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How Authentic ADANA KEBAB is Made - Turkey's Most Famous Kebab


Adana Kebab is a unique and possibly the most famous kebab originating from one of the most famous kebab cities in the country, Adana. Authentic Adana kebab is made with ground lamb and tail fat that are hand minced together with just salt, paprika / hot red pepper flakes and sometimes with fresh red paprika pepper giving it an intense lamb flavor. Unlike many recipes on Internet and Youtube, the authentic Adana kebab recipe does not contain any onion, garlic or any other ingredients and thus the unique and pure lamb flavor. It's traditionally served on a platter over flatbreads, charred peppers and tomatoes, or wrapped into lavash bread along with a simple and traditional onion salad. Full list of ingredients and instructions below in the description. Please consider subscribing and help my channel to improve for better content: 🤍 Follow me on: Instagram: 🤍 Ingredients: • 500 g lamb (if possible from a male lamb - belly, ribs or top round) • 50 - 100 g lamb tail fat (depending on the fat content of the meat) • 1 tsp salt (about 5 g)* • 2 tsp paprika powder (about 5 g)* • Optional: finely chopped red paprika pepper • Lavash or pita bread, chopped onions, tomatoes, chilies to serve * (between 3% - 8% of the meat according to the registered recipe) Instructions: 1. Remove the sinews and connecting tissues of the lamb and cut into smaller pieces 2. Let the meat rest in the fridge overnight and 30 min in the freezer before starting to chop 3. Depending on the fat content of the meat, add lamb tail fat by cutting into small pieces (i.e. if you are using leg of lamb instead of ribs or belly) 4. The total fat content should be between 15 – 30 %. 5. With a big cleaver or mezzaluna (use kebab knife if available), mince the meat 6. At this point, be careful not to smash the meat, just cut into smaller pieces to bring together 7. Once the meat is roughly minced, add 1 tsp salt and 2 tsp paprika 8. Optionally, chop 1 med size paprika pepper, squeeze the excess liquid and add to the mixture 9. Gently mix to combine all and chop with the knife to incorporate all ingredients 10. Divide into 120 – 150 g pieces and let the meat cool a bit in the fridge 11. Keep the skewers in the fridge to cool them down, as it helps with forming the kebabs and they will not fall down easily if both the meat mixture and the skewers are cold. 12. Wet your fingers and thread each portion onto large flat kebab skewers Tips: a. Keep the meat and the skewers in the freezer for 20 – 30 minutes. This way, the meat will firm up and the skewers will be cold and the threading the meat onto skewers will be easier. b. First, thrust the skewer into the meat, and slowly push down with your fingers to evenly layer the meat on the skewer c. Gently press with your fingers (between the thumb and middle fingers) from top to bottom to evenly distribute the meat on the skewer d. Close the ends by sealing the meat with your fingers e. If possible, store the skewered kebabs in a fridge while preparing the BBQ 13. Prepare the grill with charcoals and first roast the tomatoes and the chilies 14. Once the charcoal is ember and medium hot, start grilling the kebabs 15. Rotate the skewers after 30 - 60 secs, once the bottom side is slightly cooked, avoiding the meat from falling off the skewers 16. After 2 - 3minutes, once the fat starts dripping, remove the kebabs, layer between lavash bread and soak up the excess fat (avoids excessive flames and bread is flavored with the melting fat) 17. This will enhance the taste of the lavash and avoid flames on the grill 18. Once the kebabs are cooked (about 3-4 minutes per side, 6 - 8 minutes in total), transfer the kebabs onto the plate on top of the lavash bread. Rotate frequently to cook evenly and avoid the meat from falling down) 19. Serve the kebabs on a large platter together with flatbreads, onion salad, roasted tomatoes and chilies Links to some of the ingredients and equipments I use (Affiliate links*): ☕ Glass Measuring Jug 1 litre: 🤍 🔪 My favorite (budget) Whetstone for Knife Sharpening: 🤍 🔪 WÜSTHOF CLASSIC IKON 8 Inch Chef’s Knife : 🤍 🧤 Food Safe Black Nitrile Gloves, Box of 100: 🤍 🍢 Flat Kebab Skewers: 🤍 🍢 Square Kabob Skewers: 🤍 🔪 Turkish Kebab and Meat Knife 50 cm: 🤍 🔪 Turkish Kebab and Meat Knife 40 cm: 🤍 *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, I will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase. #adanakebab #turkishkebab #lambkebab

ADANA KEBAB Real Authentic Recipe ⚠️ Extremely delicious ❗ ASMR Relaxing Cooking


My dear friends, today I made the real authentic recipe of Adana Kebab. If you liked the video, be sure to like it and write your comments! Goodbye! 🔔 Make sure you have activated the bell so you don't miss any of our videos! 🌐 Our other profiles: ▶Instagram: 🤍 ▶Facebook: 🤍 ▶TikTok: 🤍 ▶YouTube: 🤍 Turkish recipe Adana Kebab: Adana kebab is a type of kebab prepared with minced meat, called armor, with a knife a large knife with a curved blade. The most important feature that distinguishes Adana kebab from other kebabs is the meat used in its preparation. The meat used to make the skewers must come from male sheep raised in the wild and on the highlands. The part to use are the lamb ribs. #kebab #adanakebab #sandwich #roast #together #unclehajjiskitchen #Recipe #dish #Meat #grill #garden #vegetable #barbecue #sauce #food #cooking #kitchen #outdoor #wild #village #best

Selling 1 Ton per Day?! - INSANE Doner Kebab in Turkey - Turkish Street Food


How to make doner kebab? Döner is prepared twice a day. They make 30 tons doner kebab every month. Delicious Turkish street food in Adana. Follow our channel for the best street food.

How 1.5 Tonnes Of Döner Kebab Is Made Every Day At This Legendary Kebab Shop In Turkey | Big Batches


Peçenek Döner is a restaurant chain in Turkey that specializes in döner. Across three branches, the restaurant prepares anywhere from 300 to 500 kilograms of meat for its döner kebab. The restaurant assembles multiple döner kebabs throughout the day and serves up to 1,500 customers every day. We stepped into one of its kitchens to see how cooks prepare the döner kebabs along with other popular items, such as lavash and rice pudding. MORE BIG BATCHES VIDEOS: How The World’s Biggest Batches Of Food Are Made | Big Batches Season 1 Marathon | Insider Food 🤍 How 3,000 Legendary Samsas Are Baked In Uzbekistan | Big Batches | Insider Food 🤍 How 40,000 People Are Fed Daily During Baba Milan In Rajasthan, India | Big Batches | Insider Food 🤍 #Kebab #BigBatches #InsiderFood Insider is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Visit our homepage for the top stories of the day: 🤍 Insider Food on Facebook: 🤍 Insider Food on Instagram: 🤍 Insider Food on Twitter: 🤍 Insider Food on TikTok: 🤍 Food Wars on Snapchat: 🤍 How 1.5 Tonnes Of Döner Kebab Is Made Every Day At This Legendary Kebab Shop In Turkey | Big Batches

The Best Döner Kebab In Berlin | Legendary Eats


Döner Kebabs are all over Berlin, likely because a Turkish-German man saw a need for cheap, portable lunch for the city’s many laborers. It’s thought that the first döner kebab sandwich was sold in 1972, using the same meat rotisseries that have been popular throughout Turkey and beyond for centuries. Today, locals and tourists alike line up at Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap, a small unassuming stall that opened in 2006. We visit the shop, speak to its founder as well as customers about what makes Mustafa’s the best döner kebab in Berlin. #Kebab #Berlin #FoodInsider Insider is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: 🤍 Food Insider on Facebook: 🤍 Food Insider on Instagram: 🤍 Food Insider on Twitter: 🤍 Insider on Snapchat: 🤍 Insider on Amazon Prime: 🤍 Insider on TikTok: 🤍 Food Insider on Dailymotion: 🤍 The Best Döner Kebab In Berlin | Legendary Eats

How to Make Doner Kebab - This Master Prepares Doner Kebab With Amazing Skills


This master prepares delicious Turkish doner kebab, pita and lahmacun. Turkish street food Location: Hobyar, Tatseven Restoran - Eminönü, Hobyar Reşadiye Caddesi, Kömürcü Bekir Sk. No:16, 34112 Fatih/İstanbul

The Legend of Turkish Cuisine, Kebab | Very Easy, Homemade Shish Kebab Recipe


Today is the day to learn how to make Turkish #AdanaKebab which is the staple of beautiful Turkish cuisine. You will definitely be surprised by the ease of making a great, homemade #shishkebab and the best way to eat your #kebab. On the recipe I mix the original recipe with some special Refika tricks, do not miss the video 👌 Check out our Etsy Shop: 🤍 JOIN: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 For the kebap, 250 g ground beef, (rib) single ground (alternatively, lamb meat or a mixture of 60% beef & 40% lamb) 1 red hot chili pepper, finely chopped (soak in hot water if using dried pepper) 1/3 red pepper, finely chopped (bell peppers works great as well) 4 small green peppers, finely chopped 2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped 1 tablespoon red pepper flakes 1 teaspoon salt Lavaş (or tortillas) For the red onions with sumac, 2 red onions, sliced into semicircles 7-8 sprigs of parsley, chopped A pinch of salt 2 tablespoons olive oil 1,5 tablespoons ground sumac • Soak 4 wooden skewers in water for an hour to prevent burning. You can skip that step if you using metal skewers. • Mix the red hot chili pepper, red pepper, green peppers and the garlic and chop them together again. • Season with salt and red pepper flakes -if using sweet peppers-. • Add the meat and chop them together to mix for 2 minutes. • Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts. • Mold each part onto separate skewers. Slowly push the meat mixture from top to the bottom with your fingers. Leave 3 cm gaps from the top and the bottom of the skewer. If the meat mixture seperate from the skewer, refrigerate it for around 15 minutes. Wetting your hands with cold water will help preventing stickiness. • Refrigerate for 15 minutes. • These are traditionally cooked on the barbecue, but I have a technique for you to create the same great taste at home using a cast iron pan. Heat your cast iron pan on high heat. • When the pan is hot, place your skewers on the sides of the pan without touching any part touching the bottom. This way, the heat from the pan will cook them. • Flip the skewers regularly and cook for 5-6 minutes. • For the onion with sumac, sprinkle a pinch of salt on the onions and rub it to soften. • Add in the olive oil, ground sumac, parsley, the rest of the salt, then mix again. • Put the lavaş on the kebap and press to let the bread soak all the flavours from the kebap. • It is time to eat! Wrap them all together in the lavash and take the perfect bite. Enjoy with your loved ones! ►SUBSCRIBE ► ►► 🤍 ►CHECK OUT OUR TURKISH CHANNEL ► ►► 🤍 ►CHECK OUT OUR TURKISH VIDEOS W/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES ► ►► 🤍 ►Our Etsy Store for International Shopping: 🤍 ►Our Amazon Store for UK Shopping: 🤍 ►Uluslararası Alışverişler İçin Etsy Sayfamız: 🤍 ►To subscribe our Turkish channel: 🤍 To follow what is happening in our kitchen and cooking school; ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Website: 🤍

Amazing Turkish Kebab - This Master Prepares Salad With Incredible Skill


These masters cook delicious kebabs and skillfully prepare salads. Follow our channel for the best street food.

Kaburga Kemiğinde Adana Kebabı | kebab on the rib bone


#kebap #kamp #doğadayız kış kampında doğada kaburga kemiğinde adana kebap yaptık afiyet olsun. In the winter camp, we made adana kebab with ribs in nature. 📌KANALA ABONE OL ÜCRETSİZ ➤➤ 🤍 📌İNSTAGRAM TAKİP ET ➤➤ 🤍 📌Videoların devamı İçin videoları beğenerek kanala abone olursanız sevinirim herkese iyi seyirler. 📌Yeni yüklenen videolardan haberdar olmak için kanaldaki ZİL Butonuna tıklamanız yeterli. Instagram : ➤ 🤍

طبخ أسهل وأسرع وصفة كفته كباب بدون فرن مع الصوصات! kofta kebab has never been so easy and delicious


طبخ وصفة كباب كفتة لذيذة وسهلة وسريعة بدون فرن مع ثلاث وصفات صلصات لذيذة. Cooking a delicious, EASY, and Fast kofta kebab recipe without an oven along with three sauce recipes. تتوفر ترجمات لجميع اللغات لهذا الفيديو. لا تتردد في تفعيله. إذا كنت قد استمتعت بهذا الفيديو ، فيرجى الاشتراك في القناة وتشغيل الإخطار 🔔 لمشاهدة أحدث مقاطع الفيديو الخاصة بنا. أخبرنا برأيك في هذه الوصفة في قسم التعليقات ، حتى باستخدام رمز تعبيري 😊. نحن نحب ملاحظاتك. مكونات لخلطة الكباب نحتاج إلى التالي لحم خروف مفروم (1000 جرام) ملعقة صغيرة من كل مما يلي: ملح فلفل اسود الفلفل الأحمر الحار فلفل أحمر كمون كزبرة ملعقة كبيرة ثوم مبشور نصف كوب بقدونس بصل مقطع (100 جرام) زيت مكونات الصلصات الثلاثة صلصة # 1 ملعقتان كبيرتان من المايونيز ملعقة كبيرة زبادي ملعقة كبيرة كاتشب نصف ملعقة كبيرة خل فلفل اسود صلصة # 2 ثلاث ملاعق كبيرة من الزبادي ملعقة كبيرة صلصة طحينة ملعقة صغيرة من عصير الليمون ملح وفلفل ربع ملعقة صغيرة كمون ملعقتين كبيرتين من الماء صلصة # 3 نصف طماطم حبتان فلفل حار ملعقتان كبيرتان من مسحوق الفلفل الحار ملعقة كبيرة من رقائق الفلفل الأحمر الحار ثلاث ملاعق كبيرة من الخل ملعقة كبيرة زيت طبخ ملح خضروات مكملة للكباب بصل الفلفل الحار والفلفل طماطم تعليمات خطوة بخطوة لعمل وصفة الكباب في وعاء كبير نضيف المكونات التالية لحم خروف مفروم (1000 جرام) ملعقة صغيرة ملح وملعقة صغيرة فلفل أسود ملعقة صغيرة من كل من الفلفل الأحمر الحار والبابريكا والكمون والكزبرة ملعقة كبيرة ثوم مبشور نصف كوب بقدونس بصل مقطع (100 جرام) صفي الماء من البصل امزج كل شيء ضعه في الثلاجة لمدة 30 دقيقة حتى يسهل تشكيل الكباب. تحضير الصلصات الثلاثة صلصة # 1 أضف المكونات التالية في وعاء صغير ملعقتان كبيرتان من المايونيز ملعقة كبيرة زبادي ملعقة كبيرة كاتشب نصف ملعقة كبيرة خل فلفل اسود تخلط جميع المكونات وتوضع في الثلاجة حتى وقت التقديم صوص # 2 أضف المكونات التالية إلى وعاء صغير ثلاث ملاعق كبيرة من الزبادي ملعقة كبيرة صلصة طحينة ملعقة صغيرة من عصير الليمون ملح وفلفل ربع ملعقة صغيرة كمون ملعقتين كبيرتين من الماء اخلطي جميع المكونات وضعيها في الثلاجة صلصة # 3 نصف طماطم حبتان فلفل حار ملعقتان كبيرتان من مسحوق الفلفل الحار ملعقة كبيرة من رقائق الفلفل الأحمر الحار ثلاث ملاعق كبيرة من الخل ملعقة كبيرة زيت طبخ ملح يُمزج في الخلاط ويُحفظ في الثلاجة بمجرد مرور 30 ​​دقيقة ، ابدأ بترطيب يديك وابدأ في تشكيل الكباب يُطهى في مقلاة مسخنة مع القليل من زيت لإضافة اللون والنكهة إلى طبق التقديم ، قم بقلي البصل والفلفل الحار والفلفل الحلو وطماطم في نفس المقلاة التي استخدمتها في طهي الكباب Subtitles for all languages are available for this video. Feel free to activate it. If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to the channel and turn on the 🔔 notification to watch our latest videos. Tell us what you think about this recipe in the comments section, even with an emoji 😊. We love your feedback. Ingredients For the kebab mix Ground lamb meat (1000 grams) One tsp of each of the following: Salt Black pepper Red chili peppers Paprika Cumin Coriander One tbsp of grated garlic Half a cup parsley Chopped onions (100 grams) Cooking oil Ingredients for the three sauces SAUCE #1 Two tbsps of mayonnaise One tbsp of yogurt One tbsp of ketchup Half a tbsp of vinegar Black pepper SAUCE #2 Three tbsps of yogurt One tbsp of tahini sauce One tsp of lemon juice Salt and pepper One fourth of a tsp of cumin Two tbsps of water SAUCE #3 Half a tomato Two hot peppers Two tbsps of hot pepper powder One tbsp of red chili peppers flakes Three tbsps of vinegar One tbsp of cooking oil Salt Vegetables to complement the kebab Onions Hot peppers and bell peppers Tomatoes Step by step instructions for making the Kebab recipe In a big bowl add the following ingredients Ground lamb meat (1000 grams) One tsp of salt and one tsp of black pepper One tsp of each of red chili peppers, paprika, cumin, and coriander One tbsp of grated garlic Half a cup parsley Chopped onions (100 grams) Strain the water from the onions Mix everything Place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes so it can be easier to shape the Kebab. Prepare the three sauces Sauce #1 Add the following ingredients into a small bowl Two tbsps of mayonnaise One tbsp of yogurt One tbsp of ketchup Half a tbsp of vinegar Black pepper Mix all the ingredients and place in the refrigerator until serving time Sauce #2 Add the following ingredients to a small bowl Three tbsps of yogurt One tbsp of tahini sauce One tsp of lemon juice Salt and pepper One fourth of a tsp of cumin Two tbsps of water Mix all the ingredients and place pin the refrigerator Sauce #3 Half a tomato Two hot peppers Two tbsps of hot pepper powder One tbsp of red chili peppers flakes Three tbsps of vinegar One tbsp of cooking oil Salt Blend in the blender and keep in the refrigerator Once the 30 minutes have passed, start by wetting your hands and begin shaping the kebab Cook in a preheated pan with a little cooking oil To add color and flavor to your serving plate fry onions, hot peppers,bell peppers, and tomatoes in the same pan you used to cook the kebab #kofta #kebab #tasty #yummy #lunch #كفتة #كباب #طبخ #غداء

Kebab Sandwich | The Golden Balance


#shorts Superior Kebab Sandwich 😈 For 6 kebabs: 1 lb Ground beef or lamb 1 tsp garlic & onion powder 2 tsp smoked paprika 1/2 tsp cayenne 1/2 tsp all spice 1 tsp salt 1 jalapeño 1 tomato 1/2 white onion 1/2 cup cilantro or parsley 1 Roma tomato 1/4 cup feta cheese White sauce: 1 cup full fat yogurt 1/4 sesame paste 1/2 lemon juice and zest 2 Tbsp vinegar Salt to taste 3 pitas Finish with potato crisps if you’re petty and a mix of raw parsley and white onions

It's Really Amazing! - 100,000 Visitors per Month! - Best Turkish Doner Kebab


This is the best Turkish Doner Kebab. It name is Agababa Doner. Follow our channel for the best street food.

Doğada El Yapımı Cağ Kebabı 🥩 / Cooking handmade cag kebab in nature


#outdoorcooking #outdoors #camping Doğada el yapımı cağ kebabı pişirme cooking handmade cag kebab in nature 📌KANALA ABONE OL ÜCRETSİZ ➤➤ 🤍 📌İNSTAGRAM TAKİP ET ➤➤ 🤍 📌Videoların devamı İçin videoları beğenerek kanala abone olursanız sevinirim herkese iyi seyirler. 📌Yeni yüklenen videolardan haberdar olmak için kanaldaki ZİL Butonuna tıklamanız yeterli. Instagram : ➤ 🤍

Kebab King! - 4000 Pieces Kebab Sales Per Day! - Amazing Turkish Street Food


Very Delicious kebab and doner, best Turkish Street Food compilation Follow our channel for the best street food.



How to make Döner Kebab, Germany's most popular street food.


Thank you to GEICO for sponsoring this video. Click here➡️ 🤍 to see how much money you could save by bundling your home and auto insurance! The Doner Kebab is Berlin’s most popular street food and in my opinion, one of the greatest sandwiches I’ve ever eaten. This is one I had to try and recreate at home. Subscribe to Andong: 🤍 📃 RECIPE Link: 🤍 🌳 Join our Cooking Community: 🤍 📚 Videos & Sources mentioned: ▪ Berlin Food Stories - 🤍 ▪ Middle Eats Pide Recipe - 🤍 ▪ Doner Shops we visited - 🤍 📸 Instagram ➔ 🤍 🎚 TikTok ➔ 🤍 🐣 Twitter ➔ 🤍 USEFUL KITCHEN GEAR 🌡Thermapen Thermometer: 🤍 🍳 Made In Wok I use: 🤍 🥌 Budget Whetstone for sharpening: 🤍 🧂 Salt Pig: 🤍 ⚖ Scale: 🤍 🍴 Budget 8-inch Chef's knife: 🤍 🔪 Nicer 8-inch Chef Knife: 🤍 🧲 Magnetic Knife Rack: 🤍 🥘 Cast iron griddle: 🤍 📄 Baking Sheet: 🤍 🛒 Wire Rack: 🤍 🍳 Saucepan: 🤍 🪓 Woodcutting board: 🤍 ⏱ TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 1:21 Doner 101 4:03 1 - The Bread 7:17 2 - The Sauce 9:37 3 - The Shaved Meat 16:28 4 - The Salad 18:11 Taste Test 🎵 Music by Epidemic Sound (free 30-day trial - Affiliate): 🤍 MISC. DETAILS Music: Provided by Epidemic Sound Filmed on: Sony a6600 & Sony A7C Voice recorded on Shure MV7 Edited in: Premiere Pro Affiliate Disclosure: Ethan is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to [](🤍 and affiliated sites.

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A huge Doner Kebab made of Homemade and Fresh Meat! After this video you will get hungry


👨‍🍳 Our special Cookware - 🤍 🔔 Make sure that you have the bell turned on, so you will definitely not miss any of our videos! 🌐 Our other profiles: ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Facebook: 🤍 If you want to support us: 🤍 ❓ ABOUT US: Wilderness Cooking channel about cooking delicious dishes in the wild. We live in a village and try to find very beautiful places to shoot. ⏩ A few ultimate-delicious recipes from my channel: ◼ Guinea fowl cooking in oven: 🤍 ◼ Bull tail stew with chestnut: 🤍 ◼ Chestnut dish with lamb meat: 🤍 ◼ Bull heart dish recipe: 🤍 ◼ Liver kebab of lamb: 🤍 ◼ Cooking lamb brains recipe: 🤍 ◼ Lamb testicles kabob: 🤍 ◼ How to cook rabbit in the wilderness: 🤍 ◼ Vegetables and lamb bbq kebab: 🤍 ◼ The best buglama recipe: 🤍 ◼ Spicy lamb shish kebabs recipes: 🤍 ◼ Garlic Grill Lamb Caucasian style: 🤍 #doner #village #meat

Extreme Street Food in TURKEY! 81-year-old GRANDPA prepares 250 kg of Doner kebab every day


Hello my friends! Welcome to Pure Life! We present our next series of hot videos in Turkey. Today we visited the most famous and tastiest Doner places in Istanbul. Here you can taste the real taste of Turkish Doners. The most interesting thing was the taste of the doneri cooked by the 81-year-old grandfather in a delicious and unique way. Watch it yourself and visit here. We will show you the best. Thank you very much for supporting us! #purelife #turkishstreetfood #foodlover #foodvlog #amazingfood We hope we don’t bore you. Enjoy our videos: "PALOVHONTORA" for SAHAR and IFTAR in Ramadan | How to prepare ORIGINAL Uzbek holiday Pilaf? "SUMALAK, DARVESHONA, TANDOORI" Collection of favorite spring Dishes | Uzbekistan "HANUM - GUMMA - OSH" Center | The QUEEN of FOOD | Uniquely Delicious Street Foods What is the SECRET of Legendary SAMARKAND bread? Choice of MILLIONS of people | Pure Life The KING of Uzbek dishes | "ZIGIR OSH - TOY OSH" Favorite food of Millions of people GUMMA | The CHEAPEST and Most Sold Street FOOD | 3500-4000 pcs daily Tuna, Shark, Crab, Octopus and 1000 different OCEAN creatures | Big Waterfront Market LUXURY Uzbek WEDDING Day for 300 people | Amazing skill of CHEFS !!! Part 2 Uzbek National Bread | Baked in the TANDOOR | popular types of Bread Pulao from Yellow Carrots | Tashkent Wedding Pilaf | Great recipe BESHBARMAK | From horse meat and Quail birds | Very strong food Largest Tandoori SAMOSA | 1500 pieces Samosa in 5 Tandoor | "QIPCHOQ" samosa center Legendary HALIM of 1000 years ago | A special energizing meal | Pure Life 500 pieces Uzbek BIG Tandoor Samosa and 400 pieces small Fatir | Popular street Food

This Place is Kebab Heaven - People Line Up For This Kebab - Street Food


There are delicious kebabs and lahmacun (Turkish pizza) here. Location : Koşuyolu Mahallesi Dr. Eyüp Aksoy Caddesi, Civarı, Siyami Ersek Kalp Hst. No: 29, 34716 Kadıköy/İstanbul

The Most Famous Doner Kebab in Istanbul - People Line Up For This Street Food


Istanbul's Most Famous Doner Kebabs - Street Food Compilation

Za French Guy! Dibs El ROmain


🤍CHEFROMAINAVRIL Got someing BEDDAR! - For more content like this follow us on 🤳🏽 - Instagram: 🌯 🤍shelbyscanada 🎥 🤍sultannabhani.films Tiktok: Shelbyscanada FB: Shelbyscanada

Adana'nın ünlü kebapçısı Hasan Ustadan kebap şov


Adana'nın ünlü kebapçısı Hasan Usta size muhteşen bir kebap yapıyor

Kebab ou Kefta Receita turca aprenda a fazer passo a passo


Kebab ou Kefta Receita turca aprenda a fazer passo a passo Ingredientes: 3 copos americanos de farinha de trigo 390g 1 Colher de sopa de açúcar 1 colher de fermento biológico 10g 1 e meio copo de agua morna 1 colher de sopa de sal para a kefta : 400 gramas de carne moída 25% de gordura Pimentão vermelho Pimentão verde salsinha cebola pequena 1 colher de sopa de pasta de tomate 1 colher de sopa de páprica 1 colher de chá de pimenta preta 1 colher de chá de canela Quarto de uma colher de chá de cominho fino sal a gosto molho : Duas colheres de azeite uma cebola 2 dentes de alho Pimentão vermelho Tomate pelado e picado colher de sopa de pasta de tomate colher de chá de páprica Uma pitada de cominho fino pitada de pimenta preta pitada de coentro seco 1 colher de sopa de molho picante, qualquer tipo 1 Quarto de xícara de água se você gostou da receita de hoje deixa seu gostei e compartilhe isso vai me ajudar muito beijos e até o próximo vídeo, inscreva-se ai no canal =) 🔶✔me siga no Instagram : 🤍 🔶link do vídeo para compartilhar :🤍 🔶esfiha de frigideira bem saborosa receita árabe :🤍 esfiha árabe com um toque especial da síria:🤍 🔶pão sírio ou pão de shawarma bem simples e fácil : 🤍 🔶como fazer a pasta árabe de pimentão vermelho :🤍

My Favorite Turkish Dish - Iskender Kebap | The Golden Balance


Iskender Kebap 😈 10/10 2 lbs beef tenderloin 3 white onion’s juice 1/4 cup olive oil 1 Tbsp dried oregano Salt and pepper to taste 2 tsp smoked paprika 2 two chili flakes 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp chili flakes 6 oz tomato paste 2 cups water 1 large tomato and bell pepper Toasted bread of choice Scoop of plain yogurt Finish with 1/4 cup ghee

The Best And Oldest Kebab Restaurant in Erbil | Kebab Yasin 1918 | Kurdistan Foods


Welcome to our channel! We're thrilled to have you here. Kebab Yasin 1918 - Erbil, Iarqi Kurdistan 1 Kebab Skewer 5000 Iraqi Dinar (3.25 USD) Location: 🤍 instagram: 🤍 #StreetFoods #KurdistanFoods #Erbil

CRAZY Doner Kebab Master! - He Sells 100 Kilos of Döner Kebab by Shouting Every Night!


The most delicious doner kebabs from an extraordinary doner kebab master, the most delicious kebabs prepared with care and delicious tantuni wrap prepared with a different technique. Best Turkish street food compilation. Follow our channel for the best street food. 00:00 İNTRO 00:30 ETOLOG KEBAP 10:54 DÖNERCİ SALİH USTA 14:20 SAYDAM TANTUNİ

You Must See! - Amazing Turkish Doner Kebab! - Delicious Turkish Street Food


Thousands of people visit this place every day to eat this Turkish doner kebab. Follow our channel for the best street food.

8TL Kebap vs. 1000TL Kebap (#SonradanGörme)


8TL Kebap vs. 1000TL Kebap (#SonradanGörme) Sonradan Görme serisinin yeni bölümüde ucuz orta ve pahalı Adana ve Urfa kebap deniyor, karşılaştırıyoruz. Czn Burak: 🤍 Orkun Işıtmak 🤍 Reklam & İşbirlikleri: 🤍 Müzik Epidemic Sound: 🤍

How to Make Adana Kebab? | Turkish Cuisine Recipes


The kebab show is starting! The taste of meat meets greens! It may seem like standard meat, but its original taste is unlike any other. It's not for nothing that kebab is so famous. Yes, the taste is variable, but this is not true when it comes to kebabs. it is a flavor that appeals to all palates with its fascinating In this way, it preserves its reputation especially in the Arabian and Turkish geographies for centuries. And it’s even a cult food of the world. it offers a balanced meal with blended meat, fresh greens, and thin lavash bread. it is both filling and very nutritious we tasted and came to the conclusion of this. Ingredients: - Lamb meat - Red bell pepper -Tail fats - Salt - Red chili For Salad: - Onion - Tomato - Parsley or Coriander - Lemon juice - Sumac - Salt - Olive Oil 👍If you like this video, subscribe us to see more 👍Subscribe to Eat More: 🤍 🎥Our Playlists: 🤍 Mail (contact) : parmedyaofficial🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 TikTok : 🤍🤍eat..more Welcome to Eat More. We share with you, the unique street flavors from all over the world, the wonderful food smells intertwining with nature, and the recipes that will make you run to the kitchen.😊 #zırhkebap, #zirhkebap, #adanakebab, #adanakebabı, #Turkishkebab #TurkishAdanaKebab #Kebabrecipe



Gaziantep'ten herkese selamlar! kanalıma ve mutfağıma hoş geldiniz. Kanalımda her hafta 3 yeni tarif yayınlıyorum önceliğim sizlerin istediği tarifleri yapıp yayınlamak arada bizde mevsimine ve şartlara uygun tarifler yayınlıyoruz.Kanalımda restoranlarda yediğiniz yemek, kebap veya tatlıları aynı tatta ve serviste yapabilmeniz için kendi restoranımda değil evimde sizlere ev ortamında aynı tadı ve görselliği yapabilmeniz için sizlere yardımcı oluyorum bazı şeyler yüzde yüz olmasa da en yakını yakalamak sizlerin ailecek zevkli bir öğlen veya aksam yemeğini yemenizi sağlamak söylediklerimi yaparsanız bunu sizde başarabilirsiniz.Uzun zamandır Adana kebap hakkında sorduğunuz bütün soruları videomuzda detaylı bir şekilde anlattık.A'dan Z'ye Adana kebap nasıl yapılır bu videomuzda eğitim niteliğinde tüm sorularınızın cevaplarını bulabilirsiniz .Video hoşunuza giderse beğenmeyi unutmayın.İyi seyirler hhaksu793🤍 #Adanakebaptarifi #Adanakebapnasılyapılır #Kebaptarifleri Dana Kaburga ( 1 kg) Kuyruk Yağı ( 150 gram) 1,5 tatlı kaşığı Toz Biber 1,5 tatlı kaşığı Tuz 2 adet kapya biber YouTube 👇👇👇 🤍 İNSTAGRAM 👇👇👇 🤍 FACEBOOK 👇👇👇 🤍 TWİTTER 👇👇👇 🤍

Keyfi Asya Kebap…! #Adana #Kebap #Ciğer


Adana Kebap 😍


Shish Kebab #shorts


What's Really Inside A Doner Kebab? | Food Unwrapped


Doner Kebabs are one of the most popular dishes in the UK, but a lot of people don't actually know what they're made from! Click here to Subscribe 🤍 Want to help your community? Turn on your telly to Together TV. We’ll help you find ideas on the box to help change what’s outside of it. With brilliant, award winning programmes and the chance to better the neighbourhood, Together TV exists to help people find inspiration in their lives and communities. Freeview 88 | Sky 170 | Virgin 269 | Freesat 164 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #TogetherTV

Homemade Turkish Adana Kebab Recipe | Adana Kebab With Homemade BBQ Skewers | Turkish Kebab


In this video I show you how to make Turkish Adana Kebabs. These adana kebabs are really easy to make and can be made on a BBQ or grill tray. To make your own homemade adana skewers, tape together 6 bamboo skewers and then cover them in foil. Ingredients: 500g Lamb Mince 500g Beef Mince Salt to taste (Recipe used 1 Tbsp) 1 Tbsp Chilli Powder (Adjust to taste) 1 Tsp Paprika 1 Tsp Cayenne Powder 2 Tsp Sumac 1 Tsp Ginger Powder 3 Garlic Cloves – Finely Chopped 6 Green Chillies – Finely Chopped (Adjust to taste) 2 Onions – Finely Chopped – Water drained out 1 Red Bell Pepper – Finely Chopped – Water drained out 1.5 Tbsp Red Pepper Paste 1 Tsp Tomato Puree 1 Tsp Chilli Flakes or Aleppo Pepper Chilli Flakes 1.5 Tsp Cumin Powder 2 Tsp Coriander Powder Handful Chopped coriander Salad: 1 Tomato – Chopped ½ Cucumber – Chopped 1 Red Onion Chopped 1 Tsp Sumac Handful Chopped Coriander * Make Sure To Subscribe, Like, Comment Down Below and Share! Thanks for Watching! A young British Pakistani Cook, with a passion to cook and inspire others. Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Official Facebook Page: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 * #Adanakebab #adanakebap #adanakebabtarifi #adanatarifi #turkishkebab #turkishstreetfood #turkishfood #turkishcuisine #istanbulfood #kebab #kebap #shishkebab #turkishshish #siskebab #beefkebab #lambkebab #bbqkebab #grilledkebab #eidrecipe #bakraeidrecipe #eidspecial #oilfreekebab #kebabplatter #homemadeskewers #adanaskewers #kebabskewers

Gerçek Adana kebabı Nasıl yapılır ? Zırh ile Kebap yapma Satır El kıyması nasıl yapılır ?


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Czn Burak DİET Karışık Sarma Kebap


Videoyu beğendiyseniz like butonuna basmayı, kanalımıza abone olmayı ve yorumlarda düşüncelerinizi yazmayı unutmayın! If you like the video, don't forget to hit the like button, subscribe to our channel and write your thoughts in the comments! 🎯 🤍 Videomuzu beğendiyseniz kanaldaki diğer videolara göz atabilirsiniz; Czn Burak vs Khaby Lame 🤍 CZN BURAK İNSTAGRAM YEMEK VİDEOLARI #StayHome 🤍 Czn Burak Dubai Real Madridli Futbolcu Marcelo Ziyareti 🤍 CZN BURAK 60 DERECE SICAKTA YEMEK YAPTIM ( ÇÖL ) 🤍 Sosyal Medya hesabından takip etmek isterseniz; 📱Instagram: 🤍 📱TikTok: 🤍 📱Twitter: 🤍 CZN Burak resmi YouTube sayfasıdır. The official YouTube channel of CZN Burak #cznburak #chefburak

Kebap Tarifi 👌 Adana Kebap A,danZ,ye Detaylarıyla Et Kebabı ❗Evde Mangalda Fırında Yap Nefis Çöp Şiş


A'DAN Z'YE ADANA KEBAP NASIL YAPILIR?-EĞİTİM NİTELİĞİNDE DETAYLI ADANA KEBAP TARİFİ PARMAK YEDİRTEN ADANA KEBABINI EVDE YAPTIM ✅DAHA UYGUNA ADANA VE BEYTİ KEBABI YAPIN💯KEBAB Adana Kebabı Nasıl Yapılır Malzemeleri ve Tarifi , EV FIRININDA TÜM PÜF💯 NOKTALARI İLE ADANA TARİF 🌹Selamlar sevgiler arkadaşlar kesinlikle denemenizi tavsiye edeceyim bir kebap tarifi Adana kebap , Et Kebap Nasıl Yapılır 👌 asla pişman olmazsınız. Kebap Tarifi 👌 Adana Kebap Bu Şekilde Yapın 😋 Asla Dağılmaz❗ Mangalda Fırına Tavada Acılı Et - Çöp Şiş Adana kebap tarifi kebap tarifi KEBAP TARİFİ MALZEMELERİ 1, buçuk kg antrikot et tek çekim kıyma 250 Gr kuyruk yağı 2 adet yeşil biber 2 adet kapya kırmızı biber 2 tatlı kaşığı acı pul biber 1 adet kuru soğan 1 buçuk tatlı kaşığı tuz 1 çay kaşığı karabiber 1 çay kaşığı kimyon 1 tatlı kaşığı kırmızı toz biber 2 dış sarmısak 6 dal maydanoz ✅180 derece ısıtılmış fırında alt üst ayarda 30 dakika pişir her fırın ısısı farklıdır kontrol ederek pişirin SALATA MALZEMELERİ 1 adet kırmızı kuru soğan Bir tutam maydanoz acı pul biber limon tuz sıvı yağ damak tadıniza ayarlayın İLETİŞİM,İŞBİRLİĞİ,DESTEK VE İSTEKLERİNİZ İÇİN ; meryemlezzetyemektrf🤍 #Adanakebaptarifi #ramazan #yemektarifleri #Adanakebapnasılyapılır #Kebaptarifleri #tavukkebap #kebap #turkishkebap #adanakebabı #etliyemekler #yemektarifleri #kebaptarifleri #etyemekleri #etyemeği #taskebabı #yemektarifleri #İftar #kebap #meryeminlezzetliyemektarifleri #nefisyemektarifleri #asmr #iftar #oruç #yemek #tatlıtarifleri #asmreating #asmrsounds #asmrfood adana kebap Adana kebap nasıl yapılır adana kebap tarifi nefis yemek tarifleri evde adana kebap fırında adana kebap şiş kebap nasıl yapılır akşama ne pişirsem et yemekleri asmr ASMR adana kebap harun aksu lokanta usulü adana kebap mangalda adana kebap tarifi adana kebap tarifi adana kebap eti adana kebap nasıl yapılır adana kebabı şişe nasıl tutturulur evde adana tarifi kolay doğal yemek tarifleri kolay kebap tarifi acısız kebap adana kebap Tavuk Kebap Tavuktan kebap nasıl yapılır Tavuk kebabı et kebabı et kebabı tarifi et kebap nasıl yapılır antep füzesi kuşbaşı tarifi şekerpare tarifi şekerpare tatlısı kadayıf dolması baklava tarifi Adana Kebabı adana tarifi acılı kebap tarifi adana kebapı nasıl yapılır Orman kebabı urfa kebap tarifi urfa kebabı tarifi Urfa Kebabı Tarifi urfa kebabı nasıl yapılır urfa kebap yapımı Orman kebabı tarifi Lokanta Usulü orman kebabı Lokanta Usulü orman kebabı yapımı Orman Kebabı nasıl yapılır davet yemekleri bayram yemekleri yemek tarifleri bayram tatlıları tavada adana kebap tarifi tavada adana kebap tavada çörek tavada kebap tava böreği tarifi tavada yufkalı pizza tavada su böreği tarifi tavada yufka böreği tencere yemekleri mangal keyfi mangalda kebap tarifi mangalda sucuk ekmek mangalda kebap tarifi közde patlıcan tarifi hünkar beğendi tarifi hünkar beğendi hünkar markası patlıcan musakka tarifi patlıcan kebabı tarif tepsi kebabı tarifi tepsi kebabı taze fasulye yemeği taze fasulye tarifi taze yaprak sarması üzüm yaprağı salamurası Meryem Türk Meryem türk kadayıf dolması kadayıf tatlısı şekerpare nasıl yapılır şekerpare tarifi tas kebabı tas kebabı tarifi tas kebabı nasıl yapılır poğaça tarifi el açması börek tarifi kıymalı gözleme yufka böreği su böreği yaprak sarması velibah tarifi baklava tarifi Taze yaprak sarması fasulye yemeği tarifi zeytinyağlı yemekler zeytinyağlı fasulye yemeği tarifi etli fasulye yemeği tarifi meryemin lezzetli yemek tarifleri kebap nasıl yapılır kebab biber dolması yaprak sarması nasıl saklanır yaprak sarması nasıl pişirilir püf noktaları nar ekşili yaprak sarması nar ekşili zeytinyağlı yaprak sarması nefis yemek tarifleri kıymalı yaprak sarması osmanlı mutfağı yaprak sarması orjinal zeytinyağlı yaprak sarması osmanlı yaprak sarması yaprak sarması pişirmenin püf noktaları yaprak sarması pişerken kararmaması için yaprak sarması pişirme püf noktaları yaprak sarmasi recette yaprak sarması resimli anlatım yaprak sarması sosu yaprak sarması sunumu yaprak sarması salçalı sos yaprak sarması sunum soslu zeytinyağlı yaprak sarması yaprak sarması tencereye nasıl dizilir yaprak sarmasi tarifi kiymasiz tokat yaprak sarması tam ölçülü zeytinyağli yaprak sarması yemek tarifleri türk yemekleri Türk mutfağının yemekler Orman Kebabı Tarifi Lokanta Usulü Tavuklu Bezelye Yemeği DİĞER TARİF VİDEOLAIM; TAVUK ŞİŞ TARİFİ 🤍 şekerpare tarifi 🤍 katmer tarifi 🤍 TAS KEBABI TARİFİ 🤍 İFTARLIK KÖFTE TARİFİ 🤍 İFTARLIK TENCEREDE KÖFTE TARİFİ 🤍 EL AÇMASI BÖREK 🤍 KIBRIS TATLISI TARİFİ 🤍 SÜTLAÇ TARİFİ 🤍 BAYATLAMAYAN KURABİYE 🤍

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