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WIKI LOKI (Remix) - Tivi Gunz x El Peluche 42 x El Perrote WZ x Beyako Rap


WIKI LOKI (Remix) - Tivi Gunz x El Peluche 42 x El Perrote WZ x Beyako Rap Follow La Cuentas Oficiales: 🤍 Copyright (C) 2022 El Perrote Wz (Distributed By ElGraficoMusic). Copyright ℗ 2022 EL GRAFICO MUSIC #ElPeluche42 #elperrotewz #wikiloky

Wiki Weekends | Loki Cursed Deadpool With Tom Cruise's Face


Loki is the God of Mischief, but just how much mischief can he manage? Join us on Twitch: 🤍 Fact Fiend Merchandise available at: 🤍 - Starring Karl Smallwood 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Edited by Lucas Holland 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 - Original Article: 🤍 Images: Thumbnail: 🤍 Loki TV logo: 🤍 Loki Laufeyson: 🤍 MCU Loki: 🤍 Tom Hiddleston Thor: 🤍 Chris Hemsworth Thor: 🤍 Loki OG cover: 🤍 Loki at Comic Con: 🤍 Fake Odin: 🤍 Anthony Hopkins: 🤍 Loki with Tesseract: 🤍 Thor fighting Loki: 🤍 Loki reacttaches head: 🤍 Karnilla: 🤍 Apocalypse: 🤍 Silver Surfer: 🤍 Loki in prison: 🤍 Loki death Thor 2: 🤍 Surtur destroys Asgard: 🤍 Loki snake trick: 🤍 Bee: 🤍 Elephant Beast Boy: 🤍 Ice Cream cars: 🤍 Tom Cruise Deadpool: 🤍 Avengers he's adopted: 🤍 Scepter mind control: 🤍 Loki deafeated: 🤍 Clips: Puny god: 🤍 Music: "Samba Isobel" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍

El Peluche 42 :Wiki Loki (Audio Oficial) @chonrecords42


El Peluche 42 : Wiki Loki (Audio Oficial)




Wiki Reads: Loki First Season


Narrated plot summary Episodes: 0:00 Glorious Purpose 1:05 The Variant 2:12 Lamentis 3:13 The Nexus Event 4:22 Journey into Mystery 5:29 For All Time. Always. 🤍

Chris and Mom Inside the Magic Cube Challenge


Chris and Mom Inside the Magic Cube Challenge. 00:00 Chris and Mom Inside the Magic Cube Challenge 08:01 Chris wants to be good brother for Alice 13:06 Vlad and Niki 24 Hours Baby Challenge Please Subscribe!

Migos - Walk It Talk It ft. Drake (Official Video)


Listen to Culture II everywhere now: 🤍 Purchase exclusive Migos merch featured from their official store: 🤍 Follow Migos: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Check out GIFS from this video at: 🤍 Director: Daps & Quavo Producer: Sara Lacombe Executive Producers: Daps & Sara Lacombe Second Unit Director: Joseph Desrosiers Director of Photography: Corey Jennings Stylist: Zoe Costello Background Stylist: Rasheeda Ameera Video Commissioner: Sara Lacombe & Kevin Kloecker Music video by Migos performing Walk It Talk It. (C) 2018 Quality Control Music, LLC and UMG Recordings, Inc. 🤍

Black Eyed Peas, Shakira - GIRL LIKE ME (Official Music Video)


"Translation" available at: 🤍 "GIRL LIKE ME" Official Audio: 🤍 Follow Black Eyed Peas online Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 More Videos: 🤍 Follow Shakira online Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tik Tok: 🤍 Lyrics: Ayy, yeah Ayy, ayy So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for A girl like me La-La-Latinas (Eh) I want a girl like Shakira, eh Esa latina está rica (Ah) I want a familia chica que sepa vivir y que viva la vida I need a bien bonita (Wuh) Elegante señorita (Wuh) Girl, I want you and I need ya All of my life, yup, baby, let's team up I want a girl that shine like glitter (Ping) A girl that don't need no filter The real for real A girl that's a natural killa (Prr) I wanna girl that's a heater (Hot) Caliente, off the meter (Hot) Yo quiero, mira, yo quiero Una chica que no me diga mentiras So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for A girl like me Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for A girl like me Me llevas en tu mente Soy adictiva como el azúcar Me buscas permanentemente ¿No ves que solo quiero jugar? Latinas, latinas La-La-Latinas, la-la-latinas Sacúdelo como, Shaki Baby, drop it low on top me Electric field, so shock me Your hips don't lie, they rock me Baby, come get me, you got me Oye, mami, ven aquí You know I'm liking what I see Muévelo, muévelo, muévelo así Yo quiero una mujer Una princesa no tiene pa' ver Esa chick with no boundaries like that fue what ev' Buena en la cama, she good in the bed A girl that be using her head (Her head) To use the cabeza, the best I want a girl who's a diva No quiero otra, sí, eso es So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for A girl like me When I come it shines like glitter Baby, you know I need no filter For real, I'm real You know I'm real Like that my lips are so glossy Like how my neck is so bossy Baby, if you do it my way Just for the hell of it, I'll let you love me Latinas, latinas Sha-Sha-Shakira, Sha-Sha-Shakira I like latinas Ones who look like Selena Shake your bunda like Anitta Morena estás más fina I like dominicanas Boricuas and colombianas In East L.A. I like the chicans And they want a piece of the big manzana, eh So they tell me that you lookin' for a girl like me Oye, mami, estoy buscando una chica así Ah-ah-ah, you're lookin' for A girl like me Me llevas en tu mente Soy adictiva como el azúcar Me buscas permanentemente ¿No ves que solo quiero jugar? (C) 2020 BEP Music, LLC, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment #BlackEyedPeas #Shakira #GIRLLIKEME

Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Official Audio) ft. Pharrell Williams, Nile Rodgers


Official video for “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers Homework: 🤍 Discovery: 🤍 Alive 1997: 🤍 Daft Club: 🤍 Human After All: 🤍 Human After All (Remixes): 🤍 Alive 2007: 🤍 Watch more videos of Daft Punk: 🤍 Listen to Daft Punk’s Essentials here: 🤍 Official website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook:🤍 Twitter : 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Spotify:🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Amazon Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 #DaftPunk #GetLucky #PharrellWilliams #NileRodgers

WIKI LOKI (Remix) - Tivi Gunz x El Peluche 42 x El Perrote WZ x Beyaco Rap


#tendencias #music #dembow #de #dembowdominicano #regueton #trap

Eminem - Without Me (Official Music Video)


CELEBRATING ONE BILLION VIEWS!!! REMASTERED IN HD! iTunes: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Playlist Best of Eminem: 🤍 Subscribe for more: 🤍 Music video by Eminem performing Without Me. (C) 2002 Aftermath Records #Eminem #WithoutMe #Remastered



LankyBox plays Minecraft Skyblock with one block to see if they can have funny moments in Minecraft One Block Skyblock! WATCH MORE HERE! 🤍 NEW LANKYBOX BOX! ► 🤍 Use star code' LankyBox' when buying Robux to support us! ❤ FOLLOW US! INSTAGRAM ► 🤍 FACEBOOK ► 🤍 TWITTER ► 🤍 TIKTOK ► 🤍 LankyBox World! YOUTUBE ► 🤍 INSTAGRAM ► 🤍 TIKTOK ► 🤍

Having Deadpool's Healing Factor Would Literally Kill You | Wiki Weekends


Fact Fiend Merchandise available at: 🤍 To watch the Raw Cuts of Videos, check out: 🤍 - Join us on Twitch: 🤍 Fact Fiend Merchandise available at: 🤍 - Starring Karl Smallwood 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Edited by Lucas Holland 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 - Original Article: 🤍 Images: Thumbnail: 🤍 Deadpool: 🤍 More Deadpool: 🤍 Deadpool with Spider-Man: 🤍 Deathstroke: 🤍 meeting deathstroke: 🤍 Baby Legs: 🤍 MvC3 Deadpool: 🤍 Wolverine: 🤍 800 years alive: 🤍 Death and Deadpool: 🤍 She-Hulk: 🤍 Taskmaster: 🤍 Domino: 🤍 Cow Stare: 🤍 X-men Deadpool: 🤍 Taco Bell: 🤍 Kate Bishop: 🤍 Clips: Post-Credits Wall Break: 🤍 Punching Colossus: 🤍 Music: "Samba Isobel" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍



CLOSED CAPTIONS - AVALIABLE - PUNJABI TO ENGLISH TRANSLATION Singer/Lyrics: Karan Aujla Feat.: KR$NA Female Vocals: Mehar Vaani Music: Yeah Proof Mix master : Ashock (Bassholics) Video: Rupan Bal Co-dir: Aman Syal n Amar Syal Edit/VFX/Colour: DilpreetVFX Project by: Deep Rehaan & Suniel Mangal Produced by: Sandeep Rehaan Label :Rehaan Records Subtitles: Jagjit Dhaliwal Dp: 🤍steveciccarelli Steady cam: 🤍denzelreckless 1st AC: 🤍daditud Gaffer: 🤍echan_keum Grips: 🤍keefbera, 🤍vik_elaiyavalli Special Thanks: Sagar Deol, Janik Rai, Kirt Online promotions- Original Promotions and Global Digital solutions Reels promotion- Net Media ♪Ganna- 🤍 ♪Wynk- 🤍 ♪Resso- 🤍 ♪JIO Saavn - 🤍 ♪Amazon- 🤍 ♪Youtube Music - 🤍 Apple Music - 🤍 iTune - 🤍 Spotify -🤍 Website: 🤍 FB: 🤍 INSTA: 🤍

Ceky Viciny, Braulio Fogon, Angel Dior, Tivi Gunz - UNA ALTA (LAKI LOKI) REMIX OFICIAL VIDEO


Descarga Mi Album Completo en iTunes [To' El Mundo Sabe Quien Eh El Loco Ya!] 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍

How To Draw Huggy Wuggy | Poppy Playtime (Draw & Color)


Learn how to draw Huggy Wuggy from Poppy Playtime with Cartooning Club How To Draw. I'll teach you the simple method of drawing using easy to follow step by step instructions. If you need ideas on what to draw then SUBSCRIBE for more drawing tutorials like this every single day! Drop a request in the comments below to get it added to our list. The ARTIST SPOTLIGHT is coming! Share your artwork with me via email, Twitter or Instagram for a chance to have your art featured in an upcoming video. Subscribe a d check out our Community feed for rules and updates. ❤️ Check out my Playlist below for more of your favourite characters. How to Draw Video Game Characters 🤍 Supplies used: For my regular drawings I start with a black Sharpie fine point marker. I then use Bianyo brand markers to color them in or you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with. I'm also drawing on printer friendly paper to prevent ink bleeding. For my sketch tutorials I experiment with various pencil brands but right now I'm happy using black Staedtler 2B-8B pencils on sketch paper. My go to is the 4B pencil. Do you ever dream of turning your passion for art into a paying career? I'll be posting new videos that will help you monetize your art and make a profit using some easy methods. There are numerous ways to sell your artwork using existing marketplaces, create business opportunities and earn revenue from your creativity. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out. Support this channel by becoming a member: 🤍 Your contribution helps pay for every single lesson we share. Everything from paper, Sharpies, color markers and even the electric bill helps keep our channel going. Thank you so much for your patronage. You can also help support my work by sharing this channel with your friends and tuning in each day for my daily tutorials. #cartooningclub

I Built Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!


MILK Chocolate 🍫 Win a Tesla or be in a MrBeast video - Buy now ▸ 🤍 Get Honey for FREE today ▸ 🤍 Honey finds coupons with one click. Thanks to Honey for sponsoring! SUBSCRIBE TO GORDON!! 🤍gordonramsay SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ follow all of these or i will kick you • TikTok - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍 • Official Merch - 🤍 • Beast Philanthropy - 🤍 Text me 🤍 +1 (917) 259-6364 I'm Hiring! - 🤍 Oh and Honey’s lawyers said we need this disclaimer: “Members received compensation for their participation. Testimonials reflect the real life experience of individuals who used our products. Individual results may vary."

Opening & Ending Mythical Loki Ragnarok


Espero que les guste estas son unas de mis canciones favoritas :D Comenten!!! :D

LOKI Explained: What is That Castle!? (KANG THEORY)


#Loki #LokiEpisode5 #LokiReaction #LokiEpisode5Breakdown Articles: 🤍 , 🤍 Watch me theorize on the most recent episode of Loki HERE IS MY NEW PATREON!!! 🤍 Here's my reaction to the Invincible Finale: 🤍 •I’M LIVE HERE👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 •USE CODE “KEIZI” FOR A DISCOUNT HERE👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 Use code Keizi for 10% off •SOCIAL MEDIA LINK(S)👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 Twitter: 🤍 •Donate Here!👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🤍 #FirstTimeWatching #Loki #Marvel #MCU #LokiKang

Peppa Pig Visits Madame Gazelle's House! | Peppa Pig Official Family Kids Cartoon


❤️ Watch the latest uploads here! 🤍 ❤️ Watch Peppa Pig's most Popular videos here! 🤍 ☆ Subscribe for more videos: 🤍 #Peppa #PeppaPig #PeppaPigEnglish Jump into the World of Peppa Pig – filled with lots of learning and fun! Join A little pig named Peppa, and her little brother George have journeys everyday with their family and friends, all while teaching little ones about friendship and compassion in the process. The Peppa Pig Official YouTube channel is a safe place for kids to watch their favourite Peppa Pig clips and full episodes, with special compilations, seasonal content, and exclusive videos, only available on the Official Peppa Pig YouTube channel. Peppa aims to create a safe environment with age-appropriate content so you can have peace of mind whilst your little piggies interact with the Peppa Pig official Channel. We have created a world of Peppa with episodes and compilations to keep even the most dedicated Peppa fans happy. Here at Peppa Pig Official channel, kids can be happy and smart! Watch Peppa Pig clips and episodes where Peppa Pig play games with her friends, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig tell the bedtime stories, Peppa Pig sings nursery rhymes and songs, Peppa and her family and friends celebrate Christmas and Halloween together! Peppa Pig episodic animation, Peppa Pig songs for kids, Peppa Pig toy play and Peppa Pig Stop motion create a world that centres on the everyday experiences of young children. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe. Peppa is a loveable, cheeky little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. Peppa’s favourite things include playing games and music, learning animal sounds, dressing up, days out, shopping, holidays and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter. ❤️ Peppa Pig Official YouTube Channels ❤️ Peppa Pig - Official Channel: 🤍 Peppa Pig Chinese: 🤍 Peppa Pig Croatian: 🤍 Peppa Pig Czech: 🤍 Peppa Pig Danish: 🤍 Peppa Pig Dutch: 🤍 Peppa Pig Finnish: 🤍 Peppa Pig French: 🤍 Peppa Pig German: 🤍 Peppa Pig Greek: 🤍 Peppa Pig Hindi: 🤍 Peppa Pig Hungarian: 🤍 Peppa Pig Italian: 🤍 Peppa Pig Japanese: 🤍 Peppa Pig Korean: 🤍 Peppa pig Norwegian: 🤍 Peppa Pig Polish: 🤍 Peppa Pig Portuguese: 🤍 Peppa Pig Russian: 🤍 Peppa Pig Serbian: 🤍 Peppa Pig Spanish: 🤍 Peppa Pig Swedish: 🤍 Peppa Pig Turkish: 🤍 Peppa Pig Vietnamese: 🤍 Meet Peppa Pig and her family: Peppa Pig is a lovable but slightly bossy little pig. She is four years old and lives with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and her little brother George. Peppa likes playing with her best friend Suzy Sheep, visiting Granny and Grandpa Pig and looking after George. Most of all, Peppa loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles, laughing and making loud snorting noises. George Pig is Peppa’s little brother. He is 18 months old and loves to play with his big sister, Peppa – even when she’s being bossy. George’s favourite thing is his toy dinosaur. He carries it everywhere with him. George can’t speak yet but can say one word very well: ‘Dine-saw!’ Mummy Pig likes jumping up and down in muddy puddles almost as much as Peppa. She works from home on her computer and sometimes lets Peppa and George help, as long as they don’t bash the keyboard. She is better at map reading than Daddy Pig and is very wise about most things. Daddy Pig is very jolly and laughs all the time, especially when he plays with Peppa and George. Daddy Pig reads the paper and gets excited about trips in the car. He loves cookies and pumpkin pie and Peppa teases him about his big round tummy. Daddy Pig can be a tiny bit grumpy sometimes when he can’t remember where he put his glasses. Have fun with Peppa Pig and her friends: Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Danny Dog, Candy Cat, Pedro Pony, Zoe Zebra, Emily Elephant, Freddy Fox, Kylie Kangaroo, Wendy Wolf, Gabriella Goat, Gerald Giraffe, Molly Mole, Belinda Bear, Delphine Donkey, Peggi and Pandora Panda, Mandy Mouse, Simon Squirrel! Our suggestions: Cocomelon: 🤍 BabyBus - Nursery Rhymes: 🤍 Little Angel: 🤍 PEPPA PIG © ASTLEY BAKER DAVIES LTD/ENTERTAINMENT ONE UK LTD 2003. Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.

Piggy Bank Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs


JJ, YoYo, and TomTom found some coins! What do they do with them? And where do they put them? Lyrics: What do we do with all the coins we find? What do we do with all the coins? We spend it! No We save it! Yeah! We put them in the Piggy Bank! Clinkety-clink Clinkety-clink Coin by coin and One by one Shakity-Shake Shakity-Shake Shake the piggy It’s so much fun! Save and save Save and save Let’s save our coins for a rainy day! What do we do with all the coins we get? What do we do with all the coins? We spend it! No We save it! Yeah! We put them in the Piggy Bank! Clinkety-clink Clinkety-clink Coin by coin and One by one Shakity-Shake Shakity-Shake Shake the piggy It’s so much fun! Save and save Save and save Let’s save our coins for a rainy day! What do we do with all the coins we earn? What do we do with all the coins? We spend it! No We save it! Yeah! We put them in the Piggy Bank! Clinkety-clink Clinkety-clink Coin by coin and One by one Shakity-Shake Shakity-Shake Shake the piggy It’s so much fun! Save and save Save and save Let’s save our coins for a rainy day! 🍉Spotify: 🤍 🍉Apple Music: 🤍 Watch our playlists: Family Fun 🤍 Kids Songs by CoCoMelon 🤍 JJ & Friends 🤍 Nursery Rhymes in 3D 🤍 About Cocomelon: Where kids can be happy and smart! At Cocomelon, we are dedicated to creating quality, educational videos that can help kids learn all about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, animals, and so much more! Your kids will love our friendly characters and colorful animated videos while learning both classic nursery rhymes and original songs. WEBSITE: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 Copyright Treasure Studio, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ANGRY HULK & SHE HULK SAVE IRONMAN FROM LOKI & ULTRON & #shorts #gta5 #viral #trending


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Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack


Download the new Furious 7 Soundtrack Deluxe Version on iTunes here: 🤍 See Wiz on tour 🤍 Tag ‪#‎SeeYouAgain‬ on Shazam and get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the music video! Get official merch here: 🤍 Stream Furious 7 on Spotify: 🤍 Listen on Apple Music: 🤍 Directed by: Marc Klasfeld Follow Wiz: ►Subscribe to channel: 🤍 ►Twitter - 🤍 ►Facebook - 🤍 ►Instagram - 🤍 ►Soundcloud - 🤍 ►Website: 🤍 ►Taylor Gang: 🤍 Follow Charlie Puth: ►Subscribe to channel: 🤍 ►Twitter - 🤍 ►Facebook - 🤍 ►Instagram - 🤍 ►Soundcloud - 🤍 ►Website: 🤍 Wiz Khalifa - See You Again ft. Charlie Puth [Official Video] Furious 7 Soundtrack

Baldur Halála & Loki Legnagyobb Gaztette - Az Északi/Skandináv Mitológia Története 16. rész


Baldur Halála & Loki Legnagyobb Gaztette - Az Északi/Skandináv Mitológia Története 16. rész ✔Északi/Skandináv Mitológia ►🤍 ✔A Witcher/Vaják 1.évad ►🤍 ✔A Witcher/Vaják Világa ►🤍 ✔A Tűz és Jég Világa ►🤍 ✔A Gyűrűk Ura Világa ►🤍 ✔Történelem & Mitológia ►🤍 ✔Trónok Harca 7. Évad ►🤍 ✔Trónok Harca 8. Évad ►🤍 ✔A Warcraft Világa ►🤍 Ha támogatni kívánod a csatornát: Patreon: 🤍 YouTube Csatornatagság: 🤍 PayPal: 🤍 Hatalmas szeretet a Patronoknak és a Csatornatagoknak: Renátó Török, Péter Magyar, portartó, Arnold Bingler, LotharBácsi, Alpár Hodgyai, Adolfi, Sz. Patrik, Csoni, Gáspár Magyar, Lengyel Máté, csiga csoki, Maár Arnold, Reszel Tamás, Nataniel Dávid, Sulyok Máté Ferenc, Ambrus Dávid, Muld, Szőcs Attila, Nánási Péter Zsolt, Takács Péter, Makkace, Németh Zsolt, Kecskés Ákos János, kingazita, Bálint Zseli, Gipsz Jakab, Balázs Lipták, Socy, Arnold Nagy, Olivér Perlei, Krisztián Horváth, Anikó Musicz, Hompoth Lóránt, Kovács Krizanna, Kékesi Róbert, Alexandra Erika Sándor, Boros Sándor, Richard Fenyvesi, Mária Major, Dorka Molnár, Körmendi Tímea, Gyarmati Zoltán, Sasy, Kezdi Csongor, Bóna István, Zizifull Moramir, Res Péter, Sándor Gáll, Péter Pados, Szakadát Gyula, Szakács Levente, Grisi13, Ferenc Deszpoth, Farsang Károly, Zsolti, Viktor Sain, Gergő Tímár, Tamás Szigeti Ha esetleg valami elképesztő GamePlay bulira vágysz, lesd meg a másik csatornámat ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 #Északi #Skandináv #Mitológia #Ódin #Loki #Baldur #Höd #Frigg #Hermód Ez meg itt senkit nem érdekel- Északi, Skandináv, Mitológia, Ódin, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Hel, Ázgárd, Mjöllnir, Jörmungand, Snorri Sturluson, Óriások, Ázok, Vánok, Mímir, Kvasir, Mjöllnir, Baldur, Höd, Fagyöngy, Frigg, Hermód, Fagyöngy, Angrboda

Wyclef Jean - 911 (Official Video) ft. Mary J. Blige


Official Video for "911" by Wyclef Jean feat. Mary J. Blige Listen to Wyclef Jean: 🤍 Subscribe to Wyclef Jean: 🤍 Follow Wyclef Jean: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Chorus: Someone please call 911 (pick up the phone yo) Tell them I just been shot down And the bullet's in my heart And it's piercin' through my soul (I'm losin' blood yo) Feel my body gettin' cold Someone please call 911 (pick up the phone yo) The alleged assailant is five foot one And she shot me through my soul Feel my body gettin' cold So cold, so cold #WyclefJean #WishYouWereHere #OfficialVideo #MaryJBlige #Ecleftic #HipHop

JATTI : Karan Randhawa (Offical Video) Satti Dhillon | Punjabi Song 2021 | GK Digital | Geet MP3


Geet MP3 & GK Digital Presenting Karan Randhawa's Third Video Song "JATTI" From First Album "RAMBO" Make Sure You Will Like It And Spread it As Much As You Can. Subscribe Our Channel For Fresh Songs : 🤍 Rambo Original Album Available On : Wynk : 🤍 Spotify : 🤍 JioSaavn : 🤍 Hungama Music : 🤍 iTunes : 🤍 Apple Music : 🤍 Prime Music India : 🤍 Amazon Uk : 🤍 Resso App : 🤍 Youtube Music : 🤍 Song Credits : Song : Jatti Album : Rambo Singer : Karan Randhawa Lyricist : Micheal Music : Raka Director : Satti Dhillon Dop : Vikcee Editor : Zipsi Studios Choreographer : John Assistant Director : Aashish Prasad Mix & Mastered : Sameer Charegoankar Colorist : Onkar Malhi Art Director : Mr Blacc Hairstylist : Rabu Makeup : Addy Stills & Photography : Shivam Photography Styled By : Priyaana Thapar Sruishty’s Costume : Ganpatis Jalandhar, Novembernborn Jewellery By : Jewelbox Jib Operator : Manish Arora Line Producer : RS Films & Production Poster Designer : The Town Media & Roop Kamal Artist Management : Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon Produced By : Kv Dhillon Reel & Online Promotions : GK Digital Music Label : Geet MP3 Subscribe To Our New Channel For New Songs : 🤍 Music Consultant & Digital Partner : GK Digital Instagram : 🤍 Enjoy & Stay Connected With us 📲 Website : 🤍 YouTube : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 SnapChat : 🤍 Enjoy & Stay Connected With us On Social Media. Linkedin: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: htt🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Loki (TV series): Listen to the Wikipedia article


One of the most popular Wikipedia articles of the week June 6 to 12, 2021 🤍 🤍

आज के दिन यह विष्णु विष्णु धुनि जरूर सुने| श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी | Shreeman Narayan Narayan


आज के दिन यह विष्णु विष्णु धुनि जरूर सुने| श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी | Shreeman Narayan Narayan आज के दिन यह विष्णु विष्णु धुनि जरूर सुने| श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी | Shreeman Narayan Narayan आज के दिन यह विष्णु विष्णु धुनि जरूर सुने| श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी | Shreeman Narayan Narayan आज के दिन यह विष्णु विष्णु धुनि जरूर सुने| श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी | Shreeman Narayan Narayan आज के दिन यह विष्णु विष्णु धुनि जरूर सुने| श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी | Shreeman Narayan Narayann LIVE: श्री नारायण चमत्कारी धुन: श्रीमन नारायण नारायण हरी हरी जो भी सुनेगा मनोकामनायें पूरी होंगी #Bhajan #VishnuMantra #Shriman_Narayan_Narayan_Mantra You will find here best of the best Devotional music like: Bhajans, Aarti's, Mantras, Meditation Chants, Jaap, Shlokas, Amritwani and Kirtan's. Shree Krishna Bhajan , Hanuman Bhajan , Ganesh Bhajan ,Ram Bhajan , Laxmi Bhajan , Santoshi Maa , Sherawali Mata , Aarti Sangrah , Morning Mantra ,Shiv Bhajan , Shanidev Bhajan , Vishnu Bhajan , Saibaba Bhajan , Devi maa Bhajna , Laxmi Aarti , Ganesh Aarti , Om Jai Jagdish Aarti , Shiv Aarti , Hnauman Aarti ,Shani Aarti , Santoshi mata Aarti , Sai Arat हनुमान चालीसा Hanuman Chalisa I GULSHAN KUMAR I HARIHARAN, Full HD Video I Shree Hanuman Chalisa Hanuman Chalisa,Hanuman Chalisa Gulshan Kumar,Hanuman Chalisa Hariharan,Hanuman Bhajans Gulshan Kumar,Gulshan Kumar Hanuman Chalisa,Shree Hanuman Chalisa,Shri Hanuman Chalisa,Hanuman Chalisa Original,Bhakti Sangeet,Bhakti Songs,Religious Music,Spiritual Synergy,Jai Hanuman Gyan Gun Sagar,Lord Hanuman,Chalisa Hanuman,Hanuman Jayanti,Hanuman chalisa,By Gulshan Kumar,भजन,हनुमान चालीसा,pooja,बजरंगबली,bajrangbali,chaalisa,hanuman chalisa full,hanumaan,stuti Bhakti aradhna Sri Ram Bhakti Shri Krishan Bhakti Lord Bhakti God Bhakti Bhagwan Bhakti Jai Bhakti Jay Bhakti Karma Bhakti Peace Bhakti Value Bhakti Sanskar Bhakti Hindu Bhakti Religion Bhakti Bhajan Bhakti Aarti Bhakti Song Bhakti Chalisa Bhakti Praise Bhakti Mantra Bhakti Meditation Bhakti Mind Bhakti Devotional Bhakti Guru Bhakti Divine Bhakti Temple Bhakti Pooja Bhakti Archana Bhakti Ram Bhakti Sita Bhakti Shiva Bhakti Shankar Bhakti Ganesh Bhakti Ganpati Bhakti Krishna Bhakti Laxmi Bhakti Saraswat Bhakti Hanuman Bhakti Sai Baba Bhakti Kali Bhakti Durga Bhakti Ambe Bhakti Maa Bhakti Hindi Bhakti Vishnu Bhakti Mahalaxmi Bhakti Ramayan Bhakti Gayatri Bhakti shriman narayan narayan,shreeman narayan narayan,shriman,shreeman,shrimann,laxmi narayan,hari hari,hari om namo,narayana,teri leela sabse nyaari,leela,nyaari,narayan,shree vishnu,lord vishnu songs,krishna,krishna songs,krishna bhajans,ram bhajans,dhun,best dhun,hindu dhun,popular dhun,hari dhun,narayan dhun,laxmi ji,vishnu,hindu songs,devotional songs,beautiful dhun,narayan songs,narayan narayan,bhakti songs,krishna dhun,jai hoShreeman Narayan Narayan Hari HarI,Best Lord Vishnu Chant,om namo narayana,hari om namo narayana,hindu chants,vishnu,hari hari,shriman narayan narayan kirtan,bhajan,shriman,bhajman narayan,narayan dhun,narayan hari,shriman narayan,lord vishnu,shrinathji,HINDU MNATRA,shriman narayan narayan hari hari,lord vishnu prayer,top vishnu bhajans,hindi bhajans,bhakti songs,bhakti bhajan hindi,hindi bhajan,hindi devotional songs,satnaryan narayan hari hari



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Mythologie Nordique - Loki et la triste fin de Balder: Le plus aimé des dieux - Mythologie en BD


Mythologie Nordique - Loki et la triste fin de Balder: Le plus aimé des dieux - Histoire et Mythologie en BD Dessin: Mauro Fodra Couleur: Rod Fernandes Scénario: Bruno Viriato

Smolasty - Duże Oczy [Official Music Video]


SINGIEL W SERWISACH STREAMINGOWYCH: 🤍 SMOLASTY NA INSTAGRAMIE: 🤍 SMOLASTY NA FACEBOOKU: 🤍 WSPÓŁPRACA: wspolpraca🤍 Artist: Smolasty Title: Duże oczy Lyrics: Smolasty, Music: francis, Pedro, Tribbs Executive Producer : Wiktor Wójcik (Wiktor Wu) Realizacja wokali/mix/master: francis dla Studio Wisła ✅ Subskrybuj: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍prodbyfrancis_ 🤍pedrotheproducer 🤍tribbs_music 🤍wiktorzwwa Director: Wojciech Koziara DOP: Piotr Książek 1st AC: Kacper Dudek Gaffer: Tony Bielecki Grip: Norbert Możdżyński Editor: Grzegorz Skonecki Colorist: Piotr Książek Production Manager: Adrianna Minkiewicz Production Assistant: Szymon Zoń MUA: Agata Kozłowska Stylist: Susi Clay Photographer: Przemek Pro Photographer: Julia Szałapska Choreographer: Szymon Bożycki Starring: Julia Ines 🤍marina_official 🤍natalia_trojan 🤍rozaliiaaa 🤍klaudiadunat 🤍smotsaf 🤍viq.a2 🤍komunikatywnie 🤍gloriankaaa 🤍werixx 🤍kvvinqa 🤍wojtek.gola 🤍oliwka_brazil 🤍januszwalczuk 🤍730huncho Special thanks to: Studio BlackheArt Studio Hologram Klub Rejs SKLEP : 🤍 #Smolasty #DuzeOczy Music video by Smolasty performing Duże oczy. (P) 2021 The Copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Warner Music Poland Sp. z.o.o.

Trial And Terror | Supa Strikas - Rookie Season | Soccer Cartoon


With try-outs at Strikaland, Shakes and Skarra get a peak behind the scenes, while Coach uses crazy holographic technology to put the young soccer players to the test. But when Skarra’s cutthroat approach sees him dominate every category, could it be the end of Shakes's dream? 0:00 Recap 0:39 Meet Coach 2:07 First Day Nerves 3:55 Snooping Around 6:32 Holo-Training 10:10 Holo-Training Pt2 13:48 Out Of Control 17:15 Team Work

LOKI (2021) - 1549 Church Filming Location: Then & Now (4K)


This week...we travel to the French city of Aix-En-Provence (haha), to see the church of 1549 from the LOKI series. It was impressive to see on screen and we wanted to see what it looked like today. It is in this location where the sixth attack against the Time Variance Authority's Minutemen occurred. Investigating the incident, Mobius (Owen Wilson ) came to the conclusion that it was a Loki Variant committing the attacks. Mobius then met a boy, who he befriended and obtained the chewing gum he had as evidence. (1) More on the show: Loki is an American television series created by Michael Waldron for the streaming service Disney+, based on Marvel Comics featuring the character of the same name. It is the third television series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) produced by Marvel Studios, sharing continuity with the films of the franchise. The series takes place after the events of the film Avengers: Endgame (2019), in which an alternate version of Loki created a new timeline. Waldron served as head writer and Kate Herron directed the first season, with Eric Martin and the duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead serving as head writer and leading the directing team for the second season, respectively. (2) Filmed by Urban Shark Productions Music Credit: "Aix-En-Provence, 1549" Composed by Natalie Holt. Loki Original Soundtrack, Marvel Music (2021) Television Clip & Logo Credit: Marvel Studios Source (1): 🤍 Source (2): 🤍 #Loki,#MCU,#marvel

La Casa de Mickey Mouse: Momentos Especiales - Minnie-cienta | Disney Junior Oficial


Mickey da un gran baile para sus amigos en el que cantar, bailar y soñar es posible. Suscríbete a nuestro canal: 🤍 Más novedades en el canal oficial de Facebook de Disney Junior: 🤍

wikipedia report


Loki: God, Anti-hero, Weirdly-Popular Pet Name


Loki’s history with Thor is the history of any two brothers, plenty of noogies, wedgies, imprisonment in trees, full-size cardboard cutouts, you know, the works. As we examine the God of Mischief’s past (in preparation for his future on Disney+) we take heed of an even deadlier threat... limited 1960's-era animation! Works Cited: Music: "One Last Breath" by Ikoliks Sound Effects: Human Reactions - Man Groaning In Pain, Ooh & Christmas Spirit - Toy Xylophone, Twinkle, Magical Comics: Lieber, Larry, Lee, Stan, & Kirby, Jack. “Journey into Mystery #83 (Aug. 1962).” Marvel Fandom. 5/22/2021. 🤍 Lieber, Larry, Lee, Stan, & Kirby, Jack. “Journey into Mystery #85 (Oct. 1962).” Marvel Fandom. 5/22/2021. 🤍 Lieber, Larry, Lee, Stan, Kirby, Jack, & Ditko, Steve. “Journey into Mystery #88 (Jan. 1963).” Marvel Fandom. 5/22/2021. 🤍 Images: “Iwan Rheon in Game of Thrones.” IMDb. 5/22/2021. 🤍 Def Leppard. Pyromania. Park Gates Studios / Battery Studios. 1983. Wolfmother. Wolfmother. Modular. 2005. Rolling Stones. Beggars’ Banquet. Decca. 1968. Video Games: Thor: God of Thunder. Liquid Entertainment / Sega. 2011. Wikipedia. 5/22/2021. 🤍 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Raven Software / Activision. 2006. Television/Film: Loki (2021 Series). Created by Waldron, Michael. Disney. 2021. The Marvel Super Heroes (1966 Series). Created by Marvel Comics Group. Grantray-Lawrence Animation / Krantz Films. 1966. Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (TV Series). Developed by Lee, Stan. Marvel Productions / New World Television. 1981. Bob’s Burgers. Created by Bouchard, Loren. 20th Television Animation. 2011. The Mask. Dir. Russell, Charles. New Line Cinema / Dark Horse Productions. 1994. Warlock. Dir. Miner, Steve. Trimark Pictures / New World Pictures. 1989.

लौकी के नर्म मुलायम कोफ्ते की मसालेदार करी | Bottle Gourd Kofta Curry | Lauki kofta Curry


Ghiya ke Kofte, Doodhi Kofta Curry,Dhaba Style lauki kofta recipe,lauki kofta recipe,Dudhi Kofte Ki Sabji, #LaukiKofta #KoftaCurry #CurryRecipe Ingredient : Bottle Gourd (लौकी ) - 300 gms ( 1 cup grated) Chickpea flour (बेसन ) - 1 cup ( 100 gms) Tomatoes (टमाटर ) - 3 ( 250 gms) Green chili (हरी मिर्च ) - 1 Green coriander ( हरा धनिया ) 2 to 3 tbsp ( finely chopped ) Dry fenugreek leaves (कसूरी मेथी ) - 1 tsp Green chili (हरी मिर्च ) - 1 (finely chopped) Ginger (अदरक ) - 1 tsp (paste) Cumin seeds (जीरा ) - 1/4 tsp Asafoetida (हींग ) - 1/2 pinch Turmeric powder (हल्दी पाउडर) - 1/2 tsp Carom seeds (अजवायन ) - less than 1/4 tsp Red chili powder (लाल मिर्च पाउडर ) - 1/2 tsp Coriander powder (धनिया पाउडर ) - 1.5 tsp Garam masala (गरम मसाला ) - 1/4 tsp Oil (तेल ) - for frying and gravy How to make Lauki Kofta curry : 1. Take some grated bottle gourd, press out the juice, add chickpea flour, green chilli , ginger paste, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, salt. 2. Add carom seeds, green coriander, mix all ingredients well. once ready , keep dough aside to puff up. 3. Heat oil for frying koftas, once oil is rightly hot then put koftas to fry. 4. Once brown in color, Flip and fry well until golden brown from all sides. Then take them out, fry all the koftas likewise. 5. For gravy, heat oil in wok, add cumin seeds, reduce flame. Add asafetida, ginger paste, coriander powder, turmeric powder. Slightly roast these. 6. Add tomato green chili paste. Increase flame. Add red chili powder. Stir masalas and roast until, oil separates from it. Once oil separated add, dry fenugreek leaves, chickpea flour, stir and roast masala for another 2 minutes. 7. After 2 to 3 minutes, when masala is roasted. Add 2 cups water to it. Mix well. Add salt, garam masala, green coriander, add lauki juice ( optional) 8. Cover and cook it for 3 to 4 minutes. Put koftas in the gravy. Cover and cook again for 3 to 4 minutes. 9. After 4 minutes sabzi is cooked, take it out in a bowl. Serving : 10 Mouth Drooling Lauki kofta is ready. You can serve this with , chapati , parantha , naan , rice. This quantity is sufficient for 3 to 4 members. Subscribe for more recipes - 🤍 For the Best recipes on YouTube, log onto - 🤍 Find us on Facebook at - 🤍 Visit my Hindi Website 🤍

Loki Resumāo Completo


#Loki #Resumão #Disneyplus Loki = Depois de roubar o Tesseract durante os eventos de Vingadores: Ultimato, uma versão alternativa de Loki é trazida para a misteriosa Autoridade de Variância Temporal (AVT), uma organização burocrática que existe fora do tempo e do espaço, e monitora a linha do tempo. Eles dão a Loki uma escolha: ser apagado da existência por ser uma "variante do tempo" ou ajudar a consertar a linha do tempo e impedir uma ameaça maior. Loki acaba preso em seu próprio thriller policial, viajando no tempo e alterando a história da humanidade Lista de Episodio de loki total 6 Episodio 1 -Glorioso Proposito Episodio 2 - A variante Episodio 3 -Lamientis Episodio 4 - O Enventus Nexus Episodio 5 - jornada de mistério Episodio 6 - Por todo o sempre Ja me segue na redes sociais Instagram: Kwaii: Victória Venancio 685 Fontes Disneyplus Site wikipedia 🤍



#loki #marvellegends #disneychannel Loki adalah sebuah seri televisi Amerika Serikat yang dibuat oleh Michael Waldron untuk layanan video sesuai permintaan Disney+, yang menampilkan karakter Marvel Comics dengan nama yang sama. Seri ini termasuk dalam Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) dan berbagi kesinambungan dengan film-film di dalamnya, serta berlatar waktu setelah peristiwa pada film Avengers: Endgame (2019), di mana versi alternatif Loki membuat sebuah garis waktu yang baru. Loki diproduksi oleh Marvel Studios, dengan Waldron menjadi kepala penulis dan Kate Herron menyutradarai musim pertama. Seri ini dibintangi oleh Tom Hiddleston, yang kembali memerankan Loki dari serial film, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Wunmi Mosaku, Eugene Cordero, Tara Strong, dan Owen Wilson. Pada September 2018, Marvel Studios mengembangkan sejumlah seri terbatas untuk Disney+, yang berpusat pada karakter pendukung dari film-film MCU. Sebuah seri yang menampilkan Hiddleston sebagai Loki dikonfirmasi pada November 2018. Waldron ditunjuk pada Februari 2019, dan Herron kemudian bergabung pada bulan Agustus. Proses syuting dimulai pada Januari 2020 di Atlanta, Georgia, tetapi dihentikan pada Maret 2020 karena pandemi COVID-19. Produksi seri ini kemudian dilanjutkan pada September 2020 dan selesai pada bulan Desember. Loki tayang perdana pada 9 Juni 2021, dan akan terdiri dari enam episode. Seri ini adalah bagian dari Fase Empat MCU. Musim kedua sedang dalam pengembangan. sumber : 🤍

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