Ep 3 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game

Jet Lag: The Game

Jet Lag: The Game

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Ep 3 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
Ep 3 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
Ep 3 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
Ep 3 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
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Dumb Catz
2023-09-25 02:22:16

I went down that exact path at waipu caves
It was so muddy and wet when i went there and i didnt get to see anything 😢

Sushi Cat
2023-09-24 05:00:45

so fun!

2023-09-21 18:55:58

Seeing that "drop goal", I can now feel relieved knowing that not all NZers know about Rugby and its rules.

2023-09-21 18:32:33

@ C30lQzcEhx0&t=1m37s 1:37
Isn't that circular white clock (2 in from the Claphams National Clock Museum writing) reading 6.10/18.10?

G Southgate
2023-09-20 14:17:01

As a rugby player, watching Sam & Tony try to score that drop goal was equally hilarious and painful 😂

Chris Hockman
2023-09-18 03:41:33

Not me screaming at the screen when Sam places the ball “THATS NOT A DROP GOAL”

2023-09-17 22:03:59

Since when did 'catching a dice' become synonymous for rolling a dice

Theo_RoboPurplePanda E
2023-09-17 01:40:38

My cat cat enjoyed this!

Patrick Youtube
2023-09-15 01:46:58

Really enjoying this series. From Dublin🇮🇪🇮🇪

Tom S
2023-09-07 21:32:52

C30lQzcEhx0&t=04m28s 04:28 I‘m stupid. Can someone explain to me what they mean by closing doors?

Marty worldwide
2023-09-06 19:19:23

C30lQzcEhx0&t=11m02s 11:02 yep I had the same idea lol 😂

Guitars N' Stuff
2023-09-04 19:38:50

The kick wasn't a drop goal it was a punt/bomb

2023-08-28 01:15:47

Really really scuffed that handstand didn't you.

2023-08-26 14:38:21

We need more Sam and Toby!

Trystan Basser
2023-08-23 01:56:43

The snackzone

Merien Kat
2023-08-21 17:53:20

The educational YouTubers watching a YouTube tutorial was very funny

2023-08-07 14:09:31

I’ve never seen someone take so long figuring out how to punt

Raine OB
2023-08-06 02:11:59

That Blue Danube montage was priceless.

Tyler Wilcox
2023-08-02 18:26:55

Did Ben and Adam skip the 30 minute fun zone?

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