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Shouldn't sea levels have risen by now?


Try Dashlane here: 🤍 Get 10% off now with my promo code: simonclark ! In this video I answer the question: 'isn't climate change supposed to have risen sea levels by now?' by looking at one dataset in some detail, and reviewing the scientific literature. Also: Kevin Costner's Waterworld. My video on stopping climate change: 🤍 This video was light on the potential impacts of sea level rise. I wanted to focus specifically on the perception that sea levels have not changed, and spend time on the data. If you’re interested in the potential impacts then 🤍 is a must read. Anthropogenic climate change (AGW) is a fickle bit of science, and like much of environmental science sometimes changes on (relatively) long timescales and global extent can hide in plain sight. That seems to be the case with sea level rise. The data is very clear: sea levels have been rising faster and faster over the past century, and this is not caused by natural variability. Humanity's carbon emissions are radiatively forcing the planet, causing net warming and so thermal expansion of the oceans and melting of ice sheets. It appears that this is going to become more and more painfully obvious as this century wears on, and so the sooner we take action the better. REFERENCES/FOOTNOTES (1) Church and White (2011) 🤍 (2) This figure from 🤍 created by Robert Rohde based on data from Fleming et al. 1998, Fleming 2000, and Milne et al. 2005 (3) There are many excellent resources online about Milankovitch cycles. In this instance, the wiki is a good introduction: 🤍 (4) Gross scale annual reconstruction of Greenland temperatures using data from Buizert et al (2018) 🤍 The enormous anomalous warming circa 15kya is the Bølling-Allerød interstadial, likely caused by changes in the AMOC 🤍 (5) This figure taken from 🤍 (6) This rate calculated based on the year to year (backward step) finite difference gradient of annual average data from (1), averaged over 30 years. (7) See 🤍 100*(~1/1370) is less than 0.1%) (8) Current data 🤍 Yes, of course, this rise is caused by humans: 🤍 (9) 🤍 (10) IPCC AR5 WG1 chapter 13 🤍 (11) Though sometimes the timeframe of long term predictions is unclear, e.g. 🤍 leading to hyperbolic interpretations. (12) This figure taken from 🤍 which is a recommended read. (13) 🤍 (14) 🤍 II You can support the channel by donating at 🤍 Check out my website! 🤍 II My twitter - 🤍 My facebook - 🤍 My insta - 🤍 My goodreads - 🤍 II Music by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Stock footage provided by Bigstock: 🤍 Huge thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Alastair Fortune, Anne Smith, Ben McMurtry, bitreign33, Caitlin Louise, Charles Bray, Dan Hanvey, David Efird, Ethan Fuller, Filip Kermit Prick, James Bridges, jawad alalasi, Jay Wright, Jia Xin Peng, Jonathan Trimble, Julian Guggenberger, Kendall Hendrix, Kendra Johnson, Kodzo, Lachlan Woods, Leighton Mackenzie, Liam, Louis Gillet, Mark Anthony Magro, Martin Hermes, Mat Allen, Matthias Loos, Michael Phillips, Mike Wooldridge, Omar Miranda, Paul Everitt, Rory Healy, Ryke Allen, Scott Cassidy, Thusto, Tiarna Pepall, Tim Boxall, Wendover Productions

IMPROVE the FamilySearch Wiki - Professional Genealogist's Tool


Do you have suggestions for the FamilySearch Wiki? Watch to learn how you can edit the details on this free genealogy research guide. You'll never have to create one for yourself! How much do you know about the FamilySearch Wiki? 👉🏼 🤍 CONTINUE LEARNING 📓 Show Notes: Suggest Edit for FamilySearch Wiki 🤍 📓 Editing the FamilySearch Wiki 🤍 📓 Editing a FamilySearch Wiki Page 🤍 📓 Wiki University 🤍 📺 FamilySearch: Tips for Experienced Genealogists 🤍 ↪️ Grab your FREE genealogy research guides and templates at 🤍 ⚡ Want to grow your family tree faster? Join our membership program. 🤍 📗 Like to read? Check out these books 🤍 CHAPTERS 00:00 Introduction 00:33 What is a research guide? 01:07 An Overview of Editing FamilySearch Wiki Pages 03:53 How to Get Help When Editing 04:03 How to Change a FamilySearch Wiki Page 09:07 Add Additional Changes a Wiki Page 11:00 Submit Changes to the Wiki ✅ Let's connect: ✔️ Subscribe for more genealogy tips: 🤍 ✔️ Website: 🤍 ✔️ Share Video Ideas: 🤍 #FamilySearch #FamilyHistoryFanatics #genealogy

Mele Kalikimaka - Bing Crosby - HD Audio


Mele Kalikimaka - Bing Crosby 🤍 Merry Christmas!

Contributing on BlackBoard


This video tutorial shows students how to use BlackBoard to post blogs, wiki entries, discussion board threads, and journal entries, and describes possible uses for each one.

How to Create a Living Dictionary: A Tutorial with Living Tongues Institute


Living Dictionaries are mobile-friendly web tools that support endangered, threatened, under-represented and diasporic languages. This web tutorial was facilitated by Anna Luisa Daigneault (Living Tongues Program Director), Dr. Greg Anderson (Director of Living Tongues) with guest Mohammed Sadat Abdulai (a Dagbani language activist based in Ghana). We covered the following: - How to create a new Living Dictionary on 🤍 - How to add word and phrases, audio, images and more - Examples from existing Living Dictionaries - An overview of our latest features, described here: 🤍 - A discussion about customization, importing existing data from a template, and how to translate the dictionary interface itself into different languages Thanks for watching! Please support our work and help us protect linguistic diversity for generations to come. 🤍 About Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages: Our mission is to ensure language survival for generations to come. We support speakers who are saving their languages from extinction through activism, education, and technology. Our research teams document endangered languages and cultural practices, publish scientific studies, run digital training workshops to empower language activists, and collaborate with communities to create language resources that will serve as a basis for language revitalization. 🤍

Illustrating Identity: Tracing Art with Genealogy and Genealogy with Art


Looking for images of ancestors or historic figures? Trying to identify the locale in a painting? Follow New York Public Library's Philip Sutton as he employs genealogical resources and the Frick's renowned Photoarchive to research the lives of artists, explore the locations and people depicted in paintings, and search for images and information about historic persons.

How to Research Your DNA for Free Online


Genealogy can be an expensive hobby, especially when it comes to researching your DNA. Luckily, there are some great websites out there where you can analyze your data, get matches, and improve your understanding of DNA — all for free. Learn more: 🤍 UPLOAD TO MAJOR TESTING SITES: MyHeritage – 🤍 Living DNA – 🤍 Family Tree DNA – 🤍 THIRD PARTY SITES GEDmatch – 🤍 DNA Painter – 🤍 DNAgedcom – 🤍 COMPANY BLOGS Ancestry – 🤍 23andMe – 🤍 MyHeritage – 🤍 Living DNA – 🤍 Family Tree DNA – 🤍 INDEPENDENT BLOG YourDNAGuide – 🤍 DNAeXplained – 🤍 ISOGG Wiki – 🤍 Family Tree Magazine – 🤍 YOUTUBE VIDEOS Navigating the New GEDmatch Website (Beginner's Edition) from 🤍FamilyHistoryFanatics – 🤍 What is DNA Painter with Genetic Genealogist Blaine Bettinger from 🤍GenealogyGems – 🤍 📬 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 💻 Enroll in a Family Tree University online genealogy course: 🤍 🌐 Visit our Websites: 🤍 #genealogy #dna #familyhistory #website

A Brief History of Pi


Get 10% off Squarespace by following this link: 🤍 Check out my new website here! 🤍 Note that there's a huge amount about pi that I didn't cover in this video due to time - I didn't even mention proofs of it being irrational and transcendental, or why we call it pi! I chose to focus on the development of its approximation as a hook to teach the broader history of mathematics, rather than make this video an exhaustive list of facts. The wiki is a great place to learn more about the rest of the number's history and applications in maths and physics: 🤍 A few nitpicky things: - I made mistakes distinguishing between 'digits of pi calculated' and 'decimal points of pi calculated' in some sections, so it is possible that this error is elsewhere without me knowing. - Archimedes didn't do his approximation with squares, he started with hexagons and then increased the order of the polygon. I chose to present the zeroth order version of his algorithm using squares for simplicity, but note that this is not what he did. - Something which got lost from the final version of this video is my argument that during the Age of Enlightenment pi shifted from being a physical (measured) constant to a purely logical (theoretical) one. This then embodies the philosophical shift in society at the time. This is hinted at but not fully explained, so I thought I'd put this here. - Lastly, I am truly sorry for the pronunciations which I doubtlessly completely murdered in this video. At least I spared you my attempt at Chinese. I am hugely indebted to Alex Bellos and his excellent book Alex's Adventures in Numberland for the inspiration to make this video. There is an entire chapter of the book devoted to a broader but shallower discussion of pi and its history, which I highly recommend. You can support the channel by donating at 🤍 II Huge thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Dan Hanvey, David Efird, Elliot Conway, Robert Eldon, Syafiq Kay, Xavier Chesterfield, Jay Wright, Myles Kornfeld, Louis Gillet, Michael Phillips, Neudys Almonte, Fraser Birks, Martin Hermes, Anh Duong, Luca Schumann, Rhys Rickard-Frost, Cameron Matchett, Lachlan Woods, Tim Boxall, Simon Vaes, Gabriele Mozzicato, Jawad Alalasi, Gaia Frazao Nery, Kodzo, Josh Ruby, Claire Anthony, Eve Dillon, Rowan Gow, Matthias Loos, James Bridges, James Craig, Angela, Sanaa Al Derei, Mark Anthony Magro, Liam, Theresa Wang, Kieran Kelly, Wendover Productions, Kendra Johnson, Caitlin Louise. II Vlogs from Oxford students - 🤍 My twitter - 🤍 My facebook - 🤍 My insta - 🤍 My goodreads - 🤍 Thanks to Vlogbrothers for their sponsorship of this video. Money from the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck contributed to equipment used in this video.

Best Tips for Finding Family in Passenger Lists - Ancestry


Please click the SUBSCRIBE button to support this free show. Join me for "Elevenses with Lisa" live (episode 34) or watch the video replay and get the show notes after the live webinar. We'll cover top strategies for finding your ancestors in passenger lists at Ancestry. Whether your ancestors came through Ellis Island, Castle Garden or another port, their immigration records are loaded with valuable family history information. Learn how to find and decipher passenger lists at Ancestry.com to get the most family history information possible. We'll discuss: - how to search for immigration records - types of passenger list records available - deciphering the meaning of the passenger list information - understanding foreign language passenger lists - tips and tricks that ensure you get every bit of valuable immigration and naturalization information SHOW NOTES will be published at 🤍 within a few days of the live webinar. PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: Learn more and become a member at 🤍 SUPPORT: Would you please click the "Thumbs up" icon, and leave a comment / question? Thank you!! Grab your official Elevenses with Lisa mug and your favorite beverage and join Lisa Louise Cooke for a live show devoted to finding your family history! Email your questions to Lisa through the "Contact" tile on our home page: 🤍 Hear more from Lisa Louise Cooke on the Genealogy Gems Podcast, and website: 🤍 Please CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON so you won't miss a thing here at Genealogy Gems.

TMCC Genealogy - Norwegian Naming Traditions


Dana Kelly, Executive Director of the Norwegian American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library in Wisconsin provides a presentation on the Norwegian naming traditions and a discussion of Norwegian geography and how these are important to genealogy. The TMCC Library offers an Open Genealogy Lab each Friday, it's free, online and open to the public. TMCC Librarian Suzanne Malek welcomes in a new guest speaker as we explore a different genealogy topic each week. The views and opinions expressed by guests and lab participants are their own and their appearance does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. Views and opinions expressed by our guests or participants are their own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Board of Regents, the System or TMCC, or any of its officials.

Beginner Google Drive


2015 Jan 7 This series digs deeply into how to use Google Tools to support collaboration and feedback in junior, intermediate and senior classes. Session 1: Beginner Google Drive. This session focuses on getting started with Google Drive. Learn how to navigate Google Drive, create a file, share a file and use Google docs for collaboration. By the end of this session, participants should be able to create files, share files with students and provide feedback within files.

4 Your Information 5


4 Your Information 5 is presented by Collin Knopp-Schwyn and features presentations by Abby Norling-Ruggles, Rob Barbeau, Mike Fracentese, Talia Feldberg, Kev Berry, Chris Truini, Gabe Palisano, Abby Mahler, Landry Levine, David Lawson, Celeste Cahn, Michelle Drozdick, and Collin Knopp-Schwyn. This performance is presented as part of CyberTank, an initiative of The Tank, a nonprofit home for emerging artists based in New York City. For more info and to donate, visit us at 🤍

How to Find Free Genealogy! Free Ancestry Records, and more. Elevenses with Lisa


Elevenses with Lisa Episode 21 - All about free genealogy records, websites and research help! Get all the episodes at 🤍 SHOW NOTES: 🤍 In this episode you'll discover a wealth of free genealogy online resources. We'll cover: - how to find all the Ancestry.com free records - how to find free records at Findmypast - how to get free research help - how to find the best genealogy websites and records for free - how to get Google to search for genealogy records for you automatically for free - how to quickly find out if a record you have to pay for is also available for free somewhere else. Mentioned in this episode: FREE RECORDS AT ANCESTRY: 🤍 FREE RECORDS AT FINDMYPAST: 🤍 FREE RECORDS AT MYHERITAGE: 🤍 I love bringing valuable information like this to you. Please support this free show and keep it coming by using my links. These are affiliate links and we receive compensation when you make a purchase (at not additional cost to you.) Thank you! BOOK MENTIONED: 🤍 The Genealogist's Google Toolbox by Lisa Louise Cooke. SUPPORT: Would you please click the "Thumbs up" icon, and leave a comment / question? Thank you!! Grab your official Elevenses with Lisa mug and your favorite beverage and join Lisa Louise Cooke for a live show devoted to finding your family history! PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP: Learn more and become a member at 🤍 Email your questions to Lisa through the "Contact" tile on our home page: 🤍 Hear more from Lisa on the Genealogy Gems Podcast, and visit her website: 🤍

Genealogy for librarians: probate records


Probate records can be a genealogical gold mine for those tracing their families. Co-sponsored by the genealogy interest group of the Maine Library Association. The Maine State Library is temporarily closed for the corona virus pandemic, so we've taken our meetings virtual. Want to know more about genealogy at the Maine State Library or to sign up for notices of future events? Head over to 🤍

Building Knowledge of Web Search (2013)


Presenter: Ann Oro Location: Roselle Park, NJ USA 🤍njtechteacher Presentation Description: Students should not be expected to suddenly sit down and complete a research project when they are in grade school. Children need time to build and scaffold their experiences. This video shares projects I complete with students in first through eighth grade that take them from a children's dictionary scavenger hunt to learning to edit Wikipedia. One of the aspects that overwhelms students is that in addition to building a useful search query, they then have to go to the webpage and read the content in a sea of distracting links and screen cluttering ads. They need to be able to vet the information. In first grade, I give the students clues to find words in Little Explorer's Picture Dictionary online. We build the concept in second and third grade through a cloze activity in which they find missing words. The student research state information for teachers. In fourth and fifth grade, the students learn about Sweet Search 4 Me and Google. They use paper encyclopedias and fill in missing information online. They learn to bookmark and site sources. In middle school, the students dig into aspects website details to determine the authority, bias, content, and usability of the information. They take charge of their learning by researching and presenting on a topic for which they have written a proposal. We learn to use search databases to dig deeper into the information available on the Internet. The students learn to edit Wikipedia and build our school's entry. Additional Information: I work at a small PreK to eighth grade Catholic school in suburban New Jersey. I teach students as well as teachers. Additionally, I teach workshops aimed at promoting student learning with an emphasis on technology as a tool to various local teacher organizations. Blog: 🤍

Durham Branch Meeting -- 02, Feb, 2021


WikiTree: The Ins and Outs of a Global Family Tree, with Mags Gaulden




The Tech Effect: LIVE Webinar Episode 1 - Tips and Tricks


Welcome to the Tech Effect. In this Episode we will be looking at some important tips and tricks in Microsoft Teams hosted by Louis Triegaardt. If you missed this session please sign up online for the next episode at 🤍 CONNECT TO THE TECH EFFECT

Episode 88 New Stuff at Google Search and Criminal Records


NEWS:Findmypast.com🤍Findmypast.co.ukhas expanded its collection of British military records with the release of the Royal Marine Medal Roll 1914-1920.They have also announced their take over of 🤍worldvitalrecords.com.au It will be relaunched as 🤍findmypast.com.au (using this linked image helps makes this free podcast possible - thank you!)Ancestry has launched a new wiki that includes two books - The Source: A Guidebook to American Genealogy and Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources.  The wiki can be found at the Ancestry Wiki.The Family Search Wiki Ancestry also has announced that it plans on releasing Family Tree Maker for the Mac later this year.FamilySearchOver 300 Million new names have been added online at the FamilySearch Record Search Pilot1. Go to 🤍familysearch.org 2. Click Search Records3. Click Record Search PilotGenealogy GemsMy article Undercover Genealogy appears in the July 2010 issue of Family Tree MagazineSubscribe now in Amazon (and you'll also be supporting this free podcast - thank you!)For those of you searching in the United Kingdom:Upcoming Classes:I'm also teaching classes for Family Tree UniversityNext class:   Reverse Genealogy Starts:  May 10, 2010CLICK TO REGISTERI'm also now a contributing blogger for the Visit Salt Lake City website. Read my first post on Newspaper Research.My book Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies is now available for download to your iPad from the iBookstore!iPhone / iTouch / iPad users be sure and download the Genealogy Gems Podcast App MAILBOX:New Listener Blogs:Maria Northcote, Australia.  Wishful LinkingTry out the free Shapes tool for creating collages like Marie did🤍shapecollage.com Connie Williams, Califonia.  Constance CommentChalle Talbot wrote in asking about how to approach incorrect data in online family trees.  I have some thoughts on that. GEM: A Criminal PastInterview with author Ron Arons about his book Wanted! U.S. Criminal RecordsGEM: Google Look AlikesCheck out the new features of Google SearchBe sure and scroll all the way to the bottom of your search results page.Watch my video on the Google News TimelineBe sure and Subscribe for free to my YouTube channel while you are there!Related Search - in the search box type related:keyword Get your copy of the new DVD showing you how to harness the power of the free Google Earth program for your family history research(PC compatible only)

Back to School With Your ONS


Join us as we discuss learning styles, as well as tips and suggestions for learning opportunities found both online and offline. We also provide some thoughts on navigating the genealogy schoolyard so you get the most out of various learning opportunities.

NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program


A video that explains what the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program (NITARP) program is about.

A Word with Ward - Expedition to Loihi Seamount


Representative Gene wards specks with Brian T. Glazer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Oceanography, University of Hawaii at Manoa on the most recent expedition to Loihi Seamount in the summer of 2014. Contact: repward🤍capitol.hawaii.gov

Episode 55 - Census Records You've Probably Never Used But Should with Curt Witcher


Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 55 with Lisa Louise Cooke Download the FREE App 🤍GenealogyGems.com Published Dec 1, 2008 Welcome all the NEW listeners who discovered the show at the Family History Expo in Mesa, AZ. We're so glad you"re on board! Watch this video to learn how to use the free iTunes software (you don't need an iPod to use it!), and subscribe to this podcast for free. Then watch this video to learn more about how to use the podcast website. Family History Expos TV Watching Family History Expo TV is like your own Video Conference! If you were lucky enough to go you'll get to see the folks you may have missed and get refresher info from those you did hear, and if you weren't able to attend, this is your chance to get some great tips and ideas from the experts who were there. The next Family History Expo will be in St. George Feb 27 & 28, 2009 Lisa's Classes: Genealogy Podcasts 101What You Must Know To Save Your Research From DestructionGoogle: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems Part IGoogle: A Goldmine of Genealogy Gems Part II And while I was in Mesa AZ, I finally got a chance to sit down and interview Dick Eastman. Dick is always the one doing the interviewing and blogging, and I just thought it was about time I sat him down and got him to tell us his story. And you can hear that interview in it's entirety in Episode 5 of my other podcast Family History: Genealogy Made Easy. Subscribe for free to Family History: Genealogy Made Easy podcast in iTunes. I love getting to talk to genealogy experts up close and personal and I also have really gotten a lot out of going through the genealogy research process step-by-step. It's a great refresher for me as well as hopefully will help folks new to genealogy get started. It's a lot of fun! Fun at The Genealogy Gems News Blog The Genealogy Hoe Down featuring genealogy blogger Miriam Robbins Midkiff, Genealogy Podcaster DearMYRTLE, Family Tree Magazine Editor Allison Stacy, and managing editor Diane Haddad. Blog Post: Genealogists Run, Don't Walk, to Google! Houston Public Library's Fantastic Collection Coming Online. Listen to my interview with Susan Kaufman manager, Houston Public Library's Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research in the October 2008 episode of the Family Tree Magazine Podcast. Subscribe to The Family Tree Magazine Podcast free in iTunes. New at Ancestry: Search the U.S. City Directories database Sign up for the free Genealogy Gems Podcast Newsletter Calling all Norwegian researchers! The folks at Family Search are going to start indexing the 1875 Norway Census! In the first week of December, they will start indexing the 1875 Norway Census. This will be a large segment of the census for rural areas of Norway, but not the entire census. FamilySearch's Historical Family Reconstitution unit has joined forces with the University of Troms in Norway to complete this project. The university is indexing the census records for the urban areas of Norway. Pass the word along that anyone interested in Norwegian genealogical research is encouraged to help by volunteering as a FamilySearch indexer. New Google Gadgets: Age Difference CalculatorA Google Newspaper Achives Search GadgetThe Sirius People Finder Tombstone Calculator Gadget🤍siriusgenealogy.com Read Listener Phil Hayes's blog post about his musical mom Jeanne T. Lewis. GEM: Interview with Curt Witcher, of the Allen County Library I got a chance to talk to Curt while attending the Federation of Genealogy Societies Conference in Philadelphia, PA this last Sept. 2008. Curt explains about the wide range of census records that many genealogists aren't taking advantage of. Name That Tune! The Darktown Strutter Ball Sheet MusicThe Darktown Strutter Ball Sheet Music You can even watch Guy Lombardo and Royal Canadians doing the  Darktown Strutters Ball in the 1950s (video below). If you think you know the name of Mystery Song #3 that Lisa played on this podcast episode email the answer or call and leave the answer on the voice mail line at 925-272-4021 so your answer can be played on the show. A No Cost Way to Support the free Genealogy Gems Podcast. The holidays approaching and there's an easy way for you to get your online shopping done while supporting this show. By accessing websites like Amazon.com through the links on the Genealogy Gems homepage and throughout the website, Amazon gives The Genealogy Gems Podcast credit for your purchases. It doesn't cost you anything more, but by using the links on our website, you do a lot to help keep the free Genealogy Gems Podcast coming. Thank you! Visit the the Genealogy Gems YouTube Channel where you can watch lots of great genealogy themed videos. Join the Genealogy Gems Podcast fan page at Facebook. Catch up on what's...

Unlocking the Classroom: Maximizing the Potential of Open Educational Resources


As more research is conducted on the impact open educational resources (OER) have on the cost of higher education and on learning outcomes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that OER offer an effective alternative to traditional textbooks. However, use of OER remains relatively uncommon at four-year colleges and universities. In this presentation, David Wiley addresses challenges of OER adoption, discusses the transformational experience of creating renewable assignments that allow students to create and openly share content, and predicts what lies ahead for open education.

Moodle Like You Mean It


BYOD for Beginners


2014 Jan 30 Are you wondering how to start making use of the wide variety of devices students bring to class? Join this discussion about which digital tools support good teaching practices and help your students use their tools effectively and with purpose.

A discussion of issues in teaching and learning in virtual worlds led by Gary Motteram


This talk was a part of the Reviewing current and future practice in the use of virtual worlds in Higher Education event run at the University of Manchester University on 14 March 2014

@minhtam_ Instagram Story - Barbie Extra Dolls 11/18, 12/1, and 12/17/2020 (Copyright music removed)


The designer for the faces of the Barbie Extra Line Minh-Tam Nguyen sharing about the line on her Instagram story (🤍minhtam_). These stories were preserved from November 18th, December 1st and the 17th, 2020. Some stories might have been mixed up and are actually from the other designer Judy Choi instead. A portion of the music has been removed due to copyright. 🤍minhtam_'s Instagram: 🤍 🤍_judy.choi_'s Instagram: 🤍 🤍BarbieStyle Instagram: 🤍 🤍Barbie Instagram: 🤍 The Barbie Wiki is a developing encyclopedia about the iconic fashion doll Barbie! Visit and help us today at barbie.fandom.com/wiki/Barbie_Wiki!

Webinar - Collaboration: Organization Cooperation and Technology - 2012-03-15


Are you interested in learning how your organization can enhance their collaborative efforts? Watch our one hour webinar, Collaboration: Organization Cooperation and Technology to learn about collaboration strategies, examples and technologies. We first hear from Briggs Bomba about the collaborative efforts of the Zimbabwe Alliance. We then speak with TechSoup's Michael DeLong about online collaboration tools and resources.

Discovering Your Massachusetts Ancestors by Marian Pierre-Louis


From the arrival of the Pilgrims in 1620, Massachusetts has maintained some of the best-kept records for genealogists. This abundance has made it easier to research in the state. Even so, it's helpful to have a roadmap to cover almost 400 years of history. Join Marian Pierre-Louis as she provides an overview of researching in the Bay state and gets you on the right path to finding your Massachusetts ancestors. This webinar was broadcast live on January 18, 2012. It is now available on CD (90 minutes plus 4 pages of handouts) 🤍 Register (free) for future webinars at 🤍

4 Key Take-Aways - Harvard Business School Rant


Learn & Grow -&- 🤍 -&- 🤍

FIWARE Energy DAY Ed. 2 - Local Energy Communities and Their Contribution to the EU Green Deal


For the last few years, FIWARE Foundation has been supporting local energy communities, utilities, and energy services providers in pursuing innovation, and with the second edition of the FIWARE Energy DAY, it aims to present a programme featuring world-renowned speakers and experts, showcasing a series of exciting case studies demonstrating how easily local energy communities can develop and integrate new, innovative services in the grid. THE AGENDA 00:01 — Introduction (Gianluca Dianese, Vice-Chair, FIWARE Foundation Smart Energy Mission Support Committee, and Director at IDEASFORUM Innovation Hub) 06:41 — Moderator (Christian Jacobsson, Ph.D, Vice President Data Science & Analytics, Fortum) 11:34 — Keynote Speech: Moving at the Speed of Technology (Shuli Goodman, Ph.D, Executive Director, Linux Foundation Energy - Powering the Energy Transition) including 5 min. Q&A 33:18 — Expert Session: Social Energy Networks (Ana Trbovich, Ph.D, Co-Founder and COO, Grid Singularity; Co-Founder and Council Vice-Chair, Energy Web Foundation) including 5 min. Q&A 49:00 — FIWARE Insights (Prof. Antonello Monti, Chair, FIWARE Foundation Smart Energy Mission Support Committee and Institute Director, RWTH Aachen University) 01:01:38 —The Swedish Perspective and Its Focus on Human Needs (Ulrike Rahe, Professor in Industrial Design, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology - Sweden) 01:14:28 — Smart Energy: Digital Solutions for a Sustainable Energy Transition (Hans-Peter Knaust, Managing Director, Digital Services and Solutions, Engineering DSS GmbH - Germany) 01:26:08 — IoT-Enabled Microgrids: From Digitalisation to Decentralisation (Prof. Josep M. Guerrero, Director, Center for Research on Microgrids, CROM - Denmark) 01:36:19 — Panel Session (including Q&A session on the use cases) moderated by Prof. Antonello Monti 01:48:24 — Outlook and Closing Remarks by Cristina Brandtstetter (CMO, FIWARE Foundation)

Making Manufacturing Smarter: Mass Customisation


#MadeSmarterInnovation #ukmfg #manufacturing #MadeSmarter #smartfactory #MassCustomisation Scaling up to mass produce a product in line with specific customer’s needs and preferences is an art! In this webinar we explore strategies in adopting technological solutions to undertake this skill while keeping unit costs low. Speakers include EvenKeel Performance Insoles who manufacturer custom orthotic insoles, who saw an opportunity to use technology to drive consistency and efficiency across patient care, CAE Tech, a technology provider for mass customisation, AMO, a software company that offers a tool for selling bespoke products online. The speakers are joined by The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) who focus on delivering manufacturing system solutions through the collaboration between academia and industry. Make sure you are signed up to all the webinars in this series 🤍 Join the Made Smarter community and find out how your business can benefit from digital technology solutions for manufacturing at 🤍madesmarter.uk _ KTN exists to connect innovators with new partners and opportunities - together we can drive positive change. Find out more about KTN: 🤍 Follow us on SlideShare to find the slides from all KTN webcasts: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up to date with our latest videos: 🤍 Find us on LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook: 🤍KTNUK #KTNUK #Connecting4Change

🏆 Awards Ceremony | Hack Quarantine


Come and celebrate the achievements of everyone who took part in Hack Quarantine and find out which projects won! With tonnes of prizes available, find out if your team has been successful! Timestamps: 0:33 - Welcome 1:10 - Donations to WHO 1:40 - Quick showcase of projects 2:45 - Statistics 4:10 - Hacker testimonials 8:45 - Sponsors 9:02 - MLH prizes - Domain.com, MongoDB, Blockstack, Radar.io & UiPath 11:05 - Featured projects 15:37 - A message from Platter.dev 17:50 - Supporting at-risk or quarantined people winners - Sponsored by Twilio 18:48 - Tech and Health track winners 23:58 - Featured projects 31:20 - Top hacker showcase! 31:27 - Remote working - Sponsored by Platter.dev 36:45 - Improving awareness and behaviour - Sponsored by Capital One 37:40 - Best in show! 38:50 - Upcoming events 49:45 - Message from Hackathons UK 40:50 - Message from MLH 42:20 - Thank you! Songs: Song: You - Sebastian Alm Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: 🤍 Download: 🤍 Song: Us & Them - Color Parade Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: 🤍 Download: 🤍 Song: Dream Sequence - Koreskape & Mataio Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: 🤍 Download: 🤍 Song: Ghost in the Machine - Thomas Weiss Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: 🤍 Download: 🤍 Song: Mellowcat - Hreez Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: 🤍 Download: 🤍 Song: Freefall - Finesu Music provided by Ninety9Lives Video: 🤍 Download: 🤍

10 MORE Bearded Dragon Life Hacks!


im extra late and sick lol... Download Amino and search to join Reptiles Amino: 🤍 Follow me: Taylor Crane hey guys!! I hope you all enjoyed this BRAND NEW bearded dragon life hacks video! it took me only a year to make another one. anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this video and could use some of my hacks! let me know which animal you'd want to see next! love you guys and see you in the next video :) VIDEOS MENTIONED: MEAL PLAN - 🤍 BATHING WITH SOAP - 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat 🤍taylorcraneyt Instagram 🤍taylorcraneeee MERCHANDISE! 🤍 Music: Backbay Lounge- Kevin MacLeod SUNDAY MORNING by Nicolai Heidlas Music 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 Camera: Canon Rebel T6i Editing Software: iMovie

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