Ep 2 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game

Jet Lag: The Game

Jet Lag: The Game

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Ep 2 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
Ep 2 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
Ep 2 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
Ep 2 - We Turned New Zealand Into a Real-Life Board Game
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2023-09-21 17:58:58

You guys should design a challenge-based Cannonball Run! Take the speed element out of it like you did with this one. After all, this is basically a NZ Cannonball Sea to Sea Classic!

2023-09-21 17:31:14

Hope you guys are having fun!
Scene switches to Ben and Adam

That is just diabolical editing, I love it!

2023-09-20 21:44:56

As a theatre kid, I sympathize a lot with Ben and Adam’s struggling.

Marin Schmidt
2023-09-19 17:49:41

Watching Ben failing in the waterpark is genuinely one of the funiest things I´ve ever seen! :D

Khoa Le
2023-09-19 14:00:56

The okaihau brach,sometimes known as the kaikohe branch and rarely known as the rangiahua branch was a branch line railway that joined the north auckland line of the national rail network of new zealand at otiria. It was the most northernly line of new zealand and was intended to run all the way to kaitaia. It opened to okaihau in 1923 and closed in 1987:

2023-09-19 00:57:33

i hate how pessimistic sam gets

Tom S
2023-09-07 07:44:25

It hurts my soul that they did not go see that waterfall 😢 I mean how many people will never have the chance of seeing such beautiful things? Adam and Ben repeatedly failing at that song made up for it, though 😂

2023-09-07 06:49:35

Mostly play this series as I do puzzles, glance over if I wanna see what’s going on. Kept trying to tune in to admire the tree alongside the contestants but the cut would happen before I did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jonathan Hill
2023-08-31 21:33:23

just binging every single episode...

2023-08-30 20:58:26

I love that y'all have mandatory food breaks !

2023-08-28 21:47:35

That’s a tadpole

2023-08-27 16:42:50

waiting in the car instead of the beautiful beach is v on brand for them

Nitesh Kujur
2023-08-24 05:21:39

When is the next season of games coming up

Nitesh Kujur
2023-08-24 05:21:12

Very nice games

lxxlxllxl lxllxxlx
2023-08-23 00:47:58

Wish it would show how long the challenges took

Will Robins
2023-08-22 09:36:34

This is by the funniest episode I’ve seen from Jet Lag from Ben and Adam I laughed so much it hurt my stomach, trying to mesmerise the song and messing up swearing, Adam doing all the paddling. Ben slipping and falling on the obstacles, love the challenges, videos and experiences you guys do/see.

2023-08-22 07:31:37

That bay of islands challenge is fucking wild because one of my top 10 worst sensory moments was when I was camping in paihia and was playing pie-face with a bunch of other kids and (I already hated canned whipped cream at that point) when I got it all over my face and could smell that fake dairy literally marinating on my skin I was gonna fucking throw up and there was no running water so I had to run down to the beach (it's pitch black) and waterboard myself in the sea to get it off. The complete darkness+smell and taste of sweet dairy+the saltiness of the sea was fucking disgusting. So I know how you feel .

Iris van der Heijden
2023-08-19 13:46:44

LOVE SAM AND TOBY ❤❤❤❤Toby Plss Come back in another seson

2023-08-18 21:10:10

Cool variable oystercatcher seen by Ben and Adam

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