Bendy and the Dark Revival ALL BENDY CUTSCENES

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Кадры из видео
Bendy and the Dark Revival ALL BENDY CUTSCENES
Bendy and the Dark Revival ALL BENDY CUTSCENES
Bendy and the Dark Revival ALL BENDY CUTSCENES
Bendy and the Dark Revival ALL BENDY CUTSCENES
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Комментарии пользователей:
2023-08-11 03:34:14

Es orrible eso

2023-08-04 09:55:35

Я русский

2023-07-08 12:49:28

I literally have a crazy theory, so during the Boss fight Audrey loses her legs, right?

And then she becomes one with Ink Bendy. And during BATIM in chapter 5, Henry has to defeat Beast Bendy, and Beast Bendy walks on his arms, and his legs are really small.

So what if Audrey is Beast Bendy?? Ik the time and stuff doesn't match up, but throughout the whole game there's a mention of a cycle. Henry also mentions that he once 'defeated' Beast Bendy, but he got caught by the Keepers.

In the end Audrey also says that she can now possibly control the world where Henry and everyone else is still there and yk make it easier for them to live there.

But does that mean a possible copy of Audrey's form of Beast Bendy might still be there???

I'm not saying this is the actual plot, this is only my theory.

2023-03-29 18:40:38

I'm literally obsessed

2023-03-29 18:12:14

We are one. The daughter of Drew. The power of the demon...

2023-02-26 22:09:29

After pgtHomQ_jh0&t=5m05s 5:05 , I was like, "Okay, wow."

2023-02-23 22:38:52

Ink demon is trying to kill you but just hide

2023-01-26 04:23:59

Wonder if bendy sees Henry like his dad who abandoned him?

2023-01-24 18:13:46

I feel so sad from the fact that this adorable little goober was the main enemy of the game. I'm so glad he ends up fine in the end (in color, too 👍).

2023-01-19 15:13:49

Is it me or do sans and bendy have the same smile?

2023-01-15 15:34:43

Wow plis it's Audrey it's brother and Bendy??FANTASTIC😎😎🤨🤨

2022-12-23 23:25:52

the little bendy reminds me of a little kid and hes so adorable 🥺

2022-12-20 13:36:37

the damn grin though

2022-12-16 22:04:12

The first time we see actual bendy

2022-12-15 11:08:18

i love how baby bendy is playing with a toy train

2022-12-13 12:01:27

Video a feeling well osama 0 i'm going to make your video next time
I wish i was your you i wish i love pinkie favorite character in my true friend i was to you
I was a dark is springy body henry cavill

2022-12-13 11:59:57

Your video wow

2022-12-11 11:25:59

Me: pgtHomQ_jh0&t=1m16s 1:16 (speed) ×2
pgtHomQ_jh0&t=1m38s 1:38 (speed back to normal)

How nice

2022-12-10 17:52:50

bendy is so cute

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