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Making a homemade disc sander


In this video I show how I made my own disc sander using a 1HP, 1400 rpm electric motor. Homemade router table: 🤍 Affiliate link for the Dowelmax doweling jig: 🤍 My email: duww🤍bigpond.com T-shirts: 🤍 Stickers: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

DIY Drill Powered Disc Sander


Make your own drill powered disc sander! Like these videos? Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Have a question? Hit me up on social media: Facebook & Instagram: 🤍oneminuteworkbench Twitter: 🤍oneminworkbench Buy the plans here: 🤍 Find more cool stuff at: 🤍 Music by Otis Mcdonald: 🤍 Drill Used: DeWalt D21008

Powerfull Disc sander Drill - FREEPLAN


#plywoodworking #discsander #DIY If you like The video Please Subscribe and share this channel!! DONT FORGET join on Plywoodworking Tips & Trick Group on FB !! easy for download FREEPLAN Follow Plywoodworking 🤍 🤍 I build a 10" drill powered disk sander. It is a powerful disk sander. All material Use HMR that wht more precison and durable. There is a miter sanding attachment and there is a circle sanding attachment. i use drill for this sander maybe look not powerfull but this is very powerfull than you think, that i why i combine with my speed controler for setup RPM. You can do beautiful woodwork with this great sanding machine. Subscribe and leave comment on bottom if there is any question or less obvious please leave it in comment field. Hope you like it and don't forget to like, share and SUBSCRIBE... Thanks - - Acoustic Inspiring Soft by RomanSenykMusic. Acoustic/Folk Instrumental by Hyde - Free Instrumentals Wondering - Atch 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 🔻 "Keys of Moon - White Petals" is under a Creative Commons (cc-by) license Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍 🔺

How To Make A 9 inch Disc Sander || Replaceable velcro Disc || Tilting Work Surface


Disc sanders are extremely useful tools in workshop used for rough shaping wood. I already made disc sanders in the past, but this was different. Most did not include a tilting work surface. This was a great design challenge that turned out better than I could have hoped! If you are looking for your own disc sander machine and not impressed with anything available for the price in market, a homemade disc sander may be for you. For Dimensions And More Information :- 🤍 Motor info... 0.5 hp Motor single phase 650 watts / 1440 rpm 9 inch (225mm) Sanding Paper Disc Buy Link :- 🤍 On Off Switch :- 🤍 BEST TOOLS BUY FOR YOUR WORKSHOP Dewalt 13mm Impact Drill Machine 🤍 18v Cordless Drill Driver Stanley 🤍 18v Cordless Hammer Drill/Driver Dewalt 🤍 Best Angle Grinder HI-KOKI 100mm 🤍 Best Angle Grinder Makita 100mm 🤍 Multi-Bits Set for Drill & Driver Accessory Kit 🤍 Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set 🤍 Visit My Official Website : 🤍 Facebook Page : 🤍 Thanks For Watching.. Hit Like & Subscribe Button..

【DIY】Homemade Disc Sander (12inch/300mm) / disc sander build


Disc sander is a very convenient processing machine. This video is a disc sander DIY. I made a 12 inch / 30 cm disc sander. Since it uses a general-purpose motor, it can be sanded powerfully. The general-purpose motor can be easily removed and replaced with another machine tool. Click here for the plan 🤍 12インチ・30cmのディスクサンダーを作りました。 汎用モーターを利用しているのでパワフルにサンディングすることが可能。 汎用モーターは簡単に取り外すことができ、他の工作機械に取り換えることが可能です。 プランはこちら 🤍

How To Make Disc Sander Machine || 12 inch/30cm || Velcro Sander || Cırtlı Disk Zımpara


Disc sander , Velcro Sander , 12 inch / 30 cm disc sander. Disc sanders are extremely useful tools in the workshop for shaping wood. If you want to make your own disc sander, this might be an example for you. i will show you step by step how to make a disc sander at home Disk zımparalar, ahşabı şekillendirmek için kullanılan atölyede son derece kullanışlı aletlerdir. Kendi disk zımpara makinenizi yapmak istiyorsanız bu size örnek olabilir size evde bir disk zımpara makinesinin nasıl yapıldığını adım adım göstereceğim #discsander #diskzımpara

Amazingly 2-way power drive DIY disc sander


I have improved the disc sander I made earlier so that it can be powered by a Makita battery. Of course, it is possible to replace it with a general-purpose motor simply by replacing the pulley. It is possible to sand more powerfully. Click here for the plan 🤍 This video is an update of a work I made in the past. Here is the original video. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Parkside Disc Sander from Lidl (PTSG 140 C2) - Testing & Review


Parkside Disc Sander from Lidl Model: PTSG 140 C2 - Unboxing, Testing & Review. An affordable small compact 140W Disc Sander To Subscribe to the Channel click here: 🤍 🤝 Help Support the Channel 🤝 ☕ Buy Me a Coffee: 🤍 * Catch me on Instagram: 🤍 (Check out the Channel Play Lists): * Woodworking & D.I.Y: 🤍 * Gardening & Plants: 🤍 * Workshop Build: 🤍 * Restoration Projects: 🤍 #sander #toolreviews #parkside Email : phillwyattoutdoors🤍hotmail.com

Tips with the Belt / Disc Sander from Eastwood


BUY The Sander Here: 🤍 Eastwood's Electric Bench Mount Belt / Disc Sander features a 4" x 36" Sanding Belt as well as a 6" Sanding Disc. This tool is idea for final finishing and deburring of fabricated parts. Its output is 1/2 HP requiring an input of 120 VAC at 4.3 Amps. It comes equipped with an 80 Grit Belt and 80 Grit Disc but other grits are offered as accessories. In this Episode of R&D Corner with Mark, he shows us some tips on how to cut perfect circles, how to file metal to eliminate the low spots as well as how to save threads on bolts . Mark also shows us the features of the Eastwood Belt / Disc Sander in this video.

Disc Sander Adjust | Tricks of the Trade


Fine-tuning a miter joint can be tricky, even with a disc sander to make things quicker. With a little help from some office supplies you can tweak the fit of your miter to perfection. For more PopWood Shop Tips, visit: 🤍

Making a 3 in 1 Sander Machine || Disc Sander || Drum Sander || Belt Sander


There is a plan in the video. The design is as simple as possible. It is very powerful. Disk sander 250 mm (9.8 inches) in diameter Drum sander Width 5 to 300 mm, thickness 5 to 45 mm Belt sander Belt length 915 mm (9.8 inches) Width 100 mm The disk sander has a grit size of #80 for roughing and the belt sander has a grit size of #400 for finishing and long materials.   How to make a portable drill press 🤍 How to make an angle grinder sliding cut jig 🤍 How to make a Circle Cutting Router Jig 🤍 Motor Brand: Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Type: TFO-KR 300W Screw terminal block Brand: Patlite (former Kasuga Denki) Model Number: T1002 Smart Plug Brand: Gosund Japan Model number: WP6-4 Pulley (Outer diameter 63.5mm) Brand: EBAON Model number: VP 2-1/2XA1D14M6 Pulley (Outer diameter 50.8mm) Brand: EVAON Model number: VP 2-XA1D12M6 V-belt type A (Standard) Brand: Mitsuboshi Belting Model No.: A35 Linear shaft (diameter 12mm) Bearing unit (Set screw type pillow type unit) Brand: KMT Model No.: KP001 Double-sided tape (peelable) Brand: Nitto Denko (Nitto) Model Number: 5000NS

DIY 20-inch Disc Sander Build. $2000 Tool, Cheap and Easy.


I make a disc sander attachment for my wood lathe using the faceplate I made in a previous video. There are many different ways this could be done. I chose MDF because it is flat, cheap and stable. And because I had some laying around... ;-) I put 2 coats of polyurethane on it, balanced it, and then stuck the paper on with excellent results. If you need a large disc sander and have a lathe, I highly recommend this mod. Sanding discs: 🤍 My lathe: 🤍 MERCH STORE!: 🤍farmcraft101.com Facebook: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Buy me a coffee- or a beer! 🤍

The Ultimate Disk Sander Build FULL PROCESS


In this video I solve every problem I've seen in the homemade disk sanders I've see here on YouTube. Including the one I made a few moths ago. I go over everything from the motor choice to the order of operations in order to make the perfect homemade disk sander. On top of that this is a limited tools project! Hey! Thanks for watching my video! It's my dream to grow this channel into something that can provide support me and my family. I don't have a Patreon or a SubscribeStar so the best way you can support me is to share the videos with as many people as you can. Posting on social medias, Reddit, or anywhere you think could help drive traffic. Also YouTube recognizes watch time over all else so every minute watched helps YouTube know that this content is worth pushing out. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of you who watch the videos, comment on each video and make everything this channel is possible. -// links to the products in the video\\ WEN Sandpaper Disk 🤍 Sand paper cleaning stick 🤍 -// $100 Beginner Woodworkers kit \\ Double-Sided Diamond Sharpening Plate 400/1000 Grit 🤍 32 in 1 Screwdriver Tool Set 🤍 Swpeet Powerful Speedy Hand Drill 1/4-Inch Capacity with 13Pcs Drill bits 🤍 Slim tper triangular saw hand file , Black Oxide Coating, 6" 🤍 Hand Saw, Wood Handle 🤍 3-piece Wood Chisel Set 🤍 3x18 Inches Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts , 21 Pack 🤍 Stanley coping Shaw ​🤍 Speed Square Layout Tool 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. (Amazon Affiliate links) -// Where to find me \\ Teespring store teespring.com/stores/aspiring-craftsman​ Instagram 🤍

Homemade Disc Sander / How to Make a Disk Sander


I purchased a couple of small electric motors at a garage sale that was just the thing I needed to build my own DIY disk sander. This workshop build turned out to be great little disc sander, especially for smaller pieces of wood, creating and wooden parts and just putting a finer touch on wooden boxes, wooden kitchen implements, and other small things and I am building and I'm even going to use this homemade disc sander for some tool sharpening jobs I have coming up. Oscillating Sander / Spindle Sander Upgrades and Tips: 🤍 Makita Cordless Disk Sander Review: 🤍 5 Quick Wood Sanding Tips and Tricks: 🤍 #Sander #DiscSander #DiskSander Chicago Die Casting 2123 Die Cast Hub: 🤍 Read the Full Article on How to Make a Disc Sander - 🤍 Amazon Store: 🤍 Subscribe here - 🤍 Like me at Facebook: 🤍 Visit the website: 🤍 Follow on Instagram - 🤍 Follow on Twitter: 🤍

Delta 6” Belt and 12" Disc Sander Model 52-614


DELTA 6” Belt & 12” Disc Sander Model 52-614 View Listing: 🤍 Small Tools Inventory #: S21777 Brand: Delta Type: Belt & Disc Sander Model: 52-614 Style: 93D12023 Belt Width: 6” Disc Diameter: 12” Belt Tilting Table: 7” x 15” Table Tilts: 0 – 20 Degrees Up; 0 – 45 Degrees Down Disc Table: 7” x 16” Table Tilts Up and Down: 0 – 45 Degrees Tracking Adjustment on Belt Dust Outlet: 3” Elect. Specs: 1-1/2 HP, 230/460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle Condition: Good Made in USA Small Tools Inc. 26470 Lakeland Blvd. Euclid, OH 44132 United States of America We buy and sell new, used, and reconditioned machinery and tooling. Toll Free: (800) 821-2674 Phone: (216) 732-5980 Email: sales🤍smalltools.com Website: 🤍 eBay Store: 🤍

Show and Tell: Manual Disk Sander for Modelmaking


We check out a mini disk sander designed for scale modelmaking, which separates itself from other small disk sanders by being manually crank powered. Ultimation's Sander may be ideal for precision sanding work that doesn't need high RPM speeds, and Norm uses it to clean up the excess flash of a small resin model kit. UItimation Sander: 🤍 Machination Studio model kits: 🤍 Shot by Josh Self and edited by Norman Chan Music by Jinglepunks Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks: 🤍 Subscribe for more videos (and click the bell for notifications): 🤍 Tested and Adam Savage Ts, stickers, (de) merit badges and more: 🤍 About Tested: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Amazon Storefront: 🤍 Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman Thanks for watching! #modelmaking

Why the Disc sander is so important for knifemaking


the fast track to making great knives! watch how to use a disc to speed up the finishing process of knifemaking! Spend some time behind a good disc sander and you will definitely need one. The 2x72 is the king in my shop and the disc is my Queen! These are some of my tips and tricks for using a disc sander and maybe one of the pitfalls for using a disc. If you want to buy me a cup of coffee click here! I REALLY appreciate it 🤍 This is the link for Empire Abrasives, be sure to enter AleeKnives at checkout for the discount that I was able to work out for you guys! 🤍 Here is the link for the Revolution Grinder! 🤍 Click here to see more knife making build videos 🤍 Click here to check out the Tutorials! 🤍 Click here to subscribe to the channel! 🤍 Visit my online store to purchase available knives! 🤍 These are affiliate links for you to use, this channel receives a commission at no cost to you! Links for knife making Materials! Easy to heat treat 1084 steel bar stock = 🤍 Easy to heat treat 1095 steel bar stock = 🤍 1/8th inch brass pin stock = 🤍 Ironwood handle scales = 🤍 2 part Epoxy that I use = 🤍 Here are the links to my shop Power Tools! Dewalt cordless drill = 🤍 Bosch 4 1/2 inch angle grinder = 🤍 Ryobi drill press = 🤍 Skilsaw portable tablesaw = 🤍 Black and Decker jigsaw = 🤍 Dremel kit = 🤍 Shop Vac dust collection = 🤍 WEN bandsaw = 🤍 Bosch plunge router = 🤍 Shop Heater = 🤍 Hobart Handler Mig Welder with gas kit = 🤍 Spot welder = 🤍 Lotos Plasma cutter = 🤍 Good starter gas forge = 🤍 Wood Stabilizing Supplies link! Vacuum chamber with pump = 🤍 Cactus juice stabilizer fluid = 🤍 Toaster oven for curing wood = 🤍 My most used Hand Tool links! Mitutoyo calipers = 🤍 Mitutoyo outside micrometer = 🤍 Machinist squares = 🤍 Height gage = 🤍 Granite surface plate = 🤍 1-2-3 Blocks = 🤍 Metal Rulers = 🤍 2x72 hogging 40 grit AO belts = 🤍 2x72 Norton Blaze 36 grit ceramic belts = 🤍 3M Respirator = 🤍 Blue Dykem layout fluid = 🤍 #DiscSander #KnifeMaker #Aleeknives

Building Disk Sander Attachment on a Lathe, Great Way to save Money for Tools!!


Hello, at this I decided to build disk sander attachment on my lathe and share my experience with you. I reuse some plywood scraps and get really great tool for workshop, as I hate sanding thats became one of my favorite tool;) #craftydude

Convert Disc Sander To Use Hook-And-Loop (Velcro) Sanding Discs!


Convert your Disc Sander from PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) sanding discs to Hook-And-Loop sanding discs - it's easy! Project Website: 🤍 All Products featured in my videos: 🤍 Products featured in this video: PSA to Hook Adaptor for Disc Sanders (2Sand): 🤍 Rubber Roller: 🤍 Sanding Discs (Hook & Loop) - 6" x 80 (Dura-Gold): 🤍 Belt & Disc Sander (Wen): 🤍

How to make a disc sander at home workshop. Walkthrough! | Woodworking Idea


In this how-to video, we'll show you step-by-step how to build a disc sander at home. This workshop is perfect for beginners who want to learn about woodworking, or for anyone who wants to upgrade their woodworking skills! This disc sander is a great beginner woodworking project, and we'll walk you through every step of the build. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced woodworker, this workshop is a great way to get started with disc sanding. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to the channel! Instagramm 🤍 Дзен 🤍 Facebook 🤍

4 affordable sanders that will take your woodworking to the next level


These sanders will make your time in the shop more efficient and you will get better results, but if you're just starting out, a random orbit sander alone is essential and will serve you well. ►► Looking for a meaningful, productive hobby? Learn how to get started woodworking and set up shop for less than $1000. Download my FREE GUIDE ► 🤍 TOOLS IN THIS VIDEO: Here's the spindle sander I use ► 🤍 My detail sander, the Black & Decker mouse. I LOVE this sander ► 🤍 They don't make my Delta disc/strip sander anymore, but I would consider this one ► 🤍 I've used this B&D handheld belt sander and gotten good results with it and it's very affordable ► 🤍 Work safe with a Microjig GRR-RIPPER ►► 🤍 PATREON ►► 🤍 TOOLS I USE► 🤍 WWMM T-SHIRTS► 🤍 FACEBOOK► 🤍 INSTAGRAM► 🤍 MAILING ADDRESS: WWMM 448 Ignacio Blvd. #237 Novato CA 94949 Woodworking for Mere Mortals® is a registered trademark of ZRAM Media, LLC. #woodworking #powertools #sanding

#5 Main Tool for Shipmodeling - DISC SANDER - the Proxxon and Ultimation examples


#olhabatchvarov #shipmodelersworkshop If you already have a table saw, the next tool is a disc sander. In this video I will show two different tools. One is electric (PROXXON Disc Sander TG 125/E) and the other is a manual Disc Sander (Ultimation Modeling Tools)... * Якщо у вас вже є настільна циркулярка, наступним інструментом буде дисковий шліфувальний станок. У цьому відео я покажу два різні інструменти. Один електричний (PROXXON TG 125/E), а інший ручний шліфувальний станок (Ultimation Modeling Tools)... 🎞PROXXON Disc Sander TG 125/E: 🤍 🎞Ultimation Modeling Tools: 🤍 Where to buy/Де купити: ⚓️Ultimation hand powered Disc Sander: 🤍 ⚓️PROXXON Disc Sander TG 125/E: 🤍 🎞#1 - Rotary tool: 🤍 🎞#2 - Soldering Iron: 🤍 🎞#3 - ROPEWALK: 🤍 🎞#4 - Table Saw: 🤍 🔴Channel's main page: 🤍 🔔Subscribe to the channel - not to miss any issue: 🤍 💰You can thank me for filming and editing this video in the form of "LIKES", clicking the "THANKS" button under the video or become a member of the channel here: 🤍 🔥Official channel website: 🤍 📨Contact me: 🤍 ⛵️GALLERY of my models: 🤍 #perfektworkshop #shipmodeling #shipmodelbuilding #modelismonaval

Awesome DIY Disc Sander. Part 1 of 2. Casting And Machining!


In this two part video series I will build a disc sander out of recycled materials such as some aluminum ingots I casted in a previous video, a really old washing machine motor and some thick steel tubing and plates. The second part will be uploaded next week! Please like, comment, share and subscribe if you haven't already! ★Social Media★ Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Google+ ► 🤍 ★Music★ Perséphone - Retro Funky (SUNDANCE remix) 🤍 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license 3.0 ★Other tools I made★ 2 x 72 Bel Grinder ► 🤍 ★Casting related video★ Targaryen Sigil ► 🤍 Homemade Crucible ► 🤍 Aluminum Ingots ► 🤍 Casted Knobs ► 🤍 ★Last week video★ 🤍 ★Next week video★ 🤍

The REAL Difference In This Cheap vs. Expensive Tool!


Join me today for a comparison between the Jet combination belt and disc sander vs. the Harbor Freight combination sander. Thanks for Watching! 👇👇👇👇 Tool Links! Jet: 🤍 Harbor Freight: 🤍 _ Subscribe: 🤍 Music: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 _ 🔴 Recommended Videos: 🔴 10 Tools less than $10 on Amazon: 🤍 🔴 Testing the cheapest pneumatic nail remover on Amazon: 🤍 My Favorite Tools: Wood is Good 20 Ounce Mallet 🤍 Wood is Good 18 Ounce Mallet 🤍 Wood is Good 30 Ounce Mallet 🤍 Stanley Sweetheart Chisels 🤍 Stanley #4 Bench Plane 🤍 Stanley No.62 Low Angle Jack Plane 🤍 Stanley Marking Knife 🤍 Husqvarna 13” Wooden Hatchet 🤍 Dewalt 20 Volt Drill and impact driver 🤍 Disclaimer: LastingBuild is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Belt, Disc, and Spindle Sander Basics - WOOD magazine


Whether you're new to power sanders or just need a refresher course, WOOD magazine's Craig Ruegsegger covers the basic operation of these tools. Learn the proper techniques to using them, and the terminology associated with them. These building blocks help you learn to master these tools for safety and accuracy. Subscribe to the WOOD YouTube channel: 🤍 Subscribe to WOOD magazine: 🤍 Get digital issues for iPad, Kindle, and more: 🤍 Official website: 🤍 Shop for woodworking project plans at: 🤍?a=youtube Read tool reviews from WOOD editors and other real woodworkers at: 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Twitter 🤍 Pinterest 🤍

Harbor Freight 4" x 36" Belt & Disc Sander. (Is It Any Good?)


After purchasing the Harbor Freight Belt and Disc Sander over two years ago, I thought it was time to give it an honest review. 4" x 36" belt 6" disc 3/4 HP motor Belt & Disc Sander: 🤍 $" x 36" Sanding Belts: 🤍 Dust Collector Hose, and fittings: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this with absolutely no additional cost to you! Thank you for your support!

Making a desk disc sander!


Hi everybody! In this video I'm making a mini disc sander, with a tiny little eletric motor, just to have some fun! Wanna make your own? Project files are available here: 🤍 - Tracks used in this video: Juno her by Uncle Milk - under CC BY 4.0 🤍 🤍 Uncranable by Uncle Milk - under CC BY 4.0 🤍 🤍 - Wanna see photos of the builds earlier? Follow me on instagram: 🤍 Shot with a Canon Eos T3i (600d) Off Sound Record with a Zoom H4n Edited in FCPX #maker #tutorial #tool

How to Replace a Sanding Disc | Tricks of the Trade


Following up on a promise from a previous trick, in this video we take a look at how to replace the sandpaper on a disc sander. If, "big deal" is running through your head, then you've never had to do this task. It's harder than you think, and we'll give you a couple of tips to make the process easier. For more PopWood Shop Tips, visit: 🤍 Link to "previous trick": 🤍

This sanding disc will improve your woodworking and carpentry, period.


Visit my website to pick one up for yourself. 🤍 In this video I introduce a new product I've developed and brought to market. I call it the Double Taper sanding disc. It's a sanding disc to be used in your table saw and will make sanding the edges of work pieces much easier and more accurate. It will help with glue-ups, door and face frame construction, and a multitude of other tasks in the shop. Feel free to ask questions. This is a product I truly believe can improve your woodworking, its easy, fast, and gives very high quality results. If you enjoy my videos, purchasing a disc for your shop is a great way to help support my channel. Tip Jar... Patreon: 🤍

12 inch Disc Sander // How I made it


Everyone is make a disc sander. Why not me? Here is my attempt at making the sander and why its cooler that the others ;) The motor is half hp motor from Crompton Greaves, India. // FOLLOW ME ON: 🤍 🤍 🤍 // MORE PROJECTS TUTORIALS and POSTS 🤍 // MUSIC: Severe Tire Damage Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) //

Harbor freight 12” DISK SANDER review


In this video I’m unboxing and taking a first look at the 12” disk sander by harbor freight Don’t forget to subscribe

DIY - Making A Disc Sander Out of Scrap


This week, I build a disc sander. This past year, my dad taught me a lot of metalworking techniques. I think I used them all for this build. I still have to practice more with the MIG welder I bought last month though. I used mostly reclaimed materials. The motor, the switch, cable and aluminium are all upcycled materials or were laying in the shop for years. The motor is 380V 1.5 HP 1410rpm. Hope you like the video. Music : Take you home tonight by Vibe Tracks You can now support my work and videos on Patreon. Every dollar helps : 🤍 Find me on my website : 🤍theredsmith.com Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : instagram.com/the_redsmith Twitter : 🤍the_redsmith Check my other videos : DIY - How To Make A Viking Shield / Lagertha's Shield : 🤍 DIY - Making A Leather Sketchbook Cover With Pyrography : 🤍 DIY - Making a Youtube Button Clipboard : 🤍 Forging a Leaf Themed Fire Poker & Rake : 🤍 DIY - Making A Drone Box Launch Pad : 🤍 Knife Making - How To Make Micarta / Homemade Micarta : 🤍 Three cup holders : 🤍 Custom Leather Watch Band : 🤍 Making a Woodworking Marking Knife (x3 - Making It Podcast Homage) : 🤍 Part V - Final Assembly - DIY Native American Headdress / War Bonnet : 🤍 Part IV - Ornaments - DIY Native American Headdress / War Bonnet : 🤍 Part III - Feathers Preparation - DIY How to make a Native American Headdress / War Bonnet : 🤍 Part II - Feathers Preparation - DIY How to make a Native American Headdress / War Bonnet : 🤍 Part I - Headdress Beading - DIY How to make a Native American Headdress / War Bonnet : 🤍 DIY Leather Earphones (Earbud) Holder and Phone Stand : 🤍 DIY How to Make an Alcohol / Oil Lamp Forged Chandelier : 🤍 Blacksmith's Leg Vice & Anvil Restoration (mouting the vice + Forge Set up #2) : 🤍 Wooden Giant Ant with Brass legs : 🤍 DIY Viking Canvas Tent : 🤍 Knife Making : Forging aKnife from a file : 🤍 Forged Chain & Wooden Sign : 🤍 Euro Makers Collab 1 : Alex Q² & The Redsmith / Ninja Rebar Shuriken with Leg Sheath : 🤍 Thanks for watching

Harbor Freight Bauer Belt and Disk Sander Review | Is it worth it?


Freddy reviews the Harbor Freight Bauer 4 x 36 belt and sander. He assembles, demonstrates with it and gives an honest opinion of its quality and value. Belt sander used in this video: 🤍 PMM store: ► 🤍 Tools that you NEED ►AWESOME Screw Drivers: 🤍 ►Amazing Electric Ratchet! 🤍 ►POWER PROBE 🤍 ►OBD2 scanner 🤍 Automotive Products I HIGHLY recommend ►Turtle Wax Seal n Shine: 🤍 ►194 LEDs 🤍 ► Dash Cam 🤍 ► 🤍 ► 🤍

Building Diy Disk Sander from Hoverboard motor


I build great disk sander by reusing old hoverboard motor. Sander base I made of wood by connecting parts with only wood joints instead of screws, I think joints is way more durable and looks better. Sander disk is taken from broken vinyl disk player, it fits perfect for this project. I hopes you will enjoy my video and you will find useful ideas for your projects. 👍 Great Router for Diy projects🛒; 🤍 #woodworking #craftydude #diy

Make a Belt sander @Washing machine motor 【Part.1】


Hello Friends! I used a broken washing machine motor to make a belt sander. 【Part.2】 🤍 The plan is here 🤍 【Plan List】 🤍 The washing machine motor consumes 300W. I want a little more power, but there is no problem in practical use. The drawback is that continuous operation can not be performed. The cooling was strengthened, but the motor temperature exceeds 90 ° C in about 8 minutes. (The motor temperature will reach 120 ° C in about 10 minutes.) I attached a temperature sensor to the motor and decided to use it while monitoring the temperature. ※ When imitating this video, please at your own risk. I can not guarantee any damage caused by this video.

How to make A 12inch disc sander


in this video, Patrick shows you how to make an all wood 12-inch sanding disc for the lathe without a metal faceplate or a 4 jaw chuck he uses a beal spindle tap and some scrap wood to make a sanding disc for the lathe I have shirts and other cool stuff here 🤍 Here is the link to the Custom tilting sanding table 🤍 Thanks for watching please like, share, comment and subscribe Check out my 12blade windmill build vid 🤍 here is a playlist of all the vids 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- check out this awesome vid "The most awesome chisel rack ever" ➨ 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Belt/Disc Sander Restoration


I recently bought a Delta Belt/Disc Sander for $20 at a garage sale but it needed a little work. This video shows how I cleaned it up, replaced the sandpaper, and fixed a broken piece on the table. Supplies & Tools Sanding Belt 4"x36" - 🤍 Paste Wax - 🤍 MP Select Mini 3D printer - 🤍 3D Model on Thingiverse - 🤍 Fusion 360 Mini Tutorial - 🤍 Makify2 - 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Etsy Shop - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Website - 🤍

Bauer 4 in x 36 in Belt and 6 in Disc Sander Review


Harbor Freight - 🤍 🤍 Harbor Freight - Bauer Tools - 4x36 inch Belt and 6 inch Disc Sander unboxing, review, and walkthrough.

Old Saw Blade + Sandpaper = Perfect Smooth Straight Edges - Making a Precision Edge Sander


I used an old worn out, rusty saw blade to make the sanding disk. Cutting off the teeth is the first step and I did that with an angle grinder equipped with a thin cutting blade. A hacksaw would get it done, but take longer and require just a bit more effort. The sandpaper is a standard 9 x 11 sheet and is glued onto the 9" diameter disk with spray adhesive. I did this before (on that blade in the opening scene) and the spray adhesive does a great job of firmly holding the sandpaper on. I only put sandpaper on one side, but you can do both and have a fresh surface ready to go when the first wears out. Or you can put a finer grit (or coarser) on the other side. This produces very good results with 100 grit paper. It does still have swirls marks but they are very tiny and light hand sanding would quickly clean that up. Where this really shines is with plywood, as you can see in the before / after photos in the video. My table saw with a sharp blade produces a very good cut, but that can be dramatically improved with this. It also does a great job of jointing a straight edge on a board. It takes a few passes but it will get it done and it'll a silky smooth finish as well. This setup lets you quickly edge sand stock of any width and up to as thick as the disk is sticking up, and is as fast a changing the blade on your saw. In the video I cut high into the quick release auxiliary fence to make it look more dramatic, but I would recommend only going a bit higher than the stock you normally work with. This will give more support on either side of the blade for sanding shorter pieces. You can also wheel the disk all the way up without the fence and use it as a normal disk sander to shape parts. ▶️ Project plans for sale: 🤍 ▶️Support the work I do on Locals: 🤍 ▶️ Patreon: 🤍 ▶️ Join my Makers Mob for detailed build tutorials: 🤍 My "Scrap bin" channel: 🤍 #ibuildit #woodworking Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Lumberjack DS305 12" Heavy Duty Disc Sander With Cast Iron Base, Machine Specification Tour


The all new Lumberjack DS305 12" bench top disc sander & linisher comes with a very quiet ground breaking 900W induction motor and superior quality, heavy duty cast iron frame making it virtually vibration free, ticking all the boxes for the serious hobbyist to the discerning professional. ORDER YOURS NOW: 🤍

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