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Taiwan chef serves up blue ramen made with butterfly pea flower


The weather is getting colder, and that means food should be getting hotter! Traditionally, a bowl of hot noodles is the perfect answer to a cold day. But Taiwan chefs are always creating new ways to enjoy the classic noodle dish. Today we meet a chef who brings new colors into ramen – both gastronomically and aesthetically! A bowl of savory ramen – but blue! The chef added the blue butterfly pea flower to chicken stock. The soup has a hint of fresh pomelo fruit. You can even add pomelo juice to turn the blue soup purple. Hokkaido kombu goes in the pan to steep for a whole night. The chef doesn’t add chicken bones. That creates a clear, fresh broth. Chicken legs provide a rich flavor. When the broth is bubbling, it’s time to turn down the heat and let it simmer slowly. Lee Tzu-tun Chef If you use chicken bones, the broth might turn out murkier. Using chicken legs, the broth is clearer. Butterfly pea flowers are added to the slow-simmered broth, and in no time at all the blue starts appearing. The chef adds noodles and sous-vide-cooked chicken breasts, and finally a garnish of fresh pomelo. Lee Tzu-tun Chef We make butterfly pea ramen. So the broth needs to be a bit clearer, so you can see the effect of the peas better. And how about this red wine sirloin steak ramen? A rich soup combined with techniques from Italian cooking create a delicious, flavorful ramen. The thick sauce made with red wine is stirred continuously. Then ramen noodles are added along with American sirloin steaks. And there’s one more step. Lee Tzu-tun Chef Beef marinated in red wine. We simmer it in beef juices as well as red wine, and we add some onions and seasoning. And finally, try the miso ramen. Vegetables are stir-fried to bring out their rich flavors. This ramen bowl has an eye-catching appearance. As the nights grow colder, a bowl of hot noodles is just the thing.

Border controls for China arrivals to be eased, indoor mask use decision coming


The CECC on Tuesday announced an easing of COVID measures at the border, which will take effect on Feb. 7. Arrivals will no longer be given four rapid test to use at home. Instead they’ll be given one to use if they develop COVID symptoms. In addition, arrivals from China will no longer have to do a PCR test upon arrival. The CECC says it’s considering ways to further ease the mask mandate in the future. Currently, it’s considering following a model similar to South Korea’s. Details will be announced later this week. After assuming office Tuesday, Premier Chen Chien-jen visited the CECC to inspect pandemic measures, and to better understand the situation following the Lunar New Year long holiday. Chen also spoke on further easing COVID restrictions. Chen Chien-jen Premier Recently the number of COVID cases has increased a bit. We talked about whether to make changes to the indoor mask mandate, and we discussed the measures implemented at the border for arrivals. The CECC announced that starting Feb. 7 there would be two changes to pandemic-related measures at the border. Arrivals will be given only one COVID rapid test, down from four tests currently, and be told to use the test if they develop symptoms. Passengers arriving from China will not be required to do PCR tests upon arrival, and travelers transferring through Hong Kong or Macau will not be required to present a negative test result. Victor Wang CECC commander The rate of positive PCR test results among China arrivals has already dropped from 20% down to around 1%. Genetic sequencing shows that the BA.5 and BF.7 variants account for 98% of recent cases. None of them are new strains. The CECC said that aside from the low number of cases, the continued closure of the border to Chinese tourists is another reason for easing measures. Also on Tuesday the CECC said it is mulling easing the indoor mask mandate, following a model similar to South Korea’s. The model designates some venues as requiring masks and some where masks are recommended but not compulsory. A final decision on the matter will be announced before the end of the week. Victor Wang CECC commander Schools are the education ministry’s jurisdiction, migrant workers are the labor ministry’s, and public transit the transport ministry’s. We have to discuss the issue with all of them. After we deliberate, we’ll make a decision and an announcement. On the second work day following the long holiday, the number of reported local COVID cases spiked, surpassing 32,000. That’s more than double the roughly 14,000 cases on Tuesday last week. Victor Wang CECC head Ten days is quite long for this annual holiday, so a rebound in cases is to be expected. Regarding how large in scope and how long this wave will be, that will be our focus. However, our assessment is that it likely won’t be too long, and cases likely won’t get that high. Despite a surge in cases, the CECC says it doesn’t expect the wave to be too great in scope, and is still planning to make a decision on indoor mask use this week.

Formosa- Kaio Viana e MC CJ | letra/legendado


Formosa - Kaio Viana e DJ CJ | letra ~tik tok ~se inscreva e deixe sugestões de músicas que vcs querem por aqui!! ~moon music ♫★

CECC delays indoor mask mandate announcement


The CECC has halted plans to make an announcement about the easing of Taiwan’s indoor mask mandate, which was originally scheduled for Thursday. Health officials cited three reasons for the postponement: rising occupancy of COVID wards, the need to iron out details across government agencies, and an expected uptick in infections after the holidays. Let’s hear from the CECC head. Victor Wang CECC head We’re still calculating where the peak will be. It seems we are seeing the effects of delayed reporting. We’ll watch the situation a few days to see if the pressure eases off the medical system, and whether case numbers get stable. If certain thresholds are reached, we will announce new mask policies. Chuang Jen-hsiang CECC spokesperson Today we’re reporting 26,793 local infections, 292 imported infections, and 74 deaths. The local infection number is about 41.5% higher than last Thursday. Though COVID cases bounced back after the Lunar New Year break, week-on-week growth is slowing down. Whereas Monday and Tuesday saw more than double the cases in the previous week, Thursday’s cases were just about 40% higher than last week. CECC head Victor Wang says Taiwan could follow the path of other countries and downgrade COVID to a Category IV communicable disease in May, putting it on par with chickenpox. When that happens, the CECC will be dissolved.

NT$6,000 handouts to have a limited effect on GDP growth: expert


Experts are weighing in on the government’s plan to give universal cash handouts of NT$6,000 a person from last year’s tax surplus. The amount is actually more than what was offered in economic stimulus vouchers during the COVID pandemic. But experts say that since the handouts don’t have an expiry date, they might not be able to stimulate the economy as much, raising the GDP by just 0.3% to 0.4%. Let’s hear from an economist. Nieh Chien-chung TKU Department of Banking and Finance You can’t just say that handing out NT$1,000 will result in a GDP boost of 0.2%. Even then, will a NT$6,000 handout result in a boost of 1%? That’s absolutely impossible, because many people will just save the money, they’ll put it toward their savings. But the point is, it will bring about some degree of consumption. Perhaps about half of it will be spent, and that can stimulate the economy. I would say it will boost the GDP by about 0.3% or 0.4%. The Triple Stimulus Vouchers handed out in 2020 allowed applicants to purchase NT$3,000 in time-limited vouchers by paying NT$1,000. That program boosted Taiwan’s GDP by 0.24% to 0.53%. Meanwhile, the Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers of 2021, which gave users NT$5,000 in vouchers, boosted the economy by 0.6% to 0.9%.

Eat the white bits of an orange for extra fiber: nutritionist


For Taiwan’s farmers, winter is the orange season! We all know that oranges make great juice and a handy snack. But do you know all the health benefits of this citrus fruit? It contains lots of fiber and different vitamins, and is a great addition to the diet. Let’s hear from a nutritionist, and find out how to get the most from our oranges this winter. Oranges are sweet, fragrant, juicy and thirst-quenching. No wonder they’re such a favorite at fruit juice stands, as they go with almost every other fruit. It’s orange harvest season now, and this nutritionist says they’re great as an after-dinner digestif. Hsia Tzu-wen Nutritionist Oranges are full of fiber. When you eat them you should definitely eat the soft white skin as well, to get enough fiber. It promotes bowel movements. Oranges also contain vitamin C which can brighten the skin and forms collagen. [Vitamin C can protect you against infections, and speed up the recovery of wounds. The potassium ions will also lower your blood pressure and help keep your heart healthy. Fiber makes you feel fuller and reduces the craving for snacks. But this nutritionist also warns that oranges are high in sugar, so you need to be careful on the portions if you have diabetes or kidney disease. Don’t eat more than two oranges a day! And how you eat your orange matters too – most orange juice has the solid bits filtered out, taking away most of that great fiber. Hsia Tzu-wen Nutritionist When you drink orange juice, the bits are filtered out, and actually what’s left is just sugared water. Of course it also has vitamins and minerals, but after the fiber is gone, it will cause greater spikes in your blood sugar. Drinking orange juice is actually not great for controlling blood sugar, for people with high blood sugar. And finally, don’t throw away those great orange peels. They can be used as a natural air freshener! Who knew that oranges could bring sweetness not just to the plate but also to the house?

Former US Indo-Pacific commander sits with President Tsai


President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday received a delegation led by retired U.S. Admiral Philip Davidson at the Presidential Office. Davidson is an outspoken supporter of Taiwan, and during his tenure as head of the U.S.’ Indo-Pacific Command had warned that China could make a move on Taiwan by 2027. During the meeting, the former gave words of praise for Taiwan’s democracy and civil society, calling for more cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan. On his fourth day leading a delegation in Taiwan, former U.S. Admiral Philip Davidson sat with President Tsai Ing-wen. Tsai Ing-wen President This delegation led by Mr. Davidson is the NBR’s first to Taiwan since the pandemic. I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you. During his term, Admiral Davidson watched security developments in the Taiwan Strait very closely. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, for your contributions to the security of the Taiwan Strait. Philip Davidson Former US admiral Our discussions over the past few days have underscored Taiwan’s vibrant democracy and civil society, addressed the range of actions that the PRC takes toward Taiwan, and highlighted areas in which the U.S. and Taiwan can continue to foster and strengthen their relation. Back in 2021, before retiring as head of the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, Davidson had warned that China could attack Taiwan in the following six years, by 2027, capturing headlines around the world. Now, he’s taken the opportunity to visit Taiwan to gain an understanding of Taiwan’s response measures. Philip Davidson Retired US admiral I’ve also been able to observe in this trip, the energy of Taipei, the ongoing construction, and the robustness of its industry. The spirit of the Taiwan Armed Forces, and the extraordinary kindness with which the people of Taiwan have greeted us. Tsai Ing-wen President In face of the expansion of authoritarianism, Taiwan must improve its self-defense capabilities in order to maintain national security. With determination and confidence, we can be more capable of defending our country. We are also extremely willing to continue to deepen our cooperation with the U.S. and other likeminded partners. Tsai reiterated that Taiwan was committed to defending itself, showing Davidson that no matter how much pressure Beijing puts, Taiwan will not succumb.

Formosa Toastmasters Club!! Wonderful place for practice English and sharpen your speech Skills.


福爾摩莎國際英語演講會 Formosa Toastmasters Club 是全球英語演講會位於台灣之子社團之一 我們提供優良的英文演說環境、互相學習的最佳團隊! 今天就來加入我們吧~ Formosa Toastmaster Club us the best place to improve your English speaking and public speaking skills. Be brave and join us today! 聯絡我們:🤍 活動訊息:🤍

Kaio Viana e MC CJ - Formosa, Vai Mostrar O Peitinho - (clipe oficial) Só Hits


Só Hits Produtora - Todos Direitos Reservados Depois dos hits do funk 2021 "apaixonou eu e amiga best" Mc CJ inova o funk 2022 com sua nova musica em parceria com o artista Kaio Viana! Letra: Formosa, Sai de Casa Pronta Pro Bailão, Pronta Pro Bailão Gostosa, de Um Jeito Que Eu Como Na Tua Mão, Como Na Tua Mão Perdi Moral Com Os Amigo Da Boca Fiquei Com Ela e Larguei o Plantão Abandonei Essa Tal Vida Loka Mais a Raba Dela eu Não Largo Não Perdi Moral Com Os Amigo Da Boca Fiquei Com Ela e Larguei o Plantão Abandonei Essa Tal Vida Loka Mais a Raba Dela eu Não Largo Não Vai Mostra o Peitin Pra Mim Empina Esse Rabetão Ela Já Tá Louca Faixa Quer Sentar Ne Mim Eu Nunca Vou Falar Não Vou Tirar Sua Roupa Direção: Tiago nascimento AC: Jhony Lopes Produção 1: Gleyce Degan Produção 2: Diego Pires Elétrica: Otávio Sarrico Montagem e coloração: Rodrigo D'angelo Finalização VFX: Guilherme Maciel (Kore) Siga no Instagram: 🤍 Inscreva-se no Canal: 🤍 Contrate nossos artistas: (31) 9 9902-3233 - Tel/WApp #funk #funk2022 #sóhits

Taiwan Toy Library Association collects old toys and reuses or donates them


It’s a new year, and many people in Taiwan take the opportunity to clean their houses and get rid of objects they no longer need, but that also means lots of waste. According to the Taiwan Toy Library Association, 80% of toys that are discarded in Taiwan end up in incinerators or landfills. FTV reporter Stephany Yang takes us to see how the Taiwan Toy Library gives new life to secondhand toys and donates them to people in need. Stephany Yang FTV reporter Over the past 18 years, The Taiwan Toy Library Association has collected over 400 metric tons of secondhand toys in Taiwan. Volunteers at the Taiwan Toy Library Association examine and disinfect donated toys, wrap them, and divide them into different boxes. After cleaning and repairing these old toys, the association puts some of them to use in art projects for older adults at a care center in New Taipei. Others get donated to children in rural areas of Taiwan, Africa, Indonesia, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Child We don’t usually have a lot of toys at home, but there are many here, it’s so fun. My favorite toy is this one. Child It’s fun because there are a lot of different toys. The association says many toys are made out of plastic, and some contain materials that are harmful to the environment. The most common toys the association receives are figures from animated movies, stuffed animals, and miniature cars. Since many of these toys are made out of materials that aren’t recyclable, they get thrown into the trash. According to the Taiwan Toy Library Association, Taiwan has approximately 40 tons of toys that are thrown away every year, and one-third of them cannot be recycled. Wang Ya-hsien Taiwan Toy Library Association About 90% of Taiwan’s toy waste is plastic, and 80% of it ends up in incinerators or landfills. This causes very serious pollution to the environment and ecology, especially because it’s plastic. In addition, many toys have metal parts, for example, wires and batteries, and we all know that the battery pollution is terrible for the earth. The association says that toys in Taiwan have an average life of six months before they are discarded. It hopes that by collecting, repairing, and distributing these secondhand toys, it can help reduce waste. Mr. Chuang Volunteer Some are rusted, which makes restoration hard and unlikely. We check to see if the buttons are still good. The battery inside must be removed because sometimes it may take a while until the toy is delivered to the child. If a wire is broken, it may still be repairable. But if it’s the battery that’s malfunctioning, it might not be fixable. Wang Ya-hsien Taiwan Toy Library Association Last year we collected 75 tons of toys. These toys will be sorted and repaired. We will send these toys to rural areas and nonprofit organizations. According to our data, there are more than 80,000 people and about 1,600 organizations that we have sent toys to. We hope to expand our services and help more people in the future. The association encourages people to not only choose their toys wisely and use toys longer, but also participate in its toy exchange so that secondhand toys can get a new life and be donated to those in need.

Taipei International Book Exhibition ‘The Multiverse of Reading’ opens


The Taipei International Book Exhibition opened its doors on Tuesday, with the participation of 32 countries. This year, Poland is the guest of honor, and is showcasing all sorts of books to present the country’s culture and history to Taiwanese readers. President Tsai Ing-wen and newly appointed Minister of Culture Shih Che attended the inauguration ceremony for the 2023 Taipei International Book Exhibition. This year’s edition is titled “The Multiverse of Reading” and features Poland as the guest of honor. In her speech, Tsai said she was envious of all the people who could come to brows books at the fair. Tsai Ing-wen President Everyone knows that I like reading. But ever since I became president, I haven’t had the downtime to read a book cover to cover. To have the freedom and the time to come to this exhibition, and to have the time to read a book is true happiness. Newly appointed culture minister Shih says he rushed to the exhibition right after his inauguration. He says that attending such a large event as his first task in office cost him a good night’s sleep. Shih Che Minister of culture I’m like a book hot off the press that’s just been launched. It’s my first time meeting everyone since hitting the shelves, and please don’t judge me by my cover. Over at the Poland Pavilion, volumes are on the shelves, ready for visitors. The section will be highlighting works from six Polish authors and two illustrators, to introduce Poland to the Taiwanese public through literature, music and food. Dariusz Jaworksi Instytut Ksiazki Poland hopes to present its culture to everyone here through its literature. We hope to introduce everyone to recent Polish publications and Polish history. A giant picture book at the exhibition serves as the perfect photo backdrop for children and children at heart. There’s children’s books, story books and picture books. After two years of COVID, the landmark exhibition is back this Spring Festival, full of treasures for every bookworm.

FORMOSA DOCUMENTARY (English subtitle)


All rights and ownership to Taiwanese TV. Added English Subtitles by: JFFV

Kaio Viana - Formosa (Lyrics) Ft. MC CJ


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Kaio Viana - Formosa (Brega Funk Remix) Lyrics\Letra


Stream Kaio Viana - Formosa (Brega Funk Remix) Lyrics\Letra : 🤍 ⭐Follow Me at : 🤍 ⭐Follow and Stream On Spotify : 🤍 ⭐Stream Song on Spotify : 🤍 🔺Background Particles by AA VFX: 🤍 🔺Picture : 🤍 #formosalyrics #formosabregafunkremixlyrics #bregafunkremix #tiktok #tiktoksongs Follow Kaio Viana: 🤍 Lyrics\Letra: Formosa Sai de casa pronta pronta pro bailão, pronta pro bailão Gostosa De um jeito que eu como na tua mão, como na tua mão Perdi moral com os amigo da boca Fiquei com ela e larguei o plantão Abandonei essa tal vida louca Mas a raba dela eu não largo não Perdi moral com os amigo da boca Fiquei com ela e larguei o plantão Abandonei essa tal vida louca Mas a raba dela eu não largo não Vai mostrar o peitin' pra mim, empina esse rabetão Ela já tá louca Faixa quer sentar em mim, eu nunca vou falar não Vou tirar sua roupa Vai mostrar o peitin' pra mim, empina esse rabetão Ela já tá louca Faixa quer sentar em mim, eu nunca vou falar não Vou tirar sua roupa Formosa Sai de casa pronta pronta pro bailão, pronta pro bailão Gostosa De um jeito que eu como na tua mão, como na tua mão Perdi moral com os amigo da boca Fiquei com ela e larguei o plantão Abandonei essa tal vida louca Mas a raba dela eu não largo não Perdi moral com os amigo da boca Fiquei com ela e larguei o plantão Abandonei essa tal vida louca Mas a raba dela eu não largo não Vai mostrar o peitin' pra mim, empina esse rabetão Ela já tá louca Faixa quer sentar em mim, eu nunca vou falar não Vou tirar sua roupa Vai mostrar o peitin' pra mim, empina esse rabetão Ela já tá louca Faixa quer sentar em mim, eu nunca vou falar não Vou tirar sua roupa Empina esse rabetão (Ahn ahn ahn) Empina esse rabetão (Ahn ahn ahn) Contact me: davcevs🤍gmail.com or Instagram.com/Davcev

Formosa - English | (TikTok oR Instagram) Compilation


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(ENGLISH) The Origin of Taiwan(Formosa) and Portugal "Discovery of Taiwan" Commemorative Coins


The Portuguese were the first to land on Taiwan (Formosa). In 1996, the Portugal government issued "Discovery of Formosa (Taiwan)" commemorative coins.

Kaio Viana, Bad Gyal, Totoy El Frio - Formosa (Lyric Video / Remix) ft. MC CJ


Ouça 🤍 Kaio Viana Instagram 🤍 TikTok 🤍 Totoy El Frio Instagram- 🤍 Bad Gyal Instagram - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Formosa Remix Kaio Viana: Formosa Sai de casa pronta pronta pro bailão, pronta pro bailão Gostosa De um jeito que eu como na tua mão, como na tua mão Perdi moral com os amigo da boca Fiquei com ela e larguei o plantão Abandonei essa tal vida louca Mas a raba dela eu não largo não Bad Gyal: me mira con cara de maldad bailando le pongo a sudar a esta chapa él se engancha se pega hasta la madruga soy la que te va la que te lo sabe baila eso lo siento ya cuanto más lo muevo más duro está quieres que me pegue que te lo choque cuando me sentiste te dejé embobao mientras bailamos quiere que le toque la calentura hasta la siento yo baby hoy pégate a mí lo muevo y se te ha parao ya me pones loca me miró y lo presentí como tú me tocas y me muerdo la boca baby hoy pégate a mí lo muevo y se te ha parao ya me pones loca me miró y lo presentí como tú me tocas y me muerdo la boca Totoy: Vamo’ a viaja’ Sudamerica. Dale, mueve la esférica. La marca mía está en ese culo. Tu eres callaita’ pero te pongo histérica. Yo en la cama con la Glock, y tu grabando TikTok. (Ah) Tu amiga te habla mal de mi, llega y le meto a las 2. (Ah) Baby ya no ando en el case, ya yo me deje de eso, estamos puesto pa’ los pesos y te quiero romper los compases. (X2) Yo soy tu bandido, si caminas conmigo la movie en todos laos’ Llevo todo el día dándote que ya te deje todo el culo colorao’ Bebe sem medo segure minha mão voce parou meu coração ¿Quien eres tú? Mueve el cu, Ya me acorde, se me había olvidao’ (Bitch) Se puso linda pa’ mi y yo que ya me he dejao’ de esta vida loca (Totoy el frio Bitch) Baby ya no ando en el case, ya yo me deje de eso, estamos puesto pa’ los pesos y te quiero romper los compases. Kaio Viana: Vai mostrar o peitin' pra mim, empina esse rabetão Ela já tá louca Faixa quer sentar em mim, eu nunca vou falar não Vou tirar sua roupa (Ahn ahn ahn) Uma produção UNIVERSAL MUSIC dirigida por Zyko Equipe Universal Direção artística: Henrique Badke Gerência artística: Miguel Afonso e Aldo Gonzales Coordenação A&R: Fernanda Mesa, Igor Alarcon e Junia Coutinho. Label Manager: Diana Trovão Lyric Direção: Benites #KaioViana #Formosa Music video by Kaio Viana, Bad Gyal, Totoy El Frio performing Formosa (Lyric Video / Remix). © 2022 Universal Music Ltda 🤍

Study finds high levels of sulfur dioxide in students near Formosa Plastics complex


The Formosa Plastics Group’s sixth naphtha cracker complex in Yunlin County is again under fire for the pollution it generates. A seven-year study of 587 teenagers living near the plant found the children to be more vulnerable to respiratory diseases because of higher concentrations of sulfur dioxide where they live. In mid-August, students at Syucuo Elementary School near the Sixth Naphtha Cracker complex were found to have high levels of the carcinogen TdGA. Authorities wanted to move the school but parents questioned the study. Now a study by National Taiwan University’s College of Public Health has found that children living near the complex are suffering the effects of high levels of sulfur dioxide in the air. High sulfur dioxide levels can trigger respiratory diseases. Of the nearly 600 children tested for the study, almost half suffered from hay fever. Chan Chang-chuanNTU College of Public Health Vice DeanAfter the sixth naphtha cracker plant started up, there was a clear difference in the incidence of hay fever. Hay fever was three times more common in children within 10 kilometers of the plant than in those more than 10 kilometers away. The scholar who led the study urged the government to strengthen its standards for airborne sulfur dioxide in order to protect public health.Chan Chang-chuanNTU College of Health Vice DeanThe environmental concentration standards for sulfur dioxide are too lax. The US has set 1-hour averages as a standard and we in Taiwan should do the same. Using 24-hour averages is too lax.At present, Taiwan’s daily standard for airborne sulfur dioxide is 250 parts per billion. The US 1-hour air quality standard for sulfur dioxide is 75 ppb, and the World Health Organization suggests a 24-hour average concentration of 20 ppb.

Hualien exhibition shows off paper sculptures of animal figures


Can you imagine a sculpture made of paper? Hualien artist Lin Teh-wen has invented his own method of paper sculpting. A new exhibition of his work shows off dozens of animal sculptures. Visitors to Hualien Railway Culture Park can enjoy paper cats, dogs, birds, and maybe even some more fictional characters. We spoke to Lin about why he moved back to his hometown of Hualien, and why he focuses on the world of animals. Step into the exhibition, and you’re greeted by a sloth, macaw and Teletubbies, as well as round and chubby corgis. Of course, our beloved cats and dogs are well represented too, in these sweet and lifelike sculptures. Member of public I think it’s quite special. I always used to see fruit carvings. Lin Teh-wen Sculptor It’s introducing the shapes of different animals, their poses, the patterns and markings on their bodies, and the color markings. They’re the figures and creations that will make the biggest impression on children. And the creator of these adorable paper creatures is Lin Teh-wen not yet 35 years old. He grew up in a jade sculpting family. So, it was natural for him to take an interest in the arts and study design at university. He worked as an interior decorator in Changhua for eight years, before the 2018 Hualien earthquake prompted him to think of moving back home. Then a fellow art lover gave him a wild suggestion: why not make sculptures out of paper? And that’s how this paper sculpting work began. Lin Teh-wen Sculptor What Hualien gives me is a feeling of calm and stability. I would like my work to help more ordinary people in Hualien gradually start to understand and appreciate this kind of work. Lin is holding this exhibition of paper sculptures in a café at Hualien’s Railway Culture Park. It was only after he returned to Hualien that he realized his hometown was a source of creativity, and invented this method of bringing 2D paper into a 3D sculpture. He hopes the animals will inspire more Hualien residents in their own creative projects.

Formosa Plastics Group 2016 Company Profile (English)


Website: 🤍 The Formosa Plastics Group is an enterprise which is mainly engaged in the plastics industry, and this enterprise is also engaged in fibre, textiles, dyeing, shipping and educational and medical areas. We extend our enterprise to the electronic parts and naphtha cracking industries, too. Since the Formosa Plastics Corporation was established in 1954, the Formosa Plastics Group's continuous efforts have developed it into a group consisting of more than 100 enterprises. Management is the most important aspect of modern business operations. We realize that only sound management can enable a company to continue to grow in spite of external changes. It has always been our Group's top priority to pursue management. In recent years, all our management systems including procurement, production control, sales,engineering, accounting, performance evaluation, and hospital management have been computerized on an on-line basis for higher efficiency. With regard to the defects and flaws in our operation, it has been our spirits to make a thorough investigation and dig out the root causes of the problems for mprovement. Through the continuous good circle of "DO", "CHECK", and "IMPROVE", we have enabled the management of the people, the work, and the materials to reach the most rational state.in various kinds of on-the-job training to upgrade their abilities.

Chen Chien-jen prepares for office as new premier, readies new Cabinet announcement


With Chen Chien-jen set to take office on Tuesday as the new premier, the former vice president says he will announce his full Cabinet on Tuesday. But already opposition party members have voiced criticism about some of the Cabinet members that have been announced so far. The appointee for Executive Yuan spokesperson on Monday rejected allegations that new ministers and deputy ministers reflected factionalism within the DPP. He said the appointments were made based on talent and professionalism. Premier-to-be Chen Chien-jen early Monday morning attended mass at Taipei’s Holy Family Catholic Church. Chen Chien-jen Appointee for premier I came here today to pray for courage, compassion, wisdom, serenity and humility, to allow me to serve 23 million people. Chen is set to take office on Tuesday, when he will also announce his new Cabinet. Cheng Wen-tsan is set to become vice premier, and Lin Yu-chang will be the interior minister. Foreign minister Joseph Wu, defense minister Chiu Kuo-cheng and MAC minister Chiu Tai-san will retain their positions. Senior trade official Lee Chun will be deputy foreign minister. Meanwhile, several fresh faces will take on new roles. They include: former Taipei City Councilor Liang Wen-chieh, who will now serve as deputy Mainland Affairs Council minister; fellow councilor Ruan Jhao-syong, who will serve as deputy overseas council minister; former Presidential Office official Lee Chun-yi, who will be deputy labor minister; and Chou Chiang-chieh, who will be deputy Hakka affairs council minister. Opposition lawmakers have alleged that the appointments reflected factionalism within the DPP. Chiu Tai-san Mainland Affairs Council minister I imagine that the new Cabinet will include talented people of all age groups. Chen Tsung-yen Appointee for Executive Yuan spokesperson Cabinet members are chosen based on their talent and professionalism. It has nothing to do with factions. The appointee for Executive Yuan spokesperson said the new premier’s appointment was a temporary transfer of power. Chen Tsung-yen Cabinet spokesperson No matter who the president is, there is always this type of transfer in order to meet the nation’s development needs, with people being transferred from education or research institutions. After Chen Chien-jen takes office, his first task will be the issuance of NT$6,000 tax rebates to the public. Li Men-yen Executive Yuan secretary-general On Tuesday the legislature will hold a session, and a Cabinet representative will meet with each of the party caucuses. There is already a good grasp on the development of a system for issuing money, so there’s a chance it can be issued before April as planned. Chen Chien-jen is under pressure from the DPP’s poor showing in the local elections, but there’s hope a new Cabinet will change the atmosphere for the administration.

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Mandarin Airlines makes limited edition bags from recycled airplane life vests


Travel lovers, look up! A new series of eco-friendly bags has been launched. And they’re made of recycled airline life vests! Mandarin Airlines has retired the ERJ-190 model after 14 years in service, and with it, hundreds of life vests. The yellow and orange material was perfect for a limited-edition range of bags and keychains. The trendy items feature original details like whistles and safety instructions. Normally we only see airline life vests when the flight attendants are giving their safety talk. But now you can get a genuine vest of your own. The yellow vests for passengers and the orange vests for crew have been recycled. Zip-up bags, carry bags, keychains and even rucksacks. Chen Yi-ju Mandarin Airlines The life vests which came in 14 years ago are no longer suitable for the different planes we use now, because the models and the parts are different. Altogether we’ve created 41 orange stuff bags from the orange life vests, and in the yellow series, we’ve made about 1,100 products from 550 life vests. It’s 14 years since Mandarin Airlines introduced the ERJ-190 plane. Now it’s being retired, these eco-friendly bags have been made from 600 decommissioned life vests. Meanwhile, retired service trolleys are also being given a fresh breath of life. Pushing this trolley is not an airline attendant, but a medical worker! A doctor who loves to fly bought this out-of-use TransAsia Airlines trolley online. They now use it in this medical clinic, sometimes as public transport for these soft toys, allowing patients to see the lighter side of medical workers.

Goodnight Formosa in English with subtitles


My translation of the Taiwanese song by 滅火器 Fire EX.《晚安台灣》The song was sung at the conclusion of the original play, "Millennial Girls of Ghost Island," written by B. Shapiro for the graduating class of 2017, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Feng Chia University. The students performed the play on December 21-22 at Feng Chia University.

美麗島(詞譜& 英文解釋) Formosa Beautiful Island(with notation & lyrics interpreted in English)


美麗島 (詞譜& 英文解釋) Formosa Beautiful Island(with notation & lyrics interpreted in English) Performed by Taiwan National Choir & Dun Hua Elementary School Choir 國立實驗合唱團和敦化國小合唱團演唱 Melody composed by Li Shuang-Tze李雙澤作曲 Lyrics comes from the poem, Taiwan written by Chen Shiou Shi and adapted by Liang Jing-Feng 詞由梁景峰改寫自陳秀喜詩作—“台灣” All images and music come through surfing the internet. For educational purposes only and no copyright infringement intended.

Special exhibition on former US Diplomat and author of Formosa Betrayed, George Kerr


Taipei City Government is hosting a special exhibition about the life of former US diplomat George Kerr at the Discovery Center of Taipei. The exhibition features Kerr’s firsthand testimony of the 228 Incident, related historical documents, and audio and video recordings. Taipei City Department of Information and Tourism Commissioner Chien Yu-yen led former Examination Yuan president Yao Chia-wen through the exhibition dedicated to US diplomat George Kerr. At the time, Kerr was US Vice-Consul and personally witnessed the 228 Incident. Here we see painter Lan Yin-ting’s representation of a US national day banquet which includes Kerr’s likeness.Shih Bing-Shyi PainterAfter viewing this painting by Lan Yin-ting, I naturally see George Kerr’s place in Taiwan’s history and politics. It was this American which truly understood Taiwan’s future.Kerr was once an English teacher in Taipei and had a deep affection for Taiwan. He would later go on to author "Formosa Betrayed” which would have a profound impact on the nation.Yao Chia-wen Former Examination Yuan President This book had a great impact. It provided great evidence as it was written with the knowledge and perspective of a foreign diplomat. It provided proof of the 228 Incident.Kerr spent his entire life observing and writing about Taiwan, and this exhibition reveals his lifelong dedication to US-Taiwan relations.

Premier Su Tseng-chang leads Cabinet to resign en masse ahead of reshuffle


On Monday, Premier Su Tseng-chang led his Cabinet members to resign en masse, ahead of a government reshuffle. During his last session at the Executive Yuan, Su said he was stepping down to take responsibility for the DPP’s poor showing in the local elections last year. The new Cabinet, led by former Vice President Chen Chien-jen, will be sworn in on Tuesday. Many of the cabinet members will remain in the same positions. On the first day back from the break, Su Tseng-chang led his last session at the Executive Yuan, posing for a group photo with his Cabinet. Su, who tendered his resignation before the Lunar New Year, is the longest-serving premier under a democratically-elected government in Taiwan. He wrapped up his last four years in office with a thank you to his team. Su has not given much comment on what his next steps will be. The new Cabinet will be sworn into office on Tuesday, led by former Vice President Chen Chien-jen. Many of the officials will remain in the same positions, including Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Chi-chung, Health and Welfare Minister Hsueh Jui-yuan and Digital Affairs Minister Audrey Tang. Hsueh Jui-yuan Minister of health and welfare We just work hard on getting things done. That’s how it is. Audrey Tang Minister of digital affairs Premier Su gave us teapots and tea, both of which have to withstand the heat. During his last session, Su said his departure was an act of taking responsibility while asking his Cabinet members to keep up with their work. As a parting gift, he gave each a teapot and tea, symbolizing the high heat and pressure of working in the Executive Yuan. National Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng said he would continue working toward the goals set by Su. Chiu Kuo-cheng Minister of national defense We will continue to try to meet the targets we established before during this coming year. Regardless of the management methods, go step by step, focusing every month, every quarter and every half-year. The policies we’ll be implementing are the ones we’ve explained in the regular briefings. That’s what we’re working on. The new Cabinet will be sworn in at a ceremony on Tuesday, bringing a breath of fresh air into the Executive Yuan.

Formosa Heavy Industry . Automation Department introduce(English version)


AS/RS introduce.Formosa Heavy Industry . Automation Department introduce(English version). Oringal Site:🤍fhi.com.tw Taiwan-Taipei:Bill Young(楊化鈞) bill-young🤍fpc.com.tw 886-2-2546-6587 Taiwan-Kaohsiung:John Cheng(鄭孟昌)、Yufeng Huang(黃于峰) john-cheng🤍fpc.com.tw 886-7-371-1411 #5902-5904 886-7-372-8439 China-NingBo:T.C. Tsou(鄒宗全) tctsou🤍gmail.com 86-574-8690-2950 China-Shanghai City:Apollo Cheng(鄭水波) apollo-cheng🤍fpc.com.tw 86-021-3126-5232

Formosa — Kaio Viana — MC CJ — Milkiiss


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TAIWAN TRAVEL TIPS Republic of China Visit Guide Formosa Information


Taiwan, aka Republic of China or Formosa, recently becomes the world focus point since the trade battles between China and USA. Taiwan main export is electronics related products. The famous Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which provide 90 % Hi-tech chips of U.S. has its first factory in Phoenix Arizona even attracts US President and major Media visiting on December 6 2022. Location and weather of Taiwan Taiwan is an island locates at western Pacific Ocean. About 100 miles to China and close to Japan, Korean and Philippines. The totally population is around 23 million. Taiwan is approximately 35,980 sq km, making Taiwan 8.91% the size of California. Taiwan official language is Mandarin. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei city. There are only two direct and nonstops airlines from LA to Taiwan: China Airline and EVA airline. I bought EVA airline round way economic class ticket around 900 US dollar at EVA airline Website. Before booking, please check Taiwan Holiday schedule, they are different from LA. Summer, spring, and winter break are different too. Avoid school break, airline tickets will be cheaper. Depart from The Tom Bradley International Terminal Los Angeles Airport, it takes 13 hours 33 minutes direct flight to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Distance is about 67 hundred and 77 miles. Taiwan weather is usually at high humidity even in winter. October to April are the best travel seasons for cooler temperature, but avoid Chinese New Year month since lots stores will close. Currency exchange and cost of travel The New Taiwan dollar is the official currency of Taiwan. US one dollar in Taiwan equal around 30.7 Taiwan dollar. For my experience, you need to do the Currency exchange at Taoyuan International Airport for cash since every Taiwan store accepts cash. If you have an international credit card, department store will accept it. The cost of travel depends you are the budget traveler like me or you like luxury vacation getaway. For luxury restaurants, hotels, and Buffet, the price is similar to the price at LA local restaurants and hotels. For my solo travel, 1000 Taiwan dollars per day include 3 meals, plus tickets for transportation and admission. I book my budget hotel rooms at Hotel.com for individual rooms under US 60 dollars. I will share three hotels: Hinoen Hotel, Hotel Relax 5, and Roaders Hotel at seamending and Taipei Main Station area. There are many free admission tourist attractions like: National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, Dihua Street, Da Dao Cheng, and Shilin Night Market. National Palace Museum = Follow me: 🤍 🤍 Contact email: momlee115🤍gmail.com The Taipei National Palace Museum is a world-class museum that hosts an eclectic collection of treasures kept by generations of Emperors ruling from the Forbidden City. Her extraordinary collection of historic art treasures, fascinating for its depth and breadth, has miraculously escaped destruction over hundreds of years. Some pieces date back to the tenth century. The museum provides Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish and Korean language guides and museum-related literature. The admission fee is 350 Taiwan dollars. This museum is a must- see on my travel list. The museum opens 9 Am to 5 Pm. Closed for Monday and holidays. = Follow me: 🤍 🤍 Contact email: momlee115🤍gmail.com

Formosa x Pode Se Soltar TikTok Dance Challenge #Shorts #tiktok


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How to Say Formosa in English? | What is Formosa? | How Does Formosa Look?


Learn how to pronounce formosa with Imago Spectrum. Suggestions, Comments, Mistakes? Please leave feedback below. The following questions are answered in this video... What is formosa? How does formosa look? How to say formosa in English? What does formosa represent? What is the defintion of formosa? Imago Spectrum allows you to easily memorize common English words and phrases by joining visual and auditory learning environments into a short video. Focus on the images and repeat formosa several times for best retention results. In this video we are speaking the word, formosa. Do take note of how formosa is spelled. The definition of formosa is listed below the word in the video. Formosa: nothing Have fun studying. Remember to take breaks. Current Word ID: 32834

Taiwanese nationals meet French president at Lunar New Year event


Taiwan’s ties with France seem to be warming. Last Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron presided over a banquet to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Paris, inviting representatives of countries that observe the festival. Among them was the head of Taiwan’s representative office, who was unable to attend the event. In his stead, the head of the Association Formose en France and four other Taiwanese nationals took part in the festivities. The head of the association, who’s been living in France for 20 years, says it’s the first time Taiwanese nationals were formally invited to such an event. Let’s hear from her. Sandy Hsueh Association Formose en France It’s a start. This invitation from the French president is kind of an acknowledgement of the importance of Taiwan. He wanted Taiwan to take part in the event in some way. Fracois Wu Taiwanese representative to France It’s a fantastic show of citizen diplomacy, and an improvement of Taiwan-France relations. The number of times we appear on French media is also increasing at a really fast pace. I recently spoke with a French foreign affairs official, and he said that Taiwan had truly become a hot topic. He said he was asked about Taiwan everywhere he went. The five invitees had the opportunity to speak with Macron and take pictures together. One of the guests, Taiwanese lawyer Nicolas Chan, says that during his chat with the president, Macron said he hoped Taiwanese firms in the electric vehicle and semiconductor industries could set up shop in France.



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"SEQALU: Formosa 1867" will be available for all viewers in Taiwan now!|TaiwanPlus


#TaiwanPlus #Taiwan #Seqalu "SEQALU: Formosa 1867" will be available for viewers in Taiwan now! Now almost everyone in the world can now watch the hit Taiwanese TV series Seqalu on TaiwanPlus starting on Jan 1. Taiwan's most ambitious project of its kind, SEQALU tells a story of clashes of identity and power between Taiwan's Indigenous and Han peoples, and American visitors, all set in the 19th century. Watch SEQALU: Formosa 1867 on TaiwanPlus: 🤍 Taiwan+ | Bring Taiwan to the World Watch our programs now: 🤍 Lifestyle, culture, nature, and technology......everything about Taiwan within your grasp. Connect with Taiwan+ » Like us on Facebook: 🤍 » Tweet us on Twitter: 🤍 » Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 About TaiwanPlus Taiwan+ (TaiwanPlus) is an independent media organization funded by the people of Taiwan and is the nation's first English-language video news and programming platform for an international audience. #taiwanese #taiwanesedrama #drama #history #taiwanhistory #taiwanindigenouspeople #SeqaluFormosa1867 #

Tsai calls for open dialogue with Beijing at gathering of Taiwanese businesspeople


At a Spring Festival gathering in Taipei for Taiwanese businesspeople working in China, President Tsai Ing-wen gave a speech calling for open dialogue with Beijing, saying that the door for communication is wide open. Meanwhile, Taiwanese businesspeople urged for direct flights between China and Taiwan to fully resume. President Tsai Ing-wen, Mainland Affairs Council Minister Chiu Tai-san, Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua, and Straits Exchange Foundation acting chair Rock Hsu raise their glasses high and wish Taiwanese businesspeople a happy new year. The annual Spring Festival gathering of Taiwanese businesspeople in China, which was suspended for three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finally resumed this year. In Taipei, 30 tables were made up to seat more than 200 attendees to the event. President Tsai herself also gave a speech, sending a message not just to Taiwanese businesspeople, but also Beijing. Tsai Ing-wen President I would like to emphasize again that maintaining peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is the responsibility of both sides of the strait and a shared expectation for all of us. I would like to reiterate that the door of communication is always open wide, and we are willing to start a dialogue with the Beijing authorities in a rational, equal, and mutually respectful manner to find feasible paths that are acceptable to both sides and promote regional peace and stability. The president’s display of goodwill towards China was made just on the eve of the get-together. This comes at the same time as an announcement by China’s Taiwan Affairs Office that now is the time to resume normal cross-strait flights, and that priority could be given to 16 direct flight routes such as Taiwan to Guangzhou. Taiwanese business leaders attending the event also echoed the call for fully opening cross-strait flights as soon as possible. Chai So-ling Association of Taiwanese Investment Enterprises on the Mainland Taiwanese businesspeople hope that the number of flight destinations in Taiwan can be substantially increased as soon as possible. I emphasize once again that this is probably what the 1.5 million holders of Mainland Travel Permits in China are looking forward to the most. Chiu Tai-san Mainland Affairs Council minister We will write some assessment plans based on the current situation and submit them to the top for all relevant ministries to discuss. It seems like no coincidence that the pressure from Taiwanese businesspeople toward Tsai comes as China pushes to resume cross-strait flights.

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