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Why I hate Wikipedia (and you should too!)


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Wikipedia - Behind the Encyclopedia


This video talks about how the world's largest encyclopedia came to be and how it operates differently than most other popular websites. To submit ideas and vote on future topics: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 A very special thanks to this wonderful group of Patrons: Amy Westacott, Angus Clydesdale, Brandon L, Brett Walton, Chris Lion-Transler, Christian & Penny Gray, Dominique Dugas, Dustin Van Horn, Dylan Kinnard, Emerald Computers – Jason Dragon, Fortunate Calf, Jesse Long, Jimmy1985, Jon, Julianne Beach, Logan Brown, Marshall Kurtz, Meow Wolf, Michelle Chisholm, Mike Weaver, milkshake, My NameIsKir, Nicholas Murphy, Peter Wesselius, Rob, Robert T Kirton, Sam Bennett, Sirpoptart, Sondre Grimsmo Sinnes, Stewart Tritapoe, Super Duper Paratrooper, Taylor LaBrier, Tristan Williams, Victor Anne, Vincent Frame. Company Declines: Kmart: 🤍 Blockbuster: 🤍 RadioShack: 🤍 Solo Cups: 🤍 Toys "R" Us: 🤍 hhgregg: 🤍 Pan Am: 🤍 ESPN: 🤍 Gibson: 🤍 iHeartMedia: 🤍 Bon-Ton: 🤍 Kodak: 🤍 General Electric: 🤍 Woolworth: 🤍 Dell: 🤍 Sears: 🤍 Payless: 🤍 Hostess: 🤍 Redbox: 🤍 Nokia: 🤍 JCPenney: 🤍 Quiznos: 🤍 GameStop: 🤍 NASCAR: 🤍 Shopko: 🤍 MoviePass: 🤍 Reebok: 🤍 The Gap: 🤍 Pier 1 Imports: 🤍 Sbarro: 🤍 AOL: 🤍 Long John Silver's: 🤍 Chuck E. Cheese's: 🤍 GNC: 🤍 Website created by - 🤍 Intro Made By - 🤍

Wikipedia's Bias


I love Wikipedia! I even donated to it. But I won't donate again, now that I've learned how BIASED Wikipedia has become. ———— To make sure you see the new weekly video from Stossel TV, sign up here: 🤍 ———— No right-leaning outlets, Fox News Politics, the Daily Wire, the Daily Caller, etc… is considered “reliable” by Wikipedia. None. But even some of the most extreme leftist outlets get a "reliable" badge like “Jacobin," a self-described SOCIALIST outlet. Vox, Buzzfeed News, and Slate are also deemed “reliable” by Wikipedia. Editors may base stories on their reporting. Why did Wikipedia become so biased? Veteran Wikipedian Jonathan Weiss tells me that the site, like academia, has been captured by leftists. Some Wikipedia administrators even brag on their profiles, "this user is a socialist." Another put up images idolizing communist murderers Che Guevara and Vladimir Lenin. These administrators make final decisions about what counts as “reliable," and what goes on Wikipedia. That’s why for years, Wiki's "communism" page made NO mention of the millions killed by that ideology. US border facilities are listed under "concentration camps,” on the same page as Wikipedia’s holocaust facilities. Can we fix this? Wikipedia is supposed to be a site that "anyone can edit," so I made an edit. You can find out what happened in the video above.

Die dunkle Wahrheit über Wikipedia


Unter 🤍 und mit dem Code “Simplicissimus” könnt ihr BookBeat 2 Monate lang mit insgesamt 100 kostenlosen Hörstunden testen. (Werbung) Wikipedia fordert seine Nutzer immer wieder verzweifelt dazu auf, Geld zu spenden. Aber braucht Wikipedia das Geld wirklich? Wir bedanken uns bei Andreas Kolbe für seine wertvollen Einsichten :) Danke auch an unsere Patrons x3 Patrons Simpli auf Instagram: 🤍 🤍simplicissimusyt Simpli auf TikTok: 🤍 🤍simplicissimusyt Simpli auf Twitter: 🤍 🤍simpliYT Quellen: 🤍 Musik: Artlist Sémø - Fractured Timeline Yehezkel Raz - Coming Back Yehezkel Raz - Morning Sunbeams ANBR - Dance and Whisper Epidemic Sound Tigerblood Jewel - Kermode John B. Lund - Assertively Furtive Brightarm Orchestra - On the Edge of Change Skrya - First Responders Dream Cave - Into the Maze Skrya - Lay It Out Dream Cave - Enemy Territory DEX 1200 - Stellar Minds Oh the City - Synthesis Malfunction Czar Donic - Asteroid One Ava Low - I Like Your Suit Arc De Soleil - Dry Moonlight (Instrumental Version) Anthony Earls - Moonbase Smartface - Too Tired Chris Zabriskie - Wonder Cycle; Divider lizenziert unter CC BY 4.0. 🤍 _ Schön, verständlich, kritisch und fundiert. Wir machen Essays zu Fragen, die du dir noch nie, oder viel zu oft gestellt hast.

What Mental Breakdown Of a Wikipedia Moderator looks like


In 2015 an anonymous user reported that one of Wikipedia’s oldest administrators...had been posting tens of thousands of pages on...Milkers. This is their story Neelix and the Wikipedia Scandal If you want MORE videos with better quality....Give your Support on Patreon! Patreon - 🤍 If you enjoyed the video message me on Twitter! Twitter- 🤍 If you liked what you saw, donate here! Donate via Venmo- 🤍 Have an idea? Want to do some business things together? Email me. email- vincevintageYT🤍 SOURCES Redirects deleted list IN FULL 🤍 Reddit recap of the trial 🤍 Thank you to Barely Sociable/Slightly Sociable/Barely Musical for the idea

Using Wikipedia: Crash Course Navigating Digital Information #5


Let's talk about Wikipedia. Wikipedia is often maligned by teachers and twitter trolls alike as an unreliable source. And yes, it does sometimes have major errors and omissions, but Wikipedia is also the Internet's largest general reference work and as such an incredibly powerful tool. Today we'll discuss using Wikipedia for good - to help us get a birds-eye view of content, better evaluate information with lateral reading, and find trustworthy primary sources. Special thanks to our partners from MediaWise who helped create this series: The Poynter Institute The Stanford History Education Group ( Follow MediaWise and their fact-checking work across social: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 MediaWise is supported by Google. Crash Course is on Patreon! You can support us directly by signing up at 🤍 Thanks to the following Patrons for their generous monthly contributions that help keep Crash Course free for everyone forever: Eric Prestemon, Sam Buck, Mark Brouwer, Naman Goel, Patrick Wiener II, Nathan Catchings, Efrain R. Pedroza, Brandon Westmoreland, dorsey, Indika Siriwardena, James Hughes, Kenneth F Penttinen, Trevin Beattie, Satya Ridhima Parvathaneni, Erika & Alexa Saur, Glenn Elliott, Justin Zingsheim, Jessica Wode, Kathrin Benoit, Tom Trval, Jason Saslow, Nathan Taylor, Brian Thomas Gossett, Khaled El Shalakany, SR Foxley, Yasenia Cruz, Eric Koslow, Caleb Weeks, Tim Curwick, D.A. Noe, Shawn Arnold, Malcolm Callis, Advait Shinde, William McGraw, Andrei Krishkevich, Rachel Bright, Jirat, Ian Dundore Want to find Crash Course elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Tumblr - 🤍 Support Crash Course on Patreon: 🤍 CC Kids: 🤍

Terrifying Wikipedia Pages That You Should Never Click On


If you're not careful, you can fall down a deep, dark rabbit hole on Wikipedia, and you might discover something that haunts your nightmares! Check out today's insane new video that reveals the most terrifying Wikipedia pages you should definitely avoid! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ► 🤍 🔖 MY SOCIAL PAGES TikTok ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 💭 Find more interesting stuff on: 🤍 📝 SOURCES:🤍 All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

De wondere wereld van Wikipedia


Wat de hoofdstad van Lesotho is, wanneer het paleolithicum begon of hoeveel awards Ariana Grande op haar naam heeft staan. Wikipedia heeft de antwoorden. We kunnen inmiddels niet meer zonder de website die 21 jaar geleden in het leven werd geroepen. Maar hoe kan het eigenlijk dat we al die gratis info zomaar tot ons kunnen nemen? En hoe objectief is het platform? In deze video nemen we je mee in de wondere wereld van Wikipedia. We danken Sandra Rientjes, directeur Wikimedia Nederland, voor haar informatie en tegenlezen van het script. Wikipedianen Michelle Boon-Van Dijk en Stella van Ginkel voor hun input en Emiel Rijshouwer die ons meer kon vertellen over zijn onderzoek naar Wikipedia. Zie hier een link naar zijn proefschrift: 🤍 Muziek oa van: - Kanye West - Real Friends instrumental - Sofi Tukker type beat (instrumental) - Tropicano - Wicked Game (Luxury Remix) - Ituana - Chris Isaak - Wicked Game (Gemma Hayes Remix) Meer video’s? Abonneer, zet je belletje aan 🔔 en praat mee! 🤍 Volg ons ook op Instagram: 🤍 VRAGEN/TIPS/IDEEËN? We horen graag wat jij van het nieuws en onze uitleg vindt, laat je horen in de comments! Of mail ons: nosop3🤍 De NOS is de grootste nieuwsorganisatie van Nederland. Bij NOS op 3 vind je elke zaterdag nieuws dat je niet mag hebben gemist. Wij gaan voor jou op onderzoek uit naar nieuws uit jouw wereld. Ook vind je hier uitleg bij het nieuws.

Tom and Ben News Wikipedia News Edition (Season 2 Episode 6) Sony [Full Version, Fixed]


This is the 2nd longest video in Season 2 on TaBNWNE. This is the 6th Episode of Season 2 as a "Fixed" version, on TaBNWNE, in 80 minutes long... Episode 7, fixed version, is coming soon... A.K.A: Tom and Ben News Wikipedia News Edition (Season 2 Episode 6) Sony: The Movie.

The Court That Settles Wikipedia Editor Drama


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WIKIPEDIA CHALLENGE ! (ce jeu est génial)


On doit passer d’une page wikipedia à une autre c’est simple et rigolo bonne journée bien cordialement. Ma boutique ! : 🤍 SUIS MOI ICI C'EST BIEN AUSSI : → INSTAGRAM : 🤍 → TWITTER : 🤍 → TWITCH AMIXEM : 🤍 → SNAPCHAT : amixemsnap Cadrage : Yann Goy Montage : Diane Javelot Régie/Lumières : Denis Pellon

I Speedrun Wikipedia.


WATCH ME LIVE ► 🤍 follow me on twitter ►🤍 follow me on instagram ► 🤍 join my subreddit ► 🤍 Atrioc, Stanz, and I race in wikipedia once again to celebrate my entry in the annals of history. edited by: 🤍 #ludwig #speedrun #wikipedia

The Secret King of Wikipedia


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Meet the man behind a third of what's on Wikipedia


Wikipedia now boasts more than 5.7 million articles in English and millions more translated into other languages, all written by online volunteers. Errol Barnett talks to one editor who was named among Time Magazine’s most influential people on the internet. Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: 🤍 Download the CBS News app on iOS HERE: 🤍 Download the CBS News app on Android HERE: 🤍 Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: 🤍 Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: 🤍 Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: 🤍 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! 🤍 Delivered by Norah O’Donnell, Gayle King, John Dickerson, and Bianna Golodryga, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.

Disturbing Wikipedia Articles Iceberg | Tier 1 Explained


CASETiFY's Bounce Cases and Clear Cases are available at! Go to 🤍 today to get 15% off your order! Thanks to Casetify for sponsoring a portion of today's video. Want to Support the Channel? 👽 Patreon: 🤍 (get extra perks!) 📸 I N S T A G R A M: HannahTheHorribleYT 🐦T W I T T E R: HannahTheHorrible: 🤍HannahTheHorri1 💌 E M A I L: Business Inquiries: HannahTheHorrible🤍 Video Recs: hannah_thehorrible🤍 hannah_thehorrible🤍 Disturbing Wikipedia Pages Iceberg | Tier 1 Explained Timestamps: Intro: 00:00 Hitler Game: 03:32 Chick Culling: 05:08 John Zegrus: 06:57 Poe Toaster: 08:58 Euthanasia Coaster: 11:31 Black-eyed Children: 14:19 Cute Aggression: 15:34 HPPD: 16:40 Blue Whale Challenge: 18:28 This Man: 19:58 2019 Polar Bear Invasion: 22:48 Polybius: 24:35 Deleted Articles with Freaky Titles: 25:57 LINKS TO THINGS (*affiliates*) VIDEO EQUIPMENT I USE: My camera: 🤍 Lapel mic (most used): 🤍 On-Camera Mic: 🤍 SD Card: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Studio Lights: 🤍 BACK DROP: Twinkle lights: 🤍 Curtain (though not sure when black will be back in stock): 🤍 Letter board: brand is Underwood Letterpress Candleholder: Glassy Baby (color Grateful Red) *Disclaimer: Some of the links in the description are affiliate links. This means I earn a small commission if you use them at no additional cost to you.

How He Started Wikipedia!


I spent 1 year chasing this video. And finally. Here it is. The story of Wikipedia on Nas Daily! Thank you Jimmy Wales for all your work! Thank you for watching Nas Daily! Our mission is to bring people together, and that's why we create content that does exactly that - And if you love reading more than watching videos, HERE is a link to our blog:



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Speedrunning Wikipedia is much harder than you think...


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Wikipedia Editors


This video is about Wikipedia Editors Patreon: Twitter: Shoutout to Squiff for the Art: 🤍 Outro Song: I'm just chillin - Seggito #wikipedia #mods

Clemens Arvay - Rufmord in der Wikipedia, die Analyse | #44 Wikihausen


Groteskes und Postfaktisches präsentiert von Dirk Pohlmann und Markus Fiedler. Kommentieren Sie dieses Video unter: 🤍 - Der Biologe und Gesundheitsökologe Clemens Arvay hat sich kritisch zu RNA Impfungen und zu den drastisch verkürzten Zulassungsverfahren geäußert.Seitdem wird er in der Wikipedia regelrecht attackiert. Der Artikel zu seiner Person wird Stück für Stück gezielt umgeschrieben. Positive Rezeptionen werden trotz qualitativ hochwertigen Belege und Quellen gelöscht.Negatives wird regelwidrig sogar aus offensichtlich meinungsmachenden Blogs und Zeitungsartikeln in den Artikel eingebaut. Federführend sind die einschlägig bekannten Wikipedianer Fiona B. und PerfectTommy. Letzterer ist Vertreter der selbsternannten "Skeptiker", einer weltanschaulichen Gruppe, die Eugenik (="Transhumanismus") und Satanismus gut findet und dabei sehr viele Parallelen zur NS- Ideologie im dritten Reich zeigt. Üblicher Weise diskreditieren aber genau diese Personen ihre als Gegner ausgemachten Opfer als Antisemiten, Rechtsradikale und Verschwörungstheoretiker. - Haben Sie den Film "die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" gesehen? Wissen Sie davon, dass in der Wikipedia etwas nicht stimmt? Die Wikipedia ist nicht nur das, was sie zu sein scheint. Es ist mehr als ein Lexikon. Es ist auch ein Scheinlexikon. Eine kleine aber effektive Meinungsmanipulationsmaschine. In gewissen Bereichen wird das Lexikon zum Pseudolexikon und wird in diesen Sparten schon seit Jahren von einer kleinen Gruppe, bestehend aus ca. 200 Personen, dominiert. Das einzig verbliebene Etwas, das so aussieht wie ein Nachschlagewerk, befindet sich in der Hand von Dogmatikern und Leuten, die rund um die Uhr in die Wikipedia schreiben, aber keine Qualifikation auf den Gebieten haben, über die sie schreiben. Ihnen ist in der Wikipedia noch nichts aufgefallen? Dann kann es sein, dass Sie bisher nur Artikel gelesen haben, in denen es um Naturwissenschaften und Technik und nicht um Geld, Weltanschauungen, Politik und Geostrategien ging. Wir beleuchten in jeder Folge einen Artikel von den dunklen Seiten der Wikipedia und zeigen auf, was dort nicht stimmt. Folgen Sie mit uns in die Abgründe einer Meinungsmanipulationsmaschine. Links: "Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" 🤍 "Zensur - die organisierte Manipulation der Wikipedia und anderer Medien" 🤍 Skipte und Zusatzinformationen zu den Filmen: 🤍 Liebe Zuschauer, bitte unterstützen Sie unsere Arbeit mit einer einmaligen Zuwendung oder einem Dauerauftrag. Für eine Standard-Überweisungen nutzen Sie bitte folgende Kontoverbindung: Inhaber: Markus Fiedler IBAN: DE45 2805 0100 0092 8701 46 Verwendungszweck: Wikihausen Bank: Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg BIC: SLZODE22XXX Für Zahlungen via Paypal nutzen Sie bitte folgenden Link: 🤍

someone edited my wikipedia page


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What Happened To Wikipedia's Founders?


Wikipedia is no doubt one of the most useful resources as a student as it basically has articles on everything you can think of from history and literature to calculus and physics. Despite this, most teachers and professors aren't very big fans of Wikipedia given that the site has historically not been the most accurate or reputable because anyone can submit revisions and additions to the site. Over time, the site has become much more accurate due to the large number of contributors, and in most cases, all of the sources used for the wiki article are cited. So, Wikipedia is often a great starting point to get a general understanding of a topic or concept which can then be confirmed by cross-referencing the sources. But, this still leaves the question: Who founded Wikipedia and where are the founders today? This video explains the story of Larry Sanger, Jimmy Wales, and Wikipedia, and how they created one of the most resourceful sites in the world. Socials: 🤍 Discord Community: 🤍 Timestamps: 0:00 - Wikipedia 0:59 - Jimmy Wales 3:45 - Larry Sanger 6:00 - Nupedia 8:10 - Wikipedia 10:16 - Jimmy & Larry Today Thumbnail Credits: Rex 🤍 🤍 Resources: 🤍

Waarom Wikipedia niet zonder Nederland kan en meer leuke weetjes


Wikipedia bestaat 20 jaar. Hoe werd de site zo'n succes, welke rol speelt Nederland daarin en wat gaat er in de toekomst veranderen? Lees ook de Wiki-pagina over ons 🤍 KIJK OOK onze iPhone 13 review 🤍 Nieuwe iPad Mini 🤍 Volg ons ook op 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #Bright #Nederland #Nederlands

How Wikipedia Lies To You


Is Wikipedia a reliable source, or is it as prone to bias and false information as any other media outlet? In this video, we explore the fundamental problems of modern Wikipedia, and discover how the website regularly lies to its readers. One of the most basic lies Wikipedia tells is that it has a neutrality policy - in reality, the policy has glaring flaws. It's frequently used to assert liberal left worldviews as fact, as if they were the neutral statements of truth. On issues including (but not limited to) race and crime, drug legalization, and even religion, Wikipedia presents unbalanced and in some cases outright misleading information. The website has gotten to the point that its own co-founder, Larry Sanger, even wrote an article verbally destroying it. The article, titled 'Wikipedia Is Badly Biased' will be linked below. Other sources, including the many different studies documenting Wikipedia's left wing bias, are also linked. Follow me on other platforms! Telegram - 🤍 Bitchute - 🤍 Odysee - 🤍 Gab - 🤍 Citations: Wikipedia Is Badly Biased by Larry Sanger - 🤍 Do Experts or Collective Intelligence Write with More Bias? Evidence from Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia - 🤍 Ideology and Composition Among an Online Crowd: Evidence from Wikipedians - 🤍 Wikipedia Source Analysis - 🤍 Differential rates of disciplinary action reveals evidence of political bias in Wikipedia's arbitration enforcement - 🤍 Music used in this video (in chronological order): Serenity - Prod. Riddiman Journey to Rome Part I - Jeff Van Dyck Autumn - Jeff Van Dyck Rome HQ - Jeff Van Dyck

Every Wikipedia Speedrun I've Done (so far...)


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Wikipedia Memes


Wikipedia Memes Check these out or i will cry • Twitter - 🤍 • Discord - 🤍

I edited my own Wikipedia to say whatever I want


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Wikipedia Speedrun but it’s RANDOM


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NgeRangkum Wikipedia 🧐


Gurkistans verrückter Wikipedia Artikel!


A guerra pela verdade na Wikipédia


🤍 Faça a Imersão Dev da Alura: 🤍 No começo da internet havia muita esperança de que ela seria uma fonte de informação livre, segura e acessível a todos. Agora, temos muita informação falsa e algoritmos que convertem cliques em notícias em locais de venda de anúncios de publicidade, o que torna mais complicado o acesso à informação de qualidade. Mas a Wikipédia se mantém livre, com código aberto e de construção coletiva dos temas e cada vez mais importante. No vídeo de hoje, Atila Iamarino nos conta sobre a história da Wikipédia, porque podemos confiar nas informações dela e explica sobre as disputas de narrativas que acontecem dentro desse sistema. Roteiro e apresentação: Atila Iamarino - Twitter 🤍oatila - Instagram 🤍oatila Consultoria Científica: Roberto Takata Direção e Produção: Paloma Sato Apoio de Produção de Conteúdo: Marcelo K. Sato Caramelo: Instagram: 🤍marceloksato Composição de Imagens, Animação e Thumb: Giulia Donadio: Instagram: 🤍giulia_donadio Edição e legenda: Dener Yukio: Instagram: 🤍dyukio Referências: Apic, G., Betts, M. J., & Russell, R. B. (2011). Content disputes in Wikipedia reflect geopolitical instability. PloS one Black, E. W. (2008). Wikipedia and academic peer review: Wikipedia as a recognised medium for scholarly publication?. Online Information Review. Borra, E., Weltevrede, E., Ciuccarelli, P., Kaltenbrunner, A., Laniado, D., Magni, G., ... & Venturini, T. (2015). Societal controversies in Wikipedia articles. Chrzanowski, J., Sołek, J., Fendler, W., & Jemielniak, D. (2021). Assessing public interest based on Wikipedia’s most visited medical articles during the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak: Search trends analysis. Esteves Gonçalves da Costa, B., & Cukierman, H. L. (2019). How anthropogenic climate change prevailed: A case study of controversies around global warming on Portuguese Wikipedia. New Media & Society, Giles, J. (2005). Special Report Internet encyclopaedias go head to head. nature. Jatowt, A., & Tanaka, K. (2012). Is Wikipedia too difficult? Comparative analysis of readability of Wikipedia, simple Wikipedia and Britannica. Jung, C., Hong, I., Sáez-Trumper, D., Lee, D., Myung, J., Kim, D., ... & Cha, M. (2021). Information flow on COVID-19 over Wikipedia: A case study of 11 languages. Kräenbring, J., Monzon Penza, T., Gutmann, J., Muehlich, S., Zolk, O., Wojnowski, L., ... & Sarikas, A. (2014). Accuracy and completeness of drug information in Wikipedia: a comparison with standard textbooks of pharmacology. PloS one Laurent, M. R. (2020). Wikipedia, the free online medical encyclopedia anyone can plagiarize: time to address Wiki-plagiarism. London, D. A., Andelman, S. M., Christiano, A. V., Kim, J. H., Hausman, M. R., & Kim, J. M. (2019). Is Wikipedia a complete and accurate source for musculoskeletal anatomy?. Mahesh, G. (2017). Academia's recognition of Wikipedia. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, PHO, A. (2005). Internet encyclopaedias go head to head. Nature, 438, 15. Rössler, B., Holldack, H., & Schebesta, K. (2015). Influence of wikipedia and other web resources on acute and critical care decisions. A web-based survey. Segault, A. (2022). Wikipedia as a trusted method of information assessment during the COVID-19 crisis. Smith, D. A. (2020). Situating Wikipedia as a health information resource in various contexts: A scoping review. PloS one. Thompson, N., & Hanley, D. (2018). Science is shaped by wikipedia: Evidence from a randomized control trial. Yasseri, T., Sumi, R., Rung, A., Kornai, A., & Kertész, J. (2012). Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia. PloS one, 7(6), e38869. Zastrow, M. (2017). Wikipedia shapes language in science papers. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Peut-on VRAIMENT faire confiance à Wikipédia ? 🌍🤔


Wikipédia, Quora.. Tous ces sites permettent d'avoir du savoir ! Mais... peut-on VRAIMENT leur faire confiance ? Mon extension Chrome à installer ABSOLUMENT : 🤍 Mon INCROYABLE dernière vidéo ➡️ 🤍 🎥 Mon setup COMPLET (PC / Caméra / Autres) : 🤍 Si tu es descendu jusque-là, n'oublie pas de liker la vidéo, après tout, t'as bien cliqué sur "en voir plus", tu peux bien utiliser un clic de plus.... (Merci ❤️️)

How to Make a WikiPedia Page | Step-by-step Tutorial


📈 Get a Wikipedia Page done for you: 🤍 This is a step by step tutorial on how to make a WikiPedia page. Anyone can create a WikiPedia page, and hopefully after watching this tutorial you’ll be able to do it. 👉 Time stamps: 0:00 Intro 0:10 Wikipedia is competitive 0:41 The requirements 1:04 Step 1 : Sign up 1:23 Wikipedia visual editor 1:33 Wikipedia sandbox 2:23 Citations 3:39 Reference lists 3:57 Internal links 4:22 External links 4:46 Publishing your page 5:17 From sandbox to main space 5:28 Requirements for main space 5:42 Live example 6:28 Asking a Wikipedia editor 7:28 Outsourcing to Vettted ✍️ Written guide on How to make a WikiPedia page: 1. Go to and select the WikiPedia for your desired country. In this video I chose 🤍 2. In the upper-right corner, click “create an account”. Put in all the relevant info such as your username and password. 3. Verify your email and login into your new account. 4. Click on “preferences”, then “editing", and then select "Show me both editor tabs" on the "Editing mode" dropdown menu. 5. Click on "sandbox" in the upper-right corner. This is where you'll be able to make your Wikipedia page. You will be able to write your WikiPedia page in full detail. The first thing you should do is create a heading for your page title. I recommend you use the 'visual editor' since it's more user friendly. The toolbar on top gives you all the tools you need to format your page. You can add citations, references, lists, tables, special characters, internal and external links, and various other effects. This toolbar gives you all the tools to make your Wikipedia page come to life! If you still need help, just go to this link: 🤍 It will teach you and guide you in full detail on how to create your first Wikipedia article. 6. After you written your page, it's time to publish it. You can do this by clicking on the "publish page..." button. This will post your wikipedia page on the sandbox. Which you can then move to the main space. 7. To move your Wikipedia page to the main space you need to meet two requirements. The first one is that you need to have at least a 4-day old account. The second requirement is that you need to have made at least 10 edits with your Wikipedia account. 8. After the page is moved from the sandbox to the main space, you will most likely get plenty of feedback from Wikipedia's community on what can be improved on your page. Your Wikipedia page will most likely not stick on the first try, but don't get discouraged. Just take all the feedback into consideration and try again. 9. If you want to outsource all of this work to a WikiPedia expert, you can do so on You can learn how to create a link from Wikipedia by watching this video: 🤍

Former Founder Of Wikipedia Says Wikipedia Is BROKEN, Lies Stay Up And There's No Recourse


Tim, Ian, and Lydia join Larry Sanger, the former co-founder of Wikipedia, to discuss what's gone wrong with the platform. Sign Up For Exclusive Episodes At 🤍 Guest: Larry Sanger 🤍LSanger (Twitter) Merch - 🤍 Hosts: Tim 🤍Timcast (everywhere) Ian 🤍IanCrossland (everywhere) Lydia 🤍SourPatchLyds (Twitter, Minds), 🤍RealSourPatchLyds (Gab, Instagram) Podcast available on iTunes and Spotify, coming soon to all podcast platforms!

¿Es bueno usar Wikipedia?


Porque siempre habrán personas que te digan: esto es de Wikipedia. Esto es lo que les puedes responder. ▼▼ ¡Sígueme en las redes sociales! ▼▼ FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 GOOGLE + 🤍 También puedes COMPARTIR este video con tus amigos. ¡Te lo agradecería muchísimo!

9 Dark Wikipedia Pages to Creep You Out


Wikipedia is a hub of knowledge, but sometimes ignorance is bliss... Lazy's Patreon: 🤍 Become a Channel Member: 🤍 Thumbnail, Outro and Profile Picture by Robin (Rangerreeb): 🤍 🤍 Music by the massively talented Myuuji: 🤍 Intro by Anthony Salinas: 🤍 This channel specialises in narrating scary true stories. They are mostly collected from Reddit forums and 2chan, as well as from viewer submissions. They are similar to other channels such as Mr Nightmare and Letsread! I also do the occasional creepy pasta and countdown list. If you would like to hear more creepy, fear inducing stories then please show your support by liking and subscribing, and until next time, remember: the best things happen in the dark. Music by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Join my Discord Server! 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍lazy_masquerade_official Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Follow me on Facebook: 🤍 Video footage: 🤍 Email me at: lazymasquerade🤍 Special thanks to my supporters on Patreon: Mark Furnish Leonardo Martinez Hungry&hammeredBetch Aura dragon1 TheOnlyDorita LORD210 Azrael Warakai Silas Gheist Mathew J. Bower Alba Medrano Hamish Kay Infamous-senpapi Sieg, Kyle R. ghostsiren Connor Louthan Kelly rocco Darius Saffaie Kelly Rocco Nadine Alicia L Michael Moon Phantom Knight bansidheaz Sloane Crawford Sarah Ramirez AnimeWimp Martin Vatland Gina Valera ProCupidineNata Philip Westre Alex Greensall Tom King Charles Wilson Monica Mendoza Crawford K McDonald Mark Shores Kiya Evans Mrs YVONNE RANKIN Horror Hoarder Timothy Misodoulakis Abbie Kimmel Ricky Cowan Jr brenda chapman Carlos Villavicencio Stephanie Hilst-Poland Andrew Miller Angela Chapman Tatted Raven Barista Angela Chapman Elizabeth Gonzalez Alana Pons Ruth O'Neal Sarah Bunch ElderYouth Abbie Marillat Laura G. Smith Kire Jen M.-Child Kristoffer Reinli Taylor&Moncia Gruenke

A Teacher Defends Wikipedia


My friend 🤍JJMcCullough recently released a video trashing Wikipedia: 🤍 ...and I felt compelled to respond. My Wikipedia song: 🤍 For business inquiries or to send snail mail to Mr. Beat: 🤍 🤍 Buy Mr. Beat merch: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Buy Mr. Beat's book: 🤍 How to support Mr. Beat: Donate to Mr. Beat for great perks on Patreon: 🤍 Donate to Mr. Beat on Paypal: 🤍 Buy Mr. Beat a coffee: 🤍 “Free” ways to show support: Subscribe to my channel Turn on notifications Like, share, and comment on my videos Connect: Mr. Beat on Cameo, yo: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Reddit: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Twitter: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Facebook: 🤍 Mr. Beat on Instagram: 🤍 Mr. Beat's Discord server: 🤍 Mr. Beat's TikTok: 🤍 Mr. Beat’s website: 🤍 Mr. Beat's band: 🤍 Mr. Beat’s second channel: 🤍 Listen on Spotify: 🤍 Mr. Beat favorites: POP! Icons: George Washington 🤍 Shampoo: 🤍 Acne fighter: 🤍 Wallet: 🤍 Recommended books: Republic, Lost by Lawrence Lessing 🤍 Truman by David McCullough 🤍 How the States Got Their Shapes by Mark Stein 🤍 Command and Control by Eric Scholosser 🤍 The Age of Fracture by Daniel Rodgers 🤍 Blowback by Chalmers Johnson 🤍 The Third Reich at War by Richard Evans 🤍 Railroaded by Richard White 🤍 The War on Normal People by Andrew Yang 🤍 A Short History of Reconstruction by Eric Foner 🤍 The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt 🤍 Studio equipment: Canon EOS M50 Camera EF-M 15-45mm Lens 🤍 Samtian LED Video Light Kit 🤍 TroyStudio Acoustic Panel 🤍 Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic 🤍 Affiliate Links: Useful Charts: 🤍 Typesy: 🤍... Kids Connect: 🤍 Ekster: 🤍?sca_ref=444709.jvl... I use MagicLinks for all my ready-to-shop product links. Check it out here: 🤍 FTC Disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links.

Wikipedia und der Biologe Clemens Arvay - Nachtreten, wenn jemand am Boden liegt | #83 Wikihausen


Groteskes und Postfaktisches präsentiert von Dirk Pohlmann und Markus Fiedler. Kommentieren Sie dieses Video unter: 🤍 #WikipediaIstKeinLexikon! - Der Biologe Clemens Arvay hat sich am 18.2.2023 das Leben genommen. Einen erheblichen Anteil an diesem Selbstmord soll die Schmierenkampagne in der Wikipedia gehabt haben. Clemens Arvay, der stets mit bedachter Wortwahl und leiser Stimme sich zu den Corona-Impfstoffen geäußert hat, wurde mit einer beispiellosen Schmierenkampagne in den Medien konfrontiert. Allen voran die Wikipedia. Darin der maximalst diskreditierende Artikel war das Ergebnis von Wikipediaeditoren mit äußerst toxischem Sozialverhalten, die ihre maximale Befriedigung daraus ziehen, dass sie Macht ausüben und über Machtmissbrauch anderen schaden können. Diese Schmierenkampagne führte zu einer tiefen Verzweiflung des sympathischen Biologen, der in Folge der Medienhetze u.a. auch seinen Doktorvater und den Unistandort für seine Dissertation wechseln musste. Wir untersuchen den heutigen Stand des Artikels zu Clemens Arvay und wie sich die Wikipedianer nach dem 18. Februar 2023 in der Diskussion zum Arvay-Wikipediaeintrag verhalten haben. Ebenfalls beleuchten wir retrospektiv die Anfänge dieser Hetzkampagne in der Wikipedia an der maßgeblich die Autoren "Fiona B." und "Perfect Tommy" beteiligt waren und immer noch sind. Aufgrund steter Zensurmaßnahmen auf Youtube ziehen wir jetzt die Reißleine. Sie werden zukünftig zu allererst Sendungen von uns nur noch exklusiv auf unseren eigenen Videoservern finden! Die Youtube-Sendungen folgen dann mehrere Tage verzögert. Folgen Sie uns auf: 🤍 Abonnieren Sie dort unseren Kanal: 🤍 Falls Sie weitere, Ihnen liebgewordene Sender vermissen, wie KenFM, Daniele Ganser, Exomagazin.TV, Querdenken, usw. dann folgen Sie uns auf: Dort können Sie sich auch anmelden und ein in weniger als zwei Minuten ein Konto erstellen. Ausführliche Erklärungen dazu im Video. - Haben Sie den Film "die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" gesehen? Wissen Sie davon, dass in der Wikipedia etwas nicht stimmt? Die Wikipedia ist nicht nur das, was sie zu sein scheint. Es ist mehr als ein Lexikon. Es ist auch ein Scheinlexikon. Eine kleine aber effektive Meinungsmanipulationsmaschine. In gewissen Bereichen wird das Lexikon zum Pseudolexikon und wird in diesen Sparten schon seit Jahren von einer kleinen Gruppe, bestehend aus ca. 200 Personen, dominiert. Das einzig verbliebene Etwas, das so aussieht wie ein Nachschlagewerk, befindet sich in der Hand von Dogmatikern und Leuten, die rund um die Uhr in die Wikipedia schreiben, aber keine Qualifikation auf den Gebieten haben, über die sie schreiben. Ihnen ist in der Wikipedia noch nichts aufgefallen? Dann kann es sein, dass Sie bisher nur Artikel gelesen haben, in denen es um Naturwissenschaften und Technik und nicht um Geld, Weltanschauungen, Politik und Geostrategien ging. Wir beleuchten in jeder Folge einen Artikel von den dunklen Seiten der Wikipedia und zeigen auf, was dort nicht stimmt. Folgen Sie mit uns in die Abgründe einer Meinungsmanipulationsmaschine. Links: "Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" 🤍 "Zensur - die organisierte Manipulation der Wikipedia und anderer Medien" 🤍 Skipte und Zusatzinformationen zu den Filmen: 🤍 Liebe Zuschauer, bitte unterstützen Sie unsere Arbeit mit einer einmaligen Zuwendung oder einem Dauerauftrag. Kontoverbindungen finden Sie hier: 🤍

Entenda: por que a Wikipédia pede dinheiro? O site corre o risco de ACABAR!?


O objetivo desse vídeo não é defender ou criticar a Wikipédia, quem decide se vai doar ou não é você e só você. O que a gente vai mostrar aqui é por que essas campanhas acontecem e como é a estrutura financeira dela. Aliás, a Wikipédia como um todo completou 20 anos de vida em janeiro de 2021, enquanto a versão em português celebrou a mesma idade em 11 de maio de 2021. 📚 Veja a história da Wikipédia: 🤍 🔥 Se liga na oferta que encontramos para você!!! 🔥 Novo Fire TV Stick Lite com Alexa integrado: 🤍 Amazon Prime: 🤍 Kindle Unlimited: 🤍 [Tipo: Entenda] Feliz dia dos Namorados! 💜 Reagindo as PIORES cantadas dos inscritos no dia dos namorados: 🤍 CRÉDITOS Roteiro: Nilton Kleina Apresentação: Nilton Kleina Imagens: Matheus Zimmer Edição de vídeo: Fernanda Breda Motion Graphics: Fernanda Breda e Gustavo Silva Arte: Fernando Perazzoli A melhor programação está no TecMundo - História da Tecnologia - Entenda - Análises, Unboxings e tudo sobre Produtos! - Matérias especiais - Plantão COVID-19 As Boas Notícias - Drops de Notícias - Listas - Hoje no TecMundo #Wikipédia #Entenda #Doação

The Secret King of Wikipedia #10



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