Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout - Hourglass Program

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting

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Brand new 2021 Hourglass Challenge! This 10 min workout works the side of your booty, and you can do this workout with or without resistance bands. Drop a comment down below on how you went with this booty workout at home. ✚ Free Program Schedule 🤍🤍chloeting.com/program/2021/hourglass-challenge.html Ep 1 - 🤍youtu.be/9g29dCXHOSI Ep 2 - 🤍youtu.be/3yL0klflL0M Ep 3 - 🤍youtu.be/BCZjD3TBVJI Ep 4 - 🤍youtu.be/7T4Vy_ufszk Ep 5 - 🤍youtu.be/tC2PuvibB7w ✚ Free Recipes 🤍🤍chloeting.com/recipes/ ✚ Sponsor this channel 🤍🤍youtube.com/chloeting/join Sub to my 2nd channel 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCBrcDabYtwbR1VIhwH5efZA?sub_confirmation=1 ✚ My links 🤍🤍instagram.com/chloe_t/ 🤍🤍instagram.com/itschloeting/ twitch.tv/chloeting 🤍discord.gg/chloeting My Spotify Playlist 🤍open.spotify.com/user/s17162aerlbfj7cpsvv48spyx?si=0Zzwvx6-SdW2gbuyIveoaQ ✚ Music by Droeloe - Kintsugi Watch: 🤍youtu.be/KvjN-v2hyTc Download / Stream: 🤍bitbird.lnk.to/CcNpAZMf San Holo - trip Watch: 🤍youtu.be/3umCYZf335w Download / Stream: 🤍sanholo.lnk.to/qOT7vg9i #workouts #fitness #chloeting IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Some people may see my video titles as click-bait. YouTubers optimise their video's meta data for discovery due to how the algorithm is like. This isn't anything new. Most people who've been watching YouTube for years would understand this. If you're unhappy and get triggered by this, well, this channel isn't for you then. I’ve provided free workout schedules and programs since day 1 and have always optimised my meta data as such so that's not going to change. Having said that, it doesn't mean the workout do not work. You will still see results by following a suitable program schedule, watching your diet, being in a deficit or surplus (based on your goals), doing exercises in good form, etc. These are all equally important factors. You're not going to get abs, grow a booty, grow biceps magically from 1 or 2 videos, in 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks cause everyone is different. I've explain multiple times throughout videos throughout my channel over years that it takes time and lots of factors, so don't take a video title out of context. Targetting fat loss is not scientifically proven. Everyone is different and it takes time. When doing any home workouts, do take precaution to exercise in a safe environment, and if you need help or you're not seeing results, I suggest seeing a health and fitness professional to give you tailored advice on your exercise form and dietary needs. I am not a medical professional and what I share on my channel are my views and what has worked for myself. Your health and safety is the utmost importance so find out what works for you.

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Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout - Hourglass Program
Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout - Hourglass Program
Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout - Hourglass Program
Hourglass Side Booty Workout | Hip Dips Workout - Hourglass Program
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2023-10-30 07:46:46

Is this good to loose belly fat

2023-10-25 01:12:38

I hate you, I love you, I hate that I want you.. Chloe I dedicate this song to you.

2023-10-17 10:16:33

Hips side dips are so hard with no coordination! I came right out of my shoes doing them! 🤣🤣

2023-10-10 20:20:42


2023-10-05 12:35:02

How long do you have to wait before the next video 🤔

2023-09-21 20:54:58

hello!! Can someone tell me if you burn calories with this video? And how many? thank you

2023-09-16 14:50:30

Thanks really much great chloe

2023-09-14 13:00:53

She put part“nice in easy” in the hardest moments 😭😭😭

2023-08-23 11:32:04

я как человек с не самой железной силой волей ищу себе напарницу для тренировок) будем поддерживать и мотивировать друг друга! мне 17 лет

2023-08-22 08:42:37


2023-08-18 06:52:22

Chloe: Keep that mind muscle connection
Me: what is mind muscle connection

2023-08-17 02:18:22

This workout feels so much more challenging now that I'm doing it with a resistance band for the first time!

2023-08-15 05:15:31


2023-08-11 14:39:57

Day 12 done❤

2023-08-10 15:20:24

This is my favorite video so far! Love you❤

2023-08-02 23:15:31

Whats the best time to do exercise ?

2023-07-23 18:43:23

1 день кажется невозможным, когда смотрела думала что все ок, но когда начала делать болело вообще всë..
2 день. трудно,но кажется-все не так плохо, есть мотивация и кажется не настолько трудно
3 не делала тк была в поезде
4 аналогично
5 сделала, было 50 на 50 пот только тек
6. не делала, делала на пресс

2023-07-11 15:26:33

BCZjD3TBVJI&t=7m06s 7:06

2023-07-11 02:34:32

am i the only one that has a difficult time engaging my core and not using my lower back? i feel the burn in my glutes but i still know i'm using my lower back and my core isnt engaged at all

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