various vintage cartoon, movie and music clips featured, as well as, OVER 100 playlists of 80s songs and current radio hits too! Thanks! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS.

How to create a Modern Wiki with SharePoint Online


How to create a Wiki with SharePoint Online pages, templates and webparts. This is a simple out of the box approach to building a wiki to share knowledge in our organisation. The appoach I use is intentionally low tech so anyone can build one! Learn more here: 🤍

Apigee API Monitoring: Find & Fix Issues Fast


Apigee is moving! Join us 🤍GoogleCloudPlatform under the BAP Playlist (🤍 Make sure to save the playlist and subscribe to the channel to stay connected! Almost every app and digital interaction today depends on APIs, so it’s important to be able to find and fix issues fast. Apigee’s API monitoring can alert you to live issues, give you in-depth details for every problem, and recommend a course of action. Take a look at this API monitoring demo from the Apigee team to keep your APIs running smoothly! API Monitoring documentation → 🤍 Learn more → 🤍 Join the community → 🤍

Arch Linux Installation Tutorial


In this video, I run through a basic Arch Linux install inside a virtual machine. I simply read through the Arch Wiki and follow the instructions. Piece of cake! 🤍 WANT TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL? Please like, share and subscribe. And check out my Patreon page: 🤍 Your support is very much appreciated. Thanks, guys!

The Alghoul Wiki May Just Be The Worst Thing Ever.


found this wiki page a while ago so i decided to make a video on it. Expand me Streamer links: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Otter's Box: 🤍 The Alghoul Wiki: 🤍

How to Setup & Care For Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum)


How to Setup & Care For Axolotls (Ambystoma mexicanum) More Care Info Below! (How To Care For a Axolotl, Information Is from the Wiki page a link is below!) Axolotls live at temperatures of 12 °C (54 °F)-20 °C (68 °F), preferably 17 °C (63 °F)-18 °C (64 °F). As for all poikilothermic organisms, lower temperatures result in slower metabolism; higher temperatures can lead to stress and increased appetite. Chlorine, commonly added to tapwater, is harmful to axolotls. A single typical axolotl typically requires a 40 l (11 US gal) tank with a water depth of at least 15 cm (6 in). Axolotls spend a majority of the time at the bottom of the tank. Salts, such as Holtfreter's solution, are usually added to the water to prevent infection. In captivity, axolotls eat a variety of readily available foods, including trout and salmon pellets, frozen or live bloodworms, earthworms, and waxworms. Axolotls can also eat feeder fish, but care should be taken as fish left in the tank may graze on the axolotls' exposed gills. Axolotls are prone to cannibalism. It should also be noted that Axolotls may suffer from impaction related issues if not kept on the correct substrate with fine sand being the preferred option. Impaction can be caused by the digestion of gravel and could be severe enough to cause death, therefore they must never be kept on gravel or stones that are smaller than the axolotls' head. Link to the wiki page where I got the above information: 🤍 (Follow Me On Twitter) 🤍 (Like Me On Facebook) 🤍 (My Website) 🤍 Comment, Rate, Subscribe. (Earn money with SnapDollars) 🤍

[HOWTO] Install DD-WRT on my Wireless Router (Linksys E900)


In this video I talk about how I can install DD-WRT Firmware on my wireless router, then I install it on my Linksys E900 Wireless Router. [3:58] SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: 🤍 Please check out the following DD-WRT pages for the latest changes and information: DD-WRT WiKi [Firmware FAQ]: 🤍 DD-WRT WiKi [[Installation]: 🤍 DD-WRT WiKi [Hard Reset]: 🤍 DD-WRT WiKi [Peacock Thread]: 🤍 DD-WRT WiKi [Linksys E900]: 🤍 DD-WRT [Firmware Location]: 🤍 Disclaimer: Please install and use DD-WRT firmware on your wireless router at your own risk and beware doing this might void the manufacturer's warranty and there is a possibility you might permanently damage and brick your wireless router. I do not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage of whatever nature (direct, indirect, consequential, or other) which may arise as a result of your use of the information in this video .This video is for educational purposes only.

The Hunt for Brodavis Begins - Saurian


Whilst playing Saurian and searching for certain dinosaurs and animals, we discovered live on stream about the bird Brodavis via the Saurian wiki page. A new purpose in life has presented itself. Join us on twitch 🤍

Create a new Wiki in Vibe OnPrem


SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 More Micro Focus Links: HOME: 🤍 PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS: 🤍 SUPPORT & SERVICES: 🤍 COMMUNITY: 🤍 Micro Focus is a global software company with 40 years of experience in delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions that help customers innovate faster with lower risk. Our portfolio enables our 20,000 customers to build, operate, and secure the applications and IT systems that meet the challenges of change. We are a global software company, committed to enabling customers to both embrace the latest technologies and maximize the value of their existing IT investments.

Open Government TV Part


Open Government TV will develop its television programming within a framework guided by the Administrations of-declared principles of collaboration, transparency, and participation. In other words, while some ideas will be better than others, every voice must be heard, every opinion counts, and collaboration between the public and private sectors will be more able to identify wasteful spending, increase efficiencies, and to create opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses to succeed in their missions. In this way, we believe that the demographics that are the most challenged, and traditionally the most expensive to our nations economy, can become tremendously productive if successfully engaged.

Ease of Use Intro


Learn about some of the features that make AutoPIPE easy to learn and use.

Create a new Wiki in Vibe OnPrem


This video will show users how to create and begin using a wiki folder in in their Vibe teams, projects, and workspaces. - SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 More Micro Focus Links: HOME: 🤍 PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS: 🤍 SUPPORT & SERVICES: 🤍 COMMUNITY: 🤍 Micro Focus is a global software company with 40 years of experience in delivering and supporting enterprise software solutions that help customers innovate faster with lower risk.

Shadow & Bone Cast Takes the Fandom Wiki Quiz


Jessie Mei Li, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, Kit Young, Patrick Gibson and more from the Shadow & Bone Season 2 cast take a quiz to see how well they know their characters and the Grishaverse based on the official Fandom Grishaverse Wiki. TV Guide's official YouTube channel brings you behind-the-scenes access to your favorite shows and interviews with your favorite celebs! SUBSCRIBE to the TV Guide channel: 🤍 TV Guide on Facebook: 🤍 TV Guide on Twitter: 🤍 TV Guide on Instagram: 🤍

Roman Subik - Developing NES games in 2022


Roman Subik [Ocado Technology]

WikkaWiki in action: 5. Embedding a feed


"WikkaWiki in action" is a collection of screencasts introducing the basic features of WikkaWiki. You can easily embed in a wiki page a feed from an external site and display it on your website in a few seconds.

,ম্যন্সট্রুয়াল কাপ 🕗 ১২ ঘন্টা 🕗পর্যন্ত ব্লাড ধরে রাখতে পারে, মনের দরজা খুলে দেও আর মেনযোগ দিয়ে দেখ


#How to Use Menstrual Cup # মেন্সট্রুয়াল কাপ কিভাবে ব্যাবহার করতে হয় ? আমাদের কাছে তিন (৩) টা ব্রান্ড আছে ( এটার দুটা সাইজ হয়ে থাকে S সাইজ L সাইজ ) 💸 Price : WOW 💰1650/- 💸 Price : Pirtty Wemen 💰 650/- ৳ 💸 Price : everteen 💰 550/- ৳ 💃ম্যন্সট্রুয়াল কাপ সম্পর্কে আর তথ্য জানতে আমাদের কাষ্টমার কেয়ারে ফোন করুন, ☏ 01880440376 ☏ 01996935391 (সকাল ১০ টা থেকে রাত ১০ টা পযর্ন্ত) Please Don't forget to visit my Facebook Page - 🤍 🤍 একটি অনলাইন শপিং সার্ভিস, এখানে আপনি নিশ্চিন্তে কেনাকাটা করতে পারেন, আমরা কথা দিচ্ছি যে গ্রাহদের সকল চাহিদা মাথায় রেখে কাজ করবো, যথা সময়ে আপনার অডারকিত পন্যের গুনাগত মান বজায় রেখে আপনার কাছে পৈৗছে দিব ! সততাই অমাদের মূল ভিত্তি। আমাদের শপে যা যা পাবেন : 🛒 মেয়েদের সকল প্রকার থ্রীপিস, শাড়ী, কুর্তি, টি সার্ট 🛒 ম্যন্সট্রুয়াল কাপ [Menstrual Cup] 🛒 Everteen Vaginal Tightening & Revitalizing Gel 50 Gm Pack 🛒 মেয়েদের সকল প্রকার কসমেটিস্ক । 🛒ছেলেদের টি-সার্ট, ব্রান্ডে সাট, পেন্ড । 💃join us Facebook page: 🤍 #ডেলিভারী_চার্জ: 🔁 ঢাকার মধ্যে হোম ডেলিভারি: ৮০ টাকা (সময় ২- দিন )। সর্বউচ্চ 🔁 ঢাকার বাহিরে বিভাগীয় শহর গুলোতে হোম ডেলিভারি: 150 টাকা (সময় ৫- দিন)। । সর্বউচ্চ 🚒 সুন্দরবন কুরিয়ার 120 টাকা। 🚒 এস এ পরিবহন ১2০ টাকা। 🚒 আরজেন্ট হলে ডেলিবাড়ি চার্জ একটু বেশি হবে শুধু মাত্র ঢাকয় এক দিনের মধ্যে (12 ঘন্টা) পৌছে যাবে ঢাকার মধ্যে হলে । 150/- 👩💻 ক্রয় করতে আপনার সম্পূর্ন ঠিকানা, নাম, এবং মোবাইল নাম্বার দিন 📞ফোনে অর্ডার করার জন্য কল করুনঃ ☏ 01880440376 ☏ 01996935391

Cellframe Auctions, how do they work?


Now, finally after weeks and for some people months of waiting, the Cellframe auctions went live! Cellchain auctions are held in the form of draws of Cell Slots. Each Cell Slot will be represented as a specific project owner NFT token. This token can be sold on the market or used for its intended purpose. When used for its intended purpose, it will be transferred to a special smart contract, from where it can be picked up on request within a week — this is necessary so that the Cell Slots do not connect unexpectedly and the system has time to prepare for changes. Do you want to buy me a coffee? 🤍 Or would you rather become a patreon? 🤍 AWESOME MUSIC AND STOCK FOOTAGE: Get 2 FREE MONTHS of Artlist when you sign up for a subscription: 🤍 Get 2 FREE MONTHS of Artgrid when you sign up for a subscription: 🤍 Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. All opinions are my own and you should do your own thorough research before investing. I cannot legally advice you how to invest your money, I can only show you the options available. The items discussed on this channel are not a guarantee to success. Results from the past may differ from results in the present and future. Timestamps: Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro 00:11 - Background 00:44 - Cellframe Auctions 04:47 - Auction Procedure 05:45 - Cellframe Auction Rules 07:45 - Outro STUDIO GEAR: My camera: 🤍 My lens: 🤍 My microphone: 🤍 My computer: Ryzen 9-3900X 🤍 Asus ROG Strix X570 E-Gaming 🤍 My videocard: 🤍 My RAM: 🤍 Crucial MX500 500GB SSD: 🤍 Samsung 970 Evo NVMe 1TB: 🤍 Corsair RM750 (fully modular): 🤍 Cooler Master Masterbox MB511 RGB: 🤍 My monitor: 🤍 The Amazon links are affiliate links. Buying goods through these links will not cost you more money, but it will give me a commission. Artlist and Artgrid are affiliate links. Every purchase you make helps this channel without costing you more! Follow me on: Instagram: 🤍thestoryofrico Business contact: enterthevlogosphere🤍 #Cellframe #CellSlots $Cell

RE EDIT - "COPY+PASTE" how to modify, from clean installation of VERSION 2


Watch video example - copy paste actions 1) GlobalView Reaper _BR_UNSEL_ENV // SWS/BR: Unselect envelope GlobalView Reaper 40088 // Automation: Set all tracks automation mode to trim/read GlobalView /ClearModifiers GlobalView GoHome // exits all other zones - goes tracks and busses zone GlobalView Reaper 40454 // window set 1 - TCP minised GlobalView Reaper _XENAKIOS_SETMASTVOLTO0 // Xenakios/SWS: Set master volume to 0 dB GlobalView Reaper _SWS_HIDEMASTER // SWS: Hide master track in track control panel GlobalView Reaper _S&M_WNCLS3 // SWS/S&M: Close all floating FX windows GlobalView Reaper _S&M_WNCLS4 // SWS/S&M: Close all FX chain windows GlobalView Reaper _SWSTL_SHOWALL // SWS: Show all tracks GlobalView Reaper 41150 // Hide all envelopes for all tracks GlobalView Reaper _RS8a2f5d17e78c47e7dcdbd1fda74079a421864e69 // Script: Archie_View; Zoom TCP and Arrange to fit screen.lua 2) /ADD PREV/NEXT TRACK KEEPING SELECTION Shift+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper _XENAKIOS_SELNEXTTRACKKEEP //Xenakios/SWS: Select next tracks, keeping current selection Shift+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper _XENAKIOS_SELPREVTRACKKEEP //Xenakios/SWS: Select previous tracks, keeping current selection Shift+Control+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper _XENAKIOS_SELNEXTTRACKKEEP //Xenakios/SWS: Select next tracks, keeping current selection Shift+Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper _XENAKIOS_SELPREVTRACKKEEP //Xenakios/SWS: Select previous tracks, keeping current selection / SELECT PREV/NEXT TRACK Control+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper 40454 // load window set 1 =OVERVIEW ARRANGE Control+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper _SWSTL_SHOWALL // SWS: Show all tracks Control+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper _RS7f03244a6e42645c1ca8238d51aa4d3366f28074 // Script: X-Raym_Reset all tracks to default TCP height.lua Control+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper 40285 // Track: Go to next track Control+JogWheelRotaryCW TrackBank "1" Control+JogWheelRotaryCW Reaper 41150 // Envelope: Hide all envelopes for all tracks Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper 40454 // load window set 1 =OVERVIEW ARRANGE Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper _RS7f03244a6e42645c1ca8238d51aa4d3366f28074 // Script: X-Raym_Reset all tracks to default TCP height.lua Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper _SWSTL_SHOWALL // SWS: Show all tracks Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper 40286 // Track: Go to previous track Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW TrackBank "-1" Control+JogWheelRotaryCCW Reaper 41150 // Envelope: Hide all envelopes for all tracks 00:00 - INTRO MODIFYING CSI V2.. 01:17 - ADD" ENTER" as REFRESH ALL SURFACES 02:31 - HOME zone 03:07 - VIEW original "GlobalView" text 03:19 - DEMO GlobalView and Hold+GlobalView 03:39 - VIEW Modified GlobalView Text 05:58 - COPY/PASTE Modified over original GlobalView 06:23 - TRACK and selected track 07:31 - CONTROL+ROTARY| to TrackPanWidth 08:01 - CONTROL+ROTARYPUSH| to TrackPanWidth rev:mono:100 08:32 - ROTARYPUSH| Set "Pan" to centre 08:56 - VIEW - track zone - "select" options 09:00 - DEMO - "unique:range and add track" modifiers 09:24 - VIEW/DEMO Bank 8 and bank 1 09:35 - DEMO JOGWHEEL TRACK NAVIGATION 10:15 - COPY Shift+Control Jogwheel 10:31 - PASTE shift+control jogwheel 10:36 - MFM OUT



00:00 - INTRO - TEXT 00:05 - INTRO -sky 00:26 - resource pages 00:51 - MFMreaper - resources page 01:24 - Text Editors 02:19 - Where to find installer 03:05 - Download installer 03:23 - Where to put the folder+File 03:49 - Where/how to download reaper extensions 04:15 - SETUP CSI IN REAPER 06:07 - WHEN UPDATING CSI... 07:13 - LOOK AT CSI FOLDER CONTENTS 09:14 - LOOK AT CSI ZONES 09:15 - The track setup i'm using to demo 09:42 - "Global view" HOME zone 10:08 - "Global view" BUTTONS zone 10:30 - "TRACK" go SENDSLOT zone from BUTTONS zone 11:19 - "SEND" go SEND zone from BUTTONS zone 12:13 - "PLUGIN" go SELECTEDTRACKFXMENU zone from - BUTTONS zone 13:01 - "ROTARYPUSH" go FXSLOT from SELECTEDTRACKFXMENU zone 13:20 - "INSTRUMENT" go RECEIVE zone FROM BUTTONS zone 14:39 - QUICK LOOK AT REST OF BUTTONS 15:26 - CHANNEL zone 15:51 - "ROTARYPUSH" PANWIDTH zone from CHANNEL zone 16:24 - " SELECT" CHANNEL zone 16:43 - WIKI VCA MODE:SPILL 16:53 - " SELECT" CHANNEL zone add MODIFIERS 17:17 - " SELECT" CHANNEL zone - children tracks 17:51 - CHANNEL zone - Program : CHILDREN HIDE:SHOW 18:39 - "MASTER TRACK" ZONE 18:52 - "SELECTED TRACK" + "ZOOM" ZONES 19:16 - INSTALL MY CSI FOLDER OVER STOCK folder 19:53 - ENTER - program for refresh surfaces 21:06 - VOLUMES reset to 0.0 21:52 - ADD LIGHTS TO MODIFIERS 22:55 - FXzone temp EQ 24:32 - WHY TO BE CONSISTENT 25:45 - THANK GEOFF! 🤍 🤍 EQ TEMPLATE: 🤍

Manjaro Architect - Install Your Own Manjaro Distro


Had to give this a gos as Manjaro is probably the most popular Arch based distro out there. Be warned though, I had major problems with the Manjaro Architect iso, so eventually downloaded Manjaro XFCE live and used architect from there. End result? It worked! One more choice in a sea of choices maybe, but if you like Manajro and enjoy tinkering under the hood this may be just the thing. I hope you enjoy the video :-) If you enjoy my channel and/or find it useful, you can support me in a number of ways. 1. If you would like to become a Patron, my page is here: 🤍 2. If you would like to order OTB merchandise, I now have a Spreadshirt shop and a Teespring shop: 🤍 🤍 3. if you want to buy me a beer, I've now launched my new website and you'll find a PayPal button for that very purpose: 🤍 If you chose any of the above options you will be helping to keep the channel going and I am extremely grateful. You can also join me on the following: To join LBRY please click the link below. As a disclaimer, I will earn LBRY points if you use the link so thanks for the support 🤍 To join the OldTechBloke Facebook group click here: 🤍 To join the OldTechBloke subreddit click here: 🤍 To view my GitLab repo: 🤍 Ramble On!

Wikispaces - Notifiy Me


If you have a tutorial request, please let us know in the comments section or by contacting us at 🤍 and we will make your tutorial for free. In this tutorial you will learn how to set get a wiki page to notify you of any changes and how to add discussions to a wiki page, even if you are not a member of that wiki.

TEZOS - What is it? Should you buy the dip?


In my opinion, Tezos is vastly underrated and not as popular as this blockchain deserves. In this video, I give an overview of Tezos, its functionalities and governance capabilities. Should you stock up on Tezos while the prize is so low? Like & Subscribe! Follow me on social media: Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Telegram: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 NOT FINANCIAL, LEGAL, OR TAX ADVICE! JUST OPINION! I AM NOT AN EXPERT! I DO NOT GUARANTEE A PARTICULAR OUTCOME I HAVE NO INSIDE KNOWLEDGE! YOU NEED TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS! THIS IS JUST EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT! This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities. Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any time. This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research. *The channel is not responsible for the performance of sponsors and affiliates.

Retroid Pocket 2 In-Depth Review


I've had my Retroid Pocket 2 for about a month now, so I think it's time to share my final thoughts on the device. Buy one here: 🤍 Read the written review here: 🤍 Retro handheld buyer's guide: 🤍 N64 configuration tips: 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 introduction 00:58 hardware breakdown 02:45 supported game systems 04:30 button feel and comparison 9:44 startup time and thoughts 11:31 RetroArch tips and tricks 16:44 MAME and Saturn showcase 17:49 achievements and integer scaling 19:08 NDS, PSP, N64 21:16 Steam Link 24:31 review and conslusion If you’d like to support my channel, please consider becoming a Patron: 🤍 Intro theme song sampled from "Hexadecimal Genome" by Bit Shifter: 🤍 #RP2 #RetroidPocket2 #Review

Ferramentas EFICIENTÍSSIMAS Para Estudar Inglês!


Conheça algumas ferramentas EFICIENTÍSSIMAS para estudar inglês! Sites para obter as frases para estudar: - 🤍 - 🤍 Link com as listas de frases das 100 palavras mais comuns no inglês e seus derivados: 🤍 Podem baixar o QUIZLET e QUIZWORD na PlayStore e AppleStore, o ANKI pode ser baixado na PlayStore. Obs: O Anki é gratuito somente para Android, caso tenham um Iphone, podem instalar ele no computador por meio do link: 🤍

«Վերնատուն»․ Ինչպե՞ս է գործում հայերեն Վիքիպեդիան․ կանոնակարգից մինչև փիլիսոփայություն 11.03.2020


Համացանցում տեղեկատվություն փնտրելիս առաջինը տեսանելի ու հասանելի է Վիքիպեդիան։ Ի՞նչ սկզբունքներով է աշխատում հայերեն Վիքիպեդիան, ինչպե՞ս է կարգավորվում քանակը, որակն ու հավաստիությունը։ Ինչպե՞ս է որոշվում հոդվածի կարևորությունը և ո՞րն է համարվում Վիքիպեդիայի համար հեղինակավոր աղբյուր։ Զրույց «Վիքիմեդիա Հայաստան» գիտակրթական կազմակերպության համահիմնադիր Մհեր Բեքարյանի հետ։

DJ Snake & Lauv - "A Different Way" (Beau Collins & DJ MiLK™ Remix) **VISUALIZER**


When I discovered that DJ Snake and Lauv had done a collab together, I was instantly on the hunt to find the song. The original mix is so beautifully constructed and the melancholy lyrics unseemingly flow with the upbeat tempo. After getting the single, the remixes also blew my mind - specifically this mix by Beau Collins. However, the background chant that is highlighted after the chorus was missing from the remix. I snuck it back into the mix featured here and feel it rounds out this version of the song. Please enjoy this HD remix and colorful visualizer! FULL MUSIC VISUALIZER PLAYLIST HERE: 🤍 _ [below extracted from their wiki page] "A Different Way" is a song by French DJ and record producer DJ Snake, featuring vocals from American musician Lauv. It was released in late 2017 and was written by DJ Snake, Lindy Robbins, Ilsey Juber, Ed Sheeran, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac, with production handled by DJ Snake. DJ Snake, is a French record producer, DJ and songwriter, first achieving international recognition in 2013 by releasing an instrumentation-orientated single called "Turn Down for What" (featuring Lil Jon). In April 2014, DJ Snake was labeled as an "Artist to Watch" by FoxWeekly. He and Dillon Francis were announced as alternating supporting artists for the summer Mothership Tour 2014 with SKRILLEX. In March 2018, Billboard named DJ Snake as number nine on their 2018 ranking of dance musicians titled "Billboard Dance 100". Lauv, is an American singer and musician, best known for his breakout hit "I Like Me Better"; included in his compilation album "I Met You When I Was 18 (The Playlist)", which was released in 2018. His debut album, "How I'm Feeling", was released on March 6, 2020, and debuted at number 16 on the US Billboard 200. Lauv has also written songs for other artists such as "Boys" by Charli XCX and "No Promises" by Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato. _ No copyright infringement intended. All rights belong to the recording artists and labels. For entertainment purposes only. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel "mike kling" 🤍 for OVER 100 playlists of 80s music faves and current radio hits too - Thanks!

Boost your teamwork with Randoris by Philippe Bourgau


Subscribe to Devoxx on YouTube 🤍 🤍 Like Devoxx on Facebook 🤍 🤍 Follow Devoxx on Twitter 🤍 🤍 The Coding Dojo was invented to spread TDD in the development community. It turns out that coding dojos can be used to learn almost any programming technique, and not only TDD. Its Randori flavor, where everyone collaborates through the same keyboard, is less known but features many benefits. Practiced regularly, it strengthens teamwork skills like active listening, egoless programming, code review, pair programming, mob programming and coding conventions. I’ll quickly explain how to setup your own Randori in order to improve your team on all these aspects. Philippe Bourgau From Murex Sustainable productivity coach and developer. I help development teams to achieve sustainable productivity by adapting eXtreme Programming to their context and special difficulties. I am currently technical coach at Murex.

Create a GitHub Wiki For User Experience Interviews


Our initial backlog has dwindled down to almost nothing. So what do we do next? In this video we take a step back from active coding and talk about the approach. In our project we want to deliver value to our users, but how do you figure out what that value is. The first step on that path is to understand our users. I personally know a lot about the subject matter (a good idea for a solo project), but I have biases, idiosyncrasies and blind spots. What we want to do is find out how other users do table-top role-playing. Do they use digital tools? If so, which ones and how do they use them? What are their pain points and gaps that might not be provided well? Unless seed capital magically falls from the sky, we are not going to have the resources to outdo the established players in the role-playing management space. By interviewing users, perhaps we can discover a niche that other products aren't providing. Since this is first-and-foremost an educational endeavor, it's okay to overlap some of the features that the established products have, but the input of our users should weigh heavily when it comes to prioritizing features. We decide to make a Wiki for the GitHub project and create a home page, a user experience page, and a user experience initial interview page. This video covers: 00:00:12 Introduction 00:01:59 Doing your own usability and T-shaped skills 00:03:39 Code what you know, but get the perspectives of other potential users 00:05:00 Recommendation of Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug 00:06:45 The initial research goal: discovery of current state and lay of the land 00:09:30 Overview of the questionnaire 00:11:08 Create our first Wiki page, a home page 00:18:33 Create a user experience Wiki page 00:20:46 Create user experience questionnaire 00:29:00 Close the GitHub issue #ruby #rails7 #rails #rubyonrails #screencast #github #opensource #agile #NerdDice #DnD #roleplaying #softwaredevelopment #learntocode #uxd #uxr #userexperienceresearch #usability #stevekrug #dontmakemethink #notrocketsurgery #wiki See other related StatelessCode videos: - Why Rails in the 2020s? 🤍 - Why Stateless Code? playlist 🤍 Resources that we relied upon for this solution: - Don't Make Me Think, Revisited by Steve Krug 🤍 Link to the Wiki: 🤍 This video is CC0 - No rights reserved. (YouTube doesn't allow this option when publishing.) All code is released under the UNLICENSE. Stateless Code denies the concept of "intellectual property". Copying is not stealing.

NEWS: Transformers: Earth Wars - Calm Waters


And now, the news. Don't touch that dial! Join me for all the details of this week's upcoming event in Transformers: Earth Wars! We're also taking a look at some toy reveals from the new line that is following Siege - Transformers: War For Cybertron: Earthrise! Support the stream: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Join NonToxic Gamers on BAND: 🤍 More Nontoxic Gamers: Apok: 🤍 Moon City: 🤍 Souljiah: 🤍

OCPREG18 - Telco Project Overview


Craig White

What's The Difference Between A SharePoint Web Part Page, Wiki Page, And Site Page?


Watch to learn the difference between the different types of pages you can create in SharePoint Online. #SharePoint #Microsoft365 #SitePages

Newton's method and Omega Constant


Start learning today such as the Newton's method, click 🤍 to check out First 200 people to sign up will get 20% off your annual premium subscription! Newton's Method: 🤍 🔑 If you enjoy my videos, then you can click here to subscribe 🤍 🏬 Shop math t-shirt & hoodies: 🤍 10% off with the code "TEESPRINGWELCOME10" 😎 IG: 🤍 ☀️ Twitter: 🤍 Equipment: 👉 Expo Markers (black, red, blue): 🤍 👉 The whiteboard: 🤍 👉 Ultimate Integrals On Your Wall: 🤍 - *Thanks to ALL my lovely patrons for supporting my channel and believing in what I do* AP-IP Ben Delo Marcelo Silva Ehud Ezra 3blue1brown Joseph DeStefano Mark Mann Philippe Zivan Sussholz AlkanKondo89 Adam Quentin Colley Gary Tugan Stephen Stofka Alex Dodge Gary Huntress Alison Hansel Delton Ding Klemens Christopher Ursich buda Vincent Poirier Toma Kolev Tibees Bob Maxell A.B.C Cristian Navarro Jan Bormans Galios Theorist Robert Sundling Stuart Wurtman Nick S William O'Corrigan Ron Jensen Patapom Daniel Kahn Lea Denise James Steven Ridgway Jason Bucata Mirko Schultz xeioex Jean-Manuel Izaret Jason Clement robert huff Julian Moik Hiu Fung Lam Ronald Bryant Jan Řehák Robert Toltowicz Angel Marchev, Jr. Antonio Luiz Brandao SquadriWilliam Laderer Natasha Caron Yevonnael Andrew Angel Marchev Sam Padilla ScienceBro Ryan Bingham Papa Fassi Hoang Nguyen Arun Iyengar Michael Miller Sandun Panthangi Skorj Olafsen - 💪 If you would also like to support this channel and have your name in the video description, then you could become my patron here 🤍 Thank you, blackpenredpen

The Record: How culturally diverse communities are using Wikipedia


In February 2023, Wikimedia Australia hosted a night of presentations on how Wikipedia and sister projects like Wikimedia Commons are being used by culturally diverse communities from Australia and around the world. 0:00 Introductions by James Gaunt, Wikimedia Australia 2:58 Introduction to Wikimedia, James Gaunt 9:11 Rhianna Patrick introduction to Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt 10:40 Securing Our Archives Before 2025, Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt, First Nations Media 31:04 Rhianna Patrick introduction to Sophia Amore Coghini 31:40 Pasifika Arts Aotearoa WikiProject, Sophia Amore Coghini 46:59 Rhianna Patrick introduction to Olaniyan Ishola Olushola 48:00 Nigeria Oral Language Documentation, Olaniyan Ishola Olushola, Wikimedia Nigeria About our presenters: Rhianna Patrick is a Torres Strait Islander freelance journalist, broadcaster and audio content creator. She is moderating tonights session. Follow her on Instagram: 🤍 Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt is a Lardil man from Gununa (Mornington Island) is Digitisation Coordinator for First Nations Media Australia, and has worked predominantly in First Nations media for over 20 years. Find more about First Nations Media: 🤍 Sophia Amore Coghini has worked on projects to increase Wikipedia editing knowledge about Pacific Island artists in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Find more about the project: 🤍 Olaniyan Ishola Olushola of Wikimedia Nigeria User Group who are recording audiovisual of oral history of languages spoken in Nigeria as part of their Nigerian Language Oral History Documentation Project. Find more about Wikimedia Nigeria: 🤍 Wikimedia Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts partnered on 'The Record - Australian Music on Wikipedia' a project which aims to increase the visibility of Australian content on Wikipedia and make it easier for global audiences to discover great Australian music. This presentation was created as part of The Record project. For more information please see: 🤍

🦸🏼‍♀️🦸🦸🏽‍♂️ Return of The Security Champions! Ep. 1/2


This meetup takes two episodes to discuss the theory and the practice of security champions. In this first one Marcos Valle [Glovo!] speaks about the theory and also shares his experiences learned on the front lines. Alexander, Davide, Julia, Péter and Timur will reflect on the main speaker interactively. Marcos explains the upcoming version 2.0 of the Security Champions Playbook project by bringing new ideas when going through the 6-steps approach for implementing the program. From myths and pitfalls to training and continuous engagement strategies. 00:00 Intro by the chapter 5:45 The presentation by Marcos 1:00:00 The panel discussion It was a live event recorded at Jitsi. Full description at: 🤍 The next episode by Julia: 🤍 Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

T-DOSE 2009 Open Source, Ludovic Dubost, Next-Gen Wikis, Mixing Content-Oriented Apps with Wikis


🤍 🤍 zo 04 okt 2009 T-DOSE Ludovic Dubost Next-Gen Wikis, Mixing Content-Oriented Applications with Wikis T-DOSE Its a free and yearly event held in The Netherlands to promote use and development of Open Source Software. During this event Open Source projects, developers and visitors can exchange ideas and knowledge, at the Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven.

Building free software communities


by Leandro Gómez At: DebConf12 🤍 Room: Roberto Terán Scheduled start: 2012-07-09 18:00:00

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